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05/16/2024 Sentiment says gold and silver going much higher. Sanu Gold to benefit
05/13/2024 Gladiator Continues to Deliver High Grade Copper in the Yukon
05/13/2024 Amazon Kindle and Paperback Books by...
05/13/2024 Combat Veteran's View on the U.S. Economy
05/11/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Understanding Gold Market Sentiment
05/09/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty Part 2 of 2: The Cost of Endless War GS
05/07/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Part 1 of 2: Gold Will See Another Record High Shortly
05/06/2024 Insights from Bob Moriarty: Precious Metals, Global Economy, and Geopolitics
04/28/2024 China is Taking Control of the Gold Market
04/26/2024 Navigating Financial Crises: Insights from John Rubino and
04/19/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Insights on Corrections
04/18/2024 Tensions in the Middle East - Iran’s Show of Force and the Future of Israel
04/11/2024 War, Gold, Sanity, Buying Opportunities
04/09/2024 Gold and Silver will Correct Unless the US/Israel Start World War Three
04/09/2024 Favorite Explorers
04/07/2024 The Silver Breakout is Happening and Climbing a Wall of Worry
04/04/2024 Pacific Empire Minerals Sits in Forest of Copper Elephants in BC
03/26/2024 Mikkel Rosenvold Interview
03/24/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Gold Sentiment Insights
03/19/2024 The Daily Sentiment Indicator (DSI) says the rally will continue in gold
03/14/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Gold's Record Rise
03/12/2024 There Is No Historical Precedent For Today’s Gold Market, Miners Could Rally 500%
03/11/2024 Two Extraordinary Stories: West Red Lake Gold and New Found Gold
03/07/2024 Banking Crisis, Exchange Insolvency, and Peak Insanity
03/04/2024 Dolly Varden Silver May Need to Change Its Name
02/27/2024 Newmont Went Down 7% One Day a Week Ago. Here is Why
02/26/2024 The End Of The American Empire: Bob Moriarty Unfiltered |
02/22/2024 Silver Bullet Firing Blanks
02/19/2024 Cantex Reports Bonanza Grade Germanium
02/15/2024 Pacific Empire Bets on the Future
02/13/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty Says the Fed Tries to Be Confusing
02/12/2024 Nevada King Delivers
02/05/2024 Westhaven Gold Still Absurdly Cheap 
02/01/2024 Aztec Minerals Expands the Oxide Gold Cap at Cervantes
01/28/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- "We are at peak insanity." |
01/25/2024 VP Ep. 3 - Should you invest in Gold or Bitcoin? The real answer may surprise you
01/24/2024 Parasitic Class Steals Money From Villagers to Fund Wars |
01/18/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Gold and Silver Optimism With Caution
01/10/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - "If you're not a contrarian, you're a victim."
01/04/2024 The World is Headed to War |
01/03/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty on Gold and Silver Junior Miners
12/20/2023 Eloro Escapes Tax Loss Silly Season with Giant Results Again
12/19/2023 Video Podcast Episode 2, President and Founder of www.321gold.com |
12/18/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - There's Money to Be Made With Gold Shares
12/11/2023 Gladiator Fully Funded for 10,000 Meters Drilling in Whitehorse With $7.5 Million
12/07/2023 We’re Nowhere Near The End Of This Rally
12/04/2023 The World's Financial System is an Accident Waiting to Happen
12/03/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: A New High in Gold Will Wake People Up
11/27/2023 Aztec Minerals Times the Winter Rally Perfectly
11/20/2023 Why CBDC Reset Won't Work |
11/18/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty Is a “Big Believer” in Resource Stocks, Gold & Silver
11/09/2023 Investing in The End - Navigating Scary Times with Bob Moriarty on The Kinvestor Report
11/06/2023 Regency Silver Scores Bonanza Gold Intercepts in Sonora
11/02/2023 This Would Mean Catastrophe For Financial System
10/30/2023 Do Israel and the US end with a bang or a whimper?
10/28/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Inflation Unleashed
10/23/2023 Core Assets Drills Massive CRD in BC
10/16/2023 Blackrock Silver Loaded With Silver and Perhaps Lithium
10/16/2023 We Are Entering A Period Of Massive Instability
10/12/2023 2nd Phase Of Crash Has Started
10/09/2023 Defense Metals
10/06/2023 Still Shining: Silver Co. Poised to Rally
10/03/2023 Dolly Varden is Still Silver
10/02/2023 Gladiator Starts New 4,000 Meter Program in Whitehorse
09/28/2023 DSI Says Gold and Silver to Bottom Soon, Dollar to Top Soon
09/26/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget: It's the End of the Western Debt-Based System
09/25/2023 Newfoundland Gold Discovery - The Greatest in 20 Years
09/24/2023 Inflation To Explode; Hyperinflation Endgame
09/18/2023 Lithium South is a Real Deal Lithium Company
09/14/2023 How Will Gold Play a Role in a Divided World?
09/13/2023 The Greatest Discovery in the Past 20 Years
09/12/2023 Two Extraordinary Stories: West Red Lake Gold and Dynasty Gold
09/07/2023 Sierra Madre Plucks Silver Mine and Mill for Pennies 
09/05/2023 Eloro 43-101 Explained   
09/04/2023 Geopolitics and Empire Comments from
09/03/2023 BRICS Voted Against Western Debt-Based System |
09/01/2023 This Junior Gold Miner Is Producing The Best Drill Results I’ve Ever Seen
08/24/2023 Aztec Advancing a Pair of Gold Projects
08/23/2023 Lion One Now Mining. Gold Production in Six Weeks   
08/23/2023 Who Just Bet On Market CRASH? |
08/17/2023 Cantex Plays the Germanium Card
08/15/2023 Funds Give Westhaven Away for Free or Nearly Free
08/14/2023 BRICS Gold-backed Currency - Satori Traders
08/11/2023 Time Is Running Out...A Serious Depression Is Now Upon Us
08/04/2023 Crash Within 6-8 weeks; Market Has Topped
07/30/2023 The Empire is Over & the Globalists Are Going to Fail! |
07/28/2023 The Most Destructive Crash in Financial History |
07/26/2023 Blackrock Silver Gets Two Swings for the Fences
07/24/2023 Freedom Movements are On the Rise, Global Elite Won't Win This War |
07/17/2023 West Red Lake Gold is Ready for the Summer Rally
07/10/2023 Gold-Backed BRICS Currency Amid Collapse Of The West |
07/07/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Gold and Silver Headed Much Higher
07/05/2023 Does the West End in a Bang or a Whimper? Zelensky, Graham and Blumenthal Know
06/27/2023 Thesis Gold Joins Benchmark To Create Gold Giant in BC
06/26/2023 Prigozhin Comes Down With a Case of the 36-Hour Coup
06/22/2023 False Flag Operation Coming Now
06/21/2023 Dynasty Gold Gets Lucky
06/19/2023 Comes a Wag the Dog Moment?
06/17/2023 Bob Moriarty Reveals Two Of His Largest Junior Mining Positions And The Best Gold Project In Canada |
06/16/2023 The Financial and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the West |
06/16/2023 The United States Should Be Discussing a Debt Jubilee |
06/04/2023 Banks, Hedge Funds, & Insurance Will FAIL |
05/29/2023 The Ukraine War is Over. Russia Won
05/28/2023 Robert Moriarty (321gold) on The Art of Peace
05/26/2023 David Collum’s 2009-2012 Years in Review Now in Hardback
05/21/2023 Disaster for Regional Banks: 40% Decline in Commercial Real-Estate |
05/16/2023 Gladiator Hits Big Again
05/09/2023 It Wouldn’t Take Much For Gold To Go Up $200 In A Single Day
05/07/2023 More Regional Bank Woes; THOUSANDS Could Fail |
05/05/2023 Lion One On Sale and Near Production
04/30/2023 FRC Collapse; Is $500 Trillion In Derivatives Next? |
04/28/2023 RED ALERT: Another Bank About To Collapse |
04/27/2023 Westward Gold Might Have Tapped into Carlin Style Gold
04/14/2023 Core Assets Sitting at the Sweet Spot with Massive CRD in BC
04/11/2023 The Solution To The Financial Collapse |
04/10/2023 A Collapse WORSE Than 1929 is Here with...
04/04/2023 Resverlogix Testing Cure for Covid, the Terrible Spike Protein and Heart Issues
04/04/2023 Gold is the perfect panacea to weather the global financial chaos
03/31/2023 39th Anniversary of Bob Moriarty's flight under the Eiffel Tower
03/29/2023 Bob Moriarty and Mike Adams discuss the final chapter of the western financial system
03/28/2023 It's Much, Much Bigger Than a Banking Collapse!
03/20/2023 Entire Financial System Is Bankrupt |
03/18/2023 The World is Functionally Bankrupt
03/17/2023 We’re Going To Have More Change In The Next Six Months Than We’ve Had In The Last 50 years
03/16/2023 Gladiator Scores Homerun with Whitehorse Copper Project in Yukon
03/12/2023 SVB Fails, "This Could Be The Big One"
03/09/2023 David Collum’s 2022 Year in Review is Now in Hardback
03/07/2023 Arya Goes Green with Lithium, Nickel and Uranium in Saskatchewan
03/05/2023 Crypto: A Ticking Timebomb That's Waiting To Blow Up
03/03/2023 Goliath Will Get Bought Out at a Much Higher Price
03/02/2023 Westward Gold Drilling for Carlin Style Deposit
03/02/2023 How Will 5 BRICS Impact Your Future Wealth?
02/28/2023 Eloro Drills a Cornucopia of Riches
02/24/2023 Legend Bob Moriarty Explains Why He Is Investing in This Mineral Exploration Company!
02/22/2023 We Need A New Financial System Based Upon Natural Resources
02/20/2023 Thesis Gold is on Sale for President’s Day
02/16/2023 Was HAARP Responsible for the Turkey/Syria Earthquakes?
02/13/2023 Are You Ready – Protection, Safety, Security
02/07/2023 Nevada King Delivers Thirteen 100 Gram/Meter Gold Holes
02/05/2023 Nobody Is Expecting What's Coming |
01/25/2023 What Goes Around in Ukraine, Comes Around
01/20/2023 The Ukraine War is Over Except for Some More Dying
01/13/2023 America’s Dumbest War
01/12/2023 Climate Change Agenda is a Way To Achieve Total Control:
01/06/2023 Amex Delivers Gold
12/31/2022 More Chaos In 2023 As BRICS Gain Power
12/26/2022 Sentiment In Resource Stocks Is Worse Than It Was In 2008
12/22/2022 Covid & Ukraine are the Greatest Propaganda Campaigns of our Lifetime
12/19/2022 Diamcor: A Diamond in the Rough
12/16/2022 Mining, Metals, War
12/12/2022 Ukraine, The Death Of Fiat Money, & The End Of Europe
12/07/2022 Moriarty’s First Law of Unintended Consequences
12/03/2022 The Difference Between Signal and Noise
12/02/2022 A Christmas Treat for Aviation Lovers
11/30/2022 Emperor Gets Serious About Gold
11/28/2022 Tembo Gold Comes Back to Life
11/22/2022 Forget Crypto; Gold & Silver Are The ONLY Solution
11/21/2022 Dolly Varden is Silver
11/14/2022 Eagle Plains: Its Time to Shine
11/11/2022 It’s Literally Time To Make Your Retirement
11/10/2022 Kesselrun Resources Climbs 50% in Three Days
11/09/2022 Goliath Continues to Deliver Gold
11/09/2022 Bob Moriarty Warns "First Worldwide Global Revolution" is Now Under Way
11/03/2022 Pitching Pennies for Dollars
11/01/2022 This Is How REVOLUTIONS Start |
10/31/2022 Kamala Harris Word Salad
10/28/2022 Gemma O Doherty Interviews
10/27/2022 Cartier Dumps the Iron and Goes Silver Big Time
10/27/2022 Are Rising Rates Setting a Debt Avalanche in Motion?
10/24/2022 Mike Adams and Bob Moriarty: How the Globalist Banking System Collapse will Affect Everyone
10/21/2022 Buying Dollars for Pennies with Westward Gold
10/18/2022 The Feds Choice is Hyperinflation or Destroy the Economy
10/13/2022 My Favorite French Songbird has Released Another Hit Single
10/11/2022 CIA Fingerprints on Nord Stream & Crimea Bridge Attacks
10/10/2022 The Pentagon’s Latest Terrorist Victim: Germany
10/07/2022 How to Profit at the Craps Table or with Resource Juniors
10/06/2022 We Just Witnessed A Major Capitulation In Gold Stocks
10/02/2022 Total Collapse Within Months - What To Expect |
09/29/2022 Is Inflation Turning Hyper?
09/27/2022 Brandon Euthanizes Europe
09/26/2022 Are We Seeing Capitulation?
09/13/2022 Civil War, EU Breakup, WEF, Precious Metals
09/08/2022 The Money Revelation – How Hyperinflation Takes Root
09/07/2022 Call Justin Castro by his Real Name
09/05/2022 A Major Low In Precious Metals Is Imminent
08/22/2022 The World Economic Forum Is Terrifying But It's Destined to Fail
08/21/2022 On the Cusp of the World’s First Worldwide Revolution
08/19/2022 Lion One & the Curse of Rich Projects
08/15/2022 BLACK SWANS Collide, "We're In Dangerous Times"
08/12/2022 Goliath Drills More Outstanding Holes
08/08/2022 Stuhini May Provide the Gold for You to Wear at Europe’s Funeral
08/02/2022 The Money Revelation - Bob Moriarty on sound Money - Satori Traders
07/29/2022 Resource Stocks Appear to have Hit a Low and Made a Turn
07/28/2022 Welcome to the 4th Turning Crisis Stage
07/26/2022 A New World Reserve Currency Based Around Gold Will Be Created
07/21/2022 Royal Canadian Mint Dumped 4-6 Million Ounces of Gold into River
07/19/2022 Bottom Is In: Explosive Moves In Silver & Gold Ahead
07/14/2022 Introduction to a Stunning French Songbird
07/13/2022 Bob Moriarty Shares Thoughts on Novo Resources & Market Sentiment
07/07/2022 We are near a Tradeable Low for Resource Stocks
07/02/2022 Jay Taylor Interviews Bob Moriarty Part 2
06/30/2022 Jay Taylor interviews Bob Moriarty Part 1
06/24/2022 Bitcoin, Water Drought, Junior Mining Stocks
06/22/2022 Making money with junior mining stocks - Satori Traders
06/21/2022 Stocks Have Not Bottomed, A Crash Is Coming
06/18/2022 End Of Empire: Hyperinflation & Market Destruction
06/14/2022 If you are Leveraged, get Unleveraged or Lose it all
06/07/2022 Lion One Hits Bigly
06/03/2022 Are we headed for 'slavery'? Gold is insurance against 'total control'
06/01/2022 Ukraine Will Surrender & the Great Reset Will Fail
05/25/2022 Gold is an insurance policy against the stupidity of governments
05/22/2022 "It's Going To Be Brutal" - Repeat Of 1929
05/16/2022 Metals Up for Rebound. Braveheart Ready
05/10/2022 The Stock Market Crash Continues and Takes Gold Stocks Down Too
05/07/2022 Putin Plays America's Fake Money Game - Jay Taylor Interviews
05/06/2022 We Just Took The International Law Books And Put Them Through The Shredder
05/05/2022 Paycore Delivers 21.1 g/t AuEq Over 10.1 Meters. Still Cheap
05/05/2022 This is Who Really Controls the Gold Price Now
05/04/2022 Big Red Mining Goes for High-Grade Copper in Ontario
05/02/2022 Core Advances Giant Carbonate Replacement Deposit in BC
04/29/2022 Westward Now Drills for Carlin Style Gold in the Cortez Trend
04/25/2022 Paycore Minerals, New Nevada Gold Company Goes Public
04/20/2022 Libero Copper Has Home Run Copper Hole Coming
04/19/2022 Empty Shelves, Starvation, & Chaos In USA
04/18/2022 Black Tusk Wants to Start Over
04/15/2022 RooGold, a Canadian with 13 Nice Aussie Gold & Silver Projects
04/14/2022 Ethos Becomes Prospector Metals and Drills in a Month
04/11/2022 Famine, Energy Shortages and Hyperinflation
04/08/2022 South Star Battery Secures Financing via Streaming Deal
04/07/2022 Putin’s New Gold Standard and False Flag Operations by US
04/06/2022 The Daily Sentiment Index Just Added a New Brilliant Service
03/29/2022 York Harbour Reports Bonanza Grade Copper in Newfoundland
03/28/2022 Game, Set, Match - Putin Wins The Great Reset for Gold
03/24/2022 The Gang of Weasels Just Lost Another Conflict!
03/20/2022 "Perfect Storm" - Financial Chaos & Bank Seizures |
03/16/2022 Tocvan Ventures Finding Gold in Sonora
03/14/2022 Libero Copper, Right Time, Right Commodity
03/14/2022 Hyperinflation, Market Crash, Silver or Gold
03/09/2022 What the DSI is Saying Today
03/08/2022 Report From a Canadian Truck Supporter on Banks
03/07/2022 The Gang of Weasels Just Lost Another Conflict because they are Tone Deaf
03/07/2022 Mills, Moriarty: 4 junior stock picks
03/06/2022 This Is The Most Important Pivot In History
03/04/2022 GFG Resources
03/01/2022 The US, EU and Nato Just Committed Suicide
02/28/2022 War, Stocks, and Metals – All in One
02/21/2022 Never Hunt Mosquitos with a Shotgun
02/16/2022 Cabral Keeps Releasing Bonanza Grade Gold Results in Brazil
02/15/2022 Catastrophic Crash Is Here - Stocks, Bonds & Cryptos
02/09/2022 More Low Hanging Fruit from the Golden Delicious Tree
02/08/2022 Low Hanging Fruit From the Golden Delicious Tree
02/07/2022 Secova Metals to Begin Small Scale Production Q4 2022
01/31/2022 Scottie Resources Delivers Excellent Drill Results
01/26/2022 Reyna Gold Drilling Sonora for Gold in February Now Trading
01/24/2022 Jericho Energy Goes Green with Hydrogen Power
01/21/2022 Eskay Mining Announces 239 meters of US$143 Rock
01/18/2022 Algernon Succeeds by Failing
01/17/2022 Does the American Empire end with a Bang or a Whimper?
01/13/2022 Fauci, the CDC and NIH Lied While Americans Died
01/12/2022 Goliath Nails High-Grade Gold in 24 out of 24 Holes. Stock Declines
01/11/2022 This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks
01/10/2022 Brandon; You Don’t Really Want to Fuck with Putin
12/27/2021 Silver Dollar has Silver Eq at $.08 an Ounce
12/23/2021 If You Want to Own Eloro, Buy Cartier
12/22/2021 Group Ten Delivers More High Grade Platinum Group Metals
12/21/2021 The Crash Has Started: Paper Assets Will Disappear
12/20/2021 Cabral Releases Excellent Results from 25,000 Meter Drill Program
12/15/2021 Provenance Gold Adds Historic Ounces at $.50 an Ounce
12/13/2021 Thesis Gold Intercepts Rival That of Great Bear Resources
12/10/2021 Pacific Ridge Hits Major Copper in BC
12/09/2021 White Gold on Sale
12/08/2021 Dolly Varden Buys Homestake Ridge From Fury
12/03/2021 In April I Predicted SSR Would Take Over Taiga
12/01/2021 Aurania Resources in a Fire Sale
11/29/2021 Defense Metals Delivers Excellent PEA
11/26/2021 Bob Moriarty on his life, uranium, & how to always make money
11/23/2021 What is Covid?
11/22/2021 White Rock’s Three for One Sale
11/18/2021 West Wits About to Begin Gold Production
11/15/2021 Buying Lion One is Like Stealing
11/11/2021 Natural Resources Are The Antithesis Of The Nasdaq Stock Bubble
11/08/2021 I-80 Gold has a Fifteen Million Ounce Gold Resource in Nevada
11/05/2021 Obviously I was Wrong Calling for a Market Crash in October
11/04/2021 Granite Creek Copper Holds $2.5 Billion Worth of Copper
11/03/2021 Eloro Hits Bigly
11/01/2021 South Star Battery Metals Offers Twenty Fold Return
10/26/2021 San Francisco Mine of Magna Gold Into Serious Production
10/25/2021 Baru Gold to go into Production
10/25/2021 "Things Are Bad, & They're Going To Get Worse"
10/20/2021 Scottie Drills Some Outstanding Holes in the Golden Triangle
10/19/2021 Riley Gold Surrounded by Majors in Nevada
10/06/2021 Thesis Gold Hits and Runs
09/28/2021 Tombill Hits but Gets no Respect
09/27/2021 Defense Metals Has U3O8 and REOs
09/27/2021 This Year’s Tax Loss Selling Season Is Going To Be A License To Steal
09/21/2021 Treason, Covid, Mining Stocks, Gold and Silver
09/20/2021 Harvest Time Approaches for Low Hanging Fruit
09/13/2021 The Covid Shot Wins a Gold Star For Attendance
09/11/2021 Dow 1929 Vs. Dow 2021?
09/06/2021 A Sole Marine Stood Up to Defend America. He stands alone
09/03/2021 Inside The Vault: Afghanistan, US Economy, Covid and Gold - Mark Yaxley's Interview with
08/26/2021 How Many Millions will the Covid Cult Kill Before People Wake Up?
08/16/2021 Thoughts on the New Found Gold Brilliant Videos Part 3 and Part 4
08/04/2021 This Is The Greatest Time To Invest In Resource Stocks In History
07/30/2021 Eloro Delivers Universe Class Results
07/26/2021 Ivermectin Tales from the Crypt
07/19/2021 Provenance Gold is Cheap
07/12/2021 Underestimating Eloro
06/25/2021 Three Below the Radar Gold Juniors in Interesting Times
06/23/2021 Peak Stupidity Will Lead to Market Crash
06/22/2021 These Are The Two Best Times Of The Year To Buy Junior Resource Stocks
06/21/2021 Bob Hits the Big Time, Booted Off YouTube for Thinking
06/18/2021 Robert Moriarty Explains the Pandemic Realities
06/08/2021 Six Minutes From World War III
06/04/2021 Greater than Gold, Sweeter than Silver
05/27/2021 Abcourt with an Active Mine in Abitibi and a Zoom Meeting Soon
05/24/2021 733,706 Cliptocurrency Accounts Fly to Bitcon Heaven in 24 Hours
05/23/2021 Biggest Crash in History on the way!
05/22/2021 GOAU Set to Test Its All-Time Highs as Inflation Climbs to Multiyear Levels
05/20/2021 Group Ten Drills Rhodium Worth $868 a Gram
05/19/2021 The Fraser Institute Says Saskatchewan is #3 in World
05/17/2021 How A Resource Nationalism Cult Will Affect i-80 Gold
05/07/2021 KORE Will Gain a Lot from Higher Gold
05/06/2021 NV Gold Does $10 Million Deal with Hochschild in Nevada
05/04/2021 Blackwolf Copper & Gold Stuns Market with $977 Rock
05/03/2021 Rockridge Drilling for VMS at Knife Lake
04/29/2021 Sokoman and Defiance Hit Bigly
04/29/2021 Gold Has Seen Its Low For 2021, The World Is Short Of Copper Right Now
04/27/2021 Gold Floats on Golden Lake
04/26/2021 A Tale of Two Coppers; Universal and Nobel29
04/19/2021 The Guns of April
04/16/2021 Novo Stumbles, Market Panics
04/14/2021 Eloro, Eskay, Aurania, New Found Gold All Ready to Double
04/07/2021 The VIX and DSI suggest the Stock Market is about to tank
04/05/2021 Clarity Gold Drills Destiny
04/02/2021 When is the Takeover of Taiga by SSR Scheduled?
03/31/2021 E3 Metals Provides a New Source of Scarce Lithium
03/29/2021 The Most Important Book in Mining
03/26/2021 Kirkland Lake Bites Off Nose to Spite Face
03/16/2021 Amex Exploration TMI on Gold
03/12/2021 Sokoman is hot in Newfoundland
03/08/2021 Did Gold Shares Capitulate on Friday?
03/05/2021 Reader Reviews of What Became of the Crow?
03/04/2021 Inside The Greatest Gold Discovery In History
03/01/2021 Straight Talk on Covid
02/26/2021 Brigadier Expands Gold Vein System
02/24/2021 New Found Continues to Add High Grade Gold Ounces
02/23/2021 Anaconda Shows 2.7 Million Oz Gold Resource In Nova Scotia
02/19/2021 Dolly Varden hits 35 Ounce Silver
02/18/2021 Novo Grabs the Gold Ring
02/17/2021 The Greatest Gold Discovery in History
02/11/2021 Clarity Gold Works the Abitibi
02/08/2021 White Rock Minerals Still Snoring
02/02/2021 Eskay Hits 9.25 meters of $1972 Rock
02/01/2021 Canada Silver Cobalt Drills $70,714 Silver Intercept
01/29/2021 People Are Throwing Money At Anything To See If It Sticks
01/28/2021 Eloro Hits the Silver Jackpot
01/20/2021 Brigadier Strikes Gold in Mexico
01/19/2021 Sterling is Hot in Newfoundland
01/14/2021 You May Want to Rethink the Jab
01/13/2021 Rokmaster has Gold for $23 an Ounce CAD
01/12/2021 NuLegacy about to Mouse Trap those Selling the Shares
01/11/2021 GSP Resource Hits High-Grade Copper
01/07/2021 Anaconda Continues to Deliver Gold Intercepts
12/29/2020 We’ve Seen The Bottom For Gold And Silver, Junior Miners Will Be Up Substantially A Month Or Two From Now
12/23/2020 Eskay Mining Finds Eskay Creek 2.0
12/17/2020 Tis a Big Deal for Winston Gold
12/12/2020 What if Trump Won the Election?
12/10/2020 Brigadier Gold has Drilled a Gold Mine
11/30/2020 White Rock Minerals is a Sleeper
11/27/2020 Rover Hits and Misses at the Same Time
11/25/2020 Great Atlantic Hits Gold
11/22/2020 Common Sense Approach to Politics, Precious Metals, and Resource Stocks
11/19/2020 Amex Fully Funded for 300,000 Meter Drill Program
11/11/2020 Investors Are Going To Turn Precious Metals & Resource Stocks Into A Giant Bubble
11/09/2020 Melkior Partners with Kirkland Lake for $110 Million
11/07/2020 Will Gold Win in the Trump-Biden Knockout? Frank Holmes &
11/02/2020 Rover Twins Historic Holes
10/30/2020 KORE is Fixing to Surprise the Market
10/29/2020 NFG’s Keats Zone Compares Favorably with KL Swan Zone
10/23/2020 Winston Gold Needs to Produce
10/22/2020 After Months Without Assays, Bonanza Results are Flowing in
10/21/2020 Gold Will Be the Real Election Winner
10/19/2020 Banyan Gold, Yukon’s Finest
10/16/2020 Blue Lagoon Hits Bonanza Grade
10/15/2020 GoldON Set to Drill West Madsen
10/12/2020 Interview: Trump has Covid-19, Gold could shoot up -- Tech Bubble is Excessive
10/11/2020 The Federal Reserve Has Guaranteed The US Dollar Will Decline
10/05/2020 New Found Gold Hits Bigly
10/01/2020 Brigadier Gold Begins First Drill Program at San Agustin Gold Mine
09/28/2020 Within Correction Cabral Moves Forward
09/21/2020 Defiance Silver Ready for Higher Prices
09/19/2020 Masks are for Sheep
09/17/2020 Calibre Delivers 149.4 g/t Gold
09/16/2020 No Brains Needed for Gold Bull
09/15/2020 GSP Resources Begins Drill Program
09/14/2020 The Next Two Months Could Be Catastrophic In American History
09/14/2020 What to Buy in the Gold Correction
09/11/2020 The Role of Gold in Surviving a Global Economic Abyss
09/09/2020 Figures Don’t Lie but Inca Kola Does
09/05/2020 Fed is Hurling Money at the Biggest Problem of My Lifetime –
09/01/2020 Benchmark Extends Drill Program for 2020 to 100,000 Meters
08/21/2020 New Found Gold Drilled a Huge Hole as a Private Company
08/14/2020 Gates and Fauci Belong in Prison for Murder
08/11/2020 You Don’t Have To Make Every Bet
08/10/2020 Inca Kola, the Dr. Pimple Popper of South America
08/07/2020 Anaconda Shows IRR After Tax of 1273% at Argyle at $1950 Gold
08/07/2020 Silver or Platinum
08/06/2020 GoGold Webcast on Aug 11
08/05/2020 How to Die of the Corona Virus
08/01/2020 Rockridge Prepares to Drill High Grade Gold in Ontario
07/29/2020 Aftermath Buys Silver for $.12 an Ounce
07/27/2020 Lion One Intercepts $80,078 Au
07/24/2020 Short Updates on Benchmark, TriStar Gold, Precipitate Gold and Lion One
07/23/2020 Never Confuse Brains with a Bull Market
07/23/2020 Jay Taylor Interviews
07/22/2020 Blackrock Hits Bigly Silver in Nevada
07/21/2020 Quinton Hennigh Advises NuLegacy
07/18/2020 Fremont Awaiting Drill Results at Griffon Gold Mine
07/16/2020 Defiance Silver Testing High-Grade Silver
07/15/2020 Common Sense 2.0 Must Read Free EBook
07/11/2020 Mary K Gold Mine of Bond Resources Produced 2000 tons of 0.65 Oz Au
07/10/2020 79North AKA 12 Exploration Sitting on a lot of Gold
07/08/2020 West Red Lake Gold Doubles in Eight Days
07/07/2020 We Are In Never Neverland
07/04/2020 An Arbitrage Trade Between Omineca and 49North
07/03/2020 Cabral Sitting on a Plateau of Gold
07/01/2020 Quinton Hennigh Playing 3-D Chess with Irving
06/30/2020 The San Francisco Gold Mine of Magna Rises Again
06/29/2020 Eloro Hits the Silver Hurdles Running
06/25/2020 Transitioning from Democracy to American Tyranny
06/18/2020 Benchmark’s Serious 50,000-Meter Drill Program
06/11/2020 Aztec Drilling Tombstone Q3
06/09/2020 This Is The Start Of The Revolution
06/05/2020 Reyna Silver Looks Like Mag Silver II
06/04/2020 This Gold Miners ETF Hit an All-Time High. Where Are the Investors?
06/02/2020 Silver is Getting a Bit Frothy
05/28/2020 Blackrock Drilling for Bonanza Grade Silver in Nevada
05/25/2020 White Gold Has a World of Riches Few Understand
05/19/2020 Taiga Gold Corp will be Bought Out
05/19/2020 We Have The Greatest Opportunity In History
05/18/2020 Defense Metals in the Right Spot at the Right Time
05/18/2020 It’s Time to Buy Silver!
05/04/2020 Gold: $6,600 or $22,000
05/01/2020 Cabin Fever and the Price of Gold
04/30/2020 It’s Better to be Dead Than to Look Bad
04/27/2020 The Great Culling
04/24/2020 GFG Resources, TriStar Gold and Precipitate Gold Now in Bed with Majors
04/21/2020 Price Is Always Right And Opinions Are Often Wrong
04/13/2020 Thoughts on the Coronavirus
03/27/2020 Use it up, Make Do, or Do Without
03/26/2020 The Financial System Is Bust And It’s Time To Return To Sound Money
03/21/2020 Alasdair Macleod Wants to Invent a New Form of Math
03/20/2020 When You Reward Failure, You Encourage Fraud
03/19/2020 Is There a Real Shortage of Physical Gold and Silver?
03/16/2020 Here be Dragons, “Hic sunt dracones”
03/15/2020 The US Is A Paper Tiger At The End Of Its Empire
03/11/2020 He Nailed It | Gold, T-Bonds, Market Crash!
03/09/2020 The DSI Says Gold and Bonds are About to Tank
03/05/2020 Loncor JV in the DRC with Barrick
03/03/2020 Dolly Varden Silver is Going to Ride Again
03/02/2020 Calibre Has Some Safety in the Storm
02/29/2020 When Everybody Gets Negative, Then I Get Positive
02/27/2020 The Greatest Depression Just Began. This is no Drill
02/18/2020 Fremont Gold Prepares to Drill Carlin Style System in Nevada
02/17/2020 Grande Portage Resources Strikes Gold
02/13/2020 Canadian Palladium Makes a Debut
02/10/2020 Irving’s Hole 10 had Great Results
02/05/2020 What do These Three Charts Have in Common?
02/04/2020 Prime Mining Wants to Produce in 2022
02/01/2020 Getchell Wins the Nevada Lotto
01/29/2020 You Can Take This to the Bank
01/27/2020 My Prediction for a Market Top in October was Perhaps Left but Not Wrong
01/20/2020 Viscount Likes a Lot of Silver
01/15/2020 Group Ten Delivers World-Class Drill Results for PGM
01/07/2020 Precipitate Gold Prepares to Drill Next to Pueblo Viejo
01/07/2020 Gold, Commodities and Mining Stock Picks
01/03/2020 TriStar Gold, Another Wits Lookalike in Brazil
01/01/2020 Beware the Stock Market
12/30/2019 A Short Update on Irving, Lion One and Novo
12/26/2019 Discusses 2019 and top picks for the New Year with Jay Taylor
12/23/2019 One-Week Sale on Aurania Shares
12/23/2019 GFG Waits for Barn-Burning News
12/19/2019 DSI Says Palladium Approaching a Sell, and DSI Is on Sale
12/18/2019 Nevada Copper Delivers Copper Now
12/17/2019 Get Smarter! Dump GDXJ and Replace With GOAU
12/16/2019 We Are Entering A Gold Bull Market, The Likes Of Which Nobody Has Seen In Their Lifetime
12/13/2019 Defense Metals Offers Cheapest Call on Rare Earths and Brilliant Drill Holes
12/03/2019 Washington Will PRINT Trillions - Worst American Decade to Begin!
12/02/2019 Indonesia Rule on Nickel Helps Playfair Mining in Norway
11/28/2019 Aurania Finds Part of the Yellow Brick Road in Ecuador
11/27/2019 White Gold Hits Gold Bigly
11/26/2019 Tax Loss Silly Season Whacks Viva Gold
11/22/2019 Has Novo Resources Made the Gold Discovery of the Century?
11/22/2019 Aftermath Locks up a Boatload of Silver
11/21/2019 Buying Opportunities of a Generation
11/19/2019 The Daily Sentiment Suggests a Major Market Top is Near
11/18/2019 The Cure For Dishonest Money Is Honest Money
11/15/2019 Palamina Wants to Ride the Golden Pony in Peru
11/13/2019 Providence Sits on 6 High Grade Gold Mines from Yesteryear
11/13/2019 GATA Finally Admits Their Followers are Manipulating Gold
11/12/2019 White Gold Delivers, Investors Don’t
11/11/2019 Another Turd in the Punch Bowl
11/08/2019 Lion One Hits Bigly
11/06/2019 Defense Metals Drills High Grade REOs
11/05/2019 Nexus Moves on Multiple Fronts
11/01/2019 Calibre Buys Two Gold Mines from B2 Gold
10/31/2019 Maple Gold for $6 an Ounce US and I was wrong about an Oct crash
10/30/2019 Register Now for This “Must Listen” Gold Webcast
10/21/2019 There Is No Rush Like A Gold Rush
10/14/2019 Nevada Copper Prepares to Produce
10/10/2019 Bob Moriarty Talks Gold, Irving, Novo, Maple Gold and More
10/02/2019 Maple Gold for $3.02 an Ounce US
09/30/2019 Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War Says the CMIC
09/26/2019 Blackrock Swings for the Fences for Gold in Nevada
09/23/2019 Oh Captain, My Captain, the Warship “Boogle of Weasels” Has Hoisted the False Flag
09/19/2019 Saudis in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones
09/16/2019 Israel Made the Attack on the Saudi Oil Fields
09/13/2019 When Will it be Safe to Jump Back Into the Gold and Silver Pool?
09/13/2019 Unpredictible Gold and Silver Price Bubble
09/09/2019 RIP Barbara Moriarty: It is with the greatest regret...
09/05/2019 Silver, Gold and Platinum are Due a Break
09/04/2019 This ETF Is the New Gold Standard
08/23/2019 Novo scores +1 Gram per meter at Egina
08/22/2019 Goliath Drills a 718-Meter Porphyry
08/21/2019 Global Reset, Metals, Miners
08/20/2019 Blackrock Swings for the Fences at Silver Cloud
08/20/2019 A Market Crash Is Coming And Cash Is A Good Place To Be
08/19/2019 Read Me
08/19/2019 Rockridge Releases Solid 43-101
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08/06/2019 We Should let the Banks Burn Down
07/30/2019 Central Bank Insanity - It's Never Been This Corrupt!
07/27/2019 Gold ETF That Makes a Difference
07/25/2019 Viva Gold Ready to Expand Resource
07/23/2019 Liberty Gold Hits Financing Jackpot
07/18/2019 Irving is About to Become a Gold Producer
07/11/2019 Palladium/Platinum Opportunity in Group Ten
06/25/2019 Liberty Begins Gold Recycling Program
06/24/2019 Keith Barron of Aurania Hasn’t Found the Lost Cities. Yet
06/24/2019 Gold is Starting to Look Toppy
06/14/2019 Barksdale Capital gains stamp of approval from Teck
06/12/2019 Rockridge punches 2.45% CuEq over 15.2m nr surface
06/11/2019 Aftermath Makes a Giant Bet on Silver
06/10/2019 Ethos Swings for the Fence Three Times
06/10/2019 Investors need to be very skeptical in this year of the great reset
05/23/2019 Viva Gold Improves Gold Resource in Nevada
05/15/2019 Nevada Copper Moves into the Sweet Spot of Investing
05/10/2019 21C Metals Hedges with Palladium and Cobalt
05/09/2019 DSI called the Start of this Crash
05/08/2019 Generation Mining Options Giant Palladium/Platinum Project
05/07/2019 Irving swings and hits 'homer'
05/06/2019 I would welcome lower PM prices over the next few weeks
04/26/2019 Rover Intends to Option Round Mountain Look Alike in Nevada
04/24/2019 Who Says They Don’t Ring a Bell at the Top?
04/23/2019 Keith Barron of Aurania Indicates Success With $100 Bills
04/19/2019 GFG Moves Forward on Two Fronts
04/16/2019 What Does the Future Hold for Miramont?
04/15/2019 Lion One Hits the Magic Spot
04/15/2019 American Empire, Military Overstretch, & Economic Collapse
04/12/2019 Deer Horn Moves Toward Tellurium Production
04/10/2019 We are at an extreme of emotion right now In global stock markets
04/08/2019 10-day supply of copper in the world will push Nevada Copper higher
04/05/2019 Anaconda Intercepts 42.85 G/T Au over 3.8 Meters
04/04/2019 Basic Investing in Resource Stocks -The Idiot's Guide
04/01/2019 Idiot-Proof Guide to Investing in Resource Stocks
03/29/2019 Miramont Issues Lying Press Release
03/20/2019 Rise Gold Drills 90.4 g/t Gold over 4.7 Meters
03/15/2019 Read me. I need a little help from my friends
03/14/2019 Cortez Delusional Woman, Socialism Is NUTS, America FLIPPING!
03/08/2019 Quaterra at $.115 a share has $.17 in cash & water rights
03/06/2019 Drilling for Dollars
03/05/2019 Galway Metals Wants an Instant Replay in Gold
03/04/2019 Anaconda Delivers Again and Again and Again
03/04/2019 Geopolitics, Resource Companies and His New Book
02/26/2019 Rover Seeks Gold in Iron Formation
02/25/2019 Barksdale Capital Strikes Gold in Copper
02/21/2019 The Single Biggest Mistake I’ve Made In Investing...
02/20/2019 Basic Investing in Resource Stocks or Why Palladium is about to Fall Off a Cliff
02/11/2019 Benchmark Delivers 52 grams Gold Over 3 Meters
02/04/2019 Defense Metals Offers a 2 for 1 Deal
01/30/2019 Deer Horn Capital is a real Sleeper
01/29/2019 When The Fed Reinstates QE-Infinity You Are Going To Want To Own Precious Metals
01/28/2019 Low Cost Maximum Leverage on Copper at Quaterra
01/18/2019 GFG Hits 33.77 g/t Gold Over 1.05 meters
01/18/2019 Let Them Eat Cake
01/17/2019 Gives His Views of Economics and Geopolitics With Jay Taylor
01/16/2019 New Carolin Offers a Cheap Call on Gold
01/15/2019 Anaconda Gets No Respect for 78.07 g/t Hole
01/14/2019 Benchmark Drills $869 rock over 3.95 mtrs
01/11/2019 Nexus Delivers Gold
12/27/2018 I Think This Is The Big One
12/24/2018 Sentiment Says Turn, Turn, Turn
12/21/2018 Novo Delivers
12/13/2018 Outlook On 2019
12/12/2018 White Gold Delivers Gold Again
12/11/2018 Molori & Newport show why ordinary Investors hate resource shares
12/08/2018 The Deal of the Century for Contrarians is here
12/02/2018 VanAurum uses AI to Deliver Superior Trading Opportunities
11/28/2018 Deer Horn Capital has a Franchise on Tellurium
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11/13/2018 Novo shareholders, do not vote your shares yet
11/09/2018 Benchmark Warrants to Expire
11/07/2018 New Carolin Gold Comes Back From the Dead
11/06/2018 Prosper Gold Hits Big, Says Nothing
11/06/2018 How to Deal With the Coming Bond Contagion Martin Armstrong Must View
11/03/2018 Aurania Announces BFD
11/02/2018 Nexus News Now and Coming
11/01/2018 Benchmark Continues to Deliver
10/31/2018 Zinc and Lithium in Ireland
10/31/2018 Traitors within the Gate
10/25/2018 I Think We’re Seeing The Start Of The Real Crash
10/23/2018 Irving Delivers, Market Yawns
10/22/2018 Golden Triangle has a New Kid on the High-Grade-Gold Block
10/17/2018 Well Completions Begin at Amazing Energy
10/12/2018 A Crash but Maybe Not The Crash
10/08/2018 From the Geopolitical to the Geological
10/03/2018 The Market Rewards Big Gold Hits
09/28/2018 Novo Weak Hands Panic
09/27/2018 East Asia Minerals Out of the Ashes w/Gold for $1/oz
09/25/2018 Bayhorse Silver Reports 21.65 Ounce Silver in 43-101
09/24/2018 Novo, Not Waiting for Godot
09/19/2018 Stock market crash coming, marijuana stocks are next bubble
09/18/2018 Group Eleven Thinks Zinc with Big Think in Ireland
09/17/2018 White Gold Hits Big Gold
09/13/2018 Shawn Ryan conquers both the East & West of Canada
09/12/2018 GFG Hits a Hole in One
09/05/2018 Nexus up from the ashes
09/03/2018 Traitors within the Gate or the Basic Problem with Coups
08/17/2018 We’re In The Exact Same Spot We Were In August 2008
08/13/2018 So That’s How It’s Going To Be, Vanguard?
08/10/2018 Aben [Golden Triangle] hits Eskay Creek Grade Gold
08/09/2018 GFG Expands on Rattlesnake Hills
08/07/2018 Eskay Mining Seeks Eskay II
08/03/2018 Torchlight Illuminates a New Texas Oil Basin
08/01/2018 Nobody Knows Anything. . .Like Bob Moriarty
07/21/2018 Short update on Novo
07/20/2018 The Silver and Platinum Express
07/13/2018 Newfoundland Maritime Disaster
07/12/2018 Bonanza Gold Hit in Nevada
07/06/2018 Tradable Bottom In PMs, Liquidity Crunch Looms in Sep/Oct
07/03/2018 American Pacific Hits at Tuscarora
06/28/2018 Will the Full Moon Mark a Turning Point for Gold&Silver?
06/26/2018 The COTs and DSI Suggest a Tradable Low is Near
06/22/2018 ZincX Beats Arizona Mining
06/20/2018 Aben Looks for an Instant Replay of 2017 in the Golden Triangle
06/19/2018 Goliath Hits the Ground Running near the Golden Triangle
06/18/2018 Anaconda Must Watch Video on June 20
06/17/2018 North Korea, Trade Wars, PMs & Bitcoin
06/11/2018 43-101 is a Noose Around Novo’s Neck
06/07/2018 Silver Bull Wins the Silver Lottery
06/06/2018 Black Tusk Gets to Work in BC
06/01/2018 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
05/31/2018 Treasury Metals Drills into a Gold Treasury
05/31/2018 You Should Buy Stocks When It’s Difficult To Buy
05/28/2018 Pacton is Pac-Man in the Pilbara
05/25/2018 An Idiot's Guide to Investing in Junior Resource Stocks
05/24/2018 A Titanic Advance in Oil Production
05/21/2018 Viva Gold Steals Gold Project
05/18/2018 Shovelnose Delivers Gold To Westhaven
05/17/2018 The Holy Grail of Investing
05/04/2018 American Pacific Mining Drilling Tuscarora Gold Project
05/01/2018 Plato Gold Goes Niobium
04/30/2018 Cryptocurrencies Are The Most Heavily Manipulated Market in History
04/28/2018 Anaconda Scores Home Run After Home Run
04/25/2018 Bonterra Reports Stunning Recoveries
04/19/2018 Amazing Energy Continues Amazing Plans
03/28/2018 Investors Should Be Looking For A Cave To Hide In
03/27/2018 Blackrock Gold Hits Nevada Jackpot
03/25/2018 Bullish on Silver? Bullish on Silver Bull
03/22/2018 Zijin Finances $3.2 Million in Guyana Goldstrike
03/09/2018 Miramont Prepares Phase 1 Drill Program
03/08/2018 Amazing Energy Drills Amazing Well
03/06/2018 I must be Complicit in the Suppression of Gold and Silver
03/05/2018 Prosper Gold Spots a $100 bill on the Ground, Picks it up
02/28/2018 100% Certainty of RECESSION Within 2 Years! - Legendary
02/27/2018 Torchlight Stands on the Edge of Success
02/24/2018 Group Ten Metals Mirrors the Stillwater PGE Complex
02/22/2018 Ignore All The Fools
02/21/2018 Novo is on Sale for a Little While
02/20/2018 Redzone Resources, the New Lithium Kid on the Block
02/18/2018 Bayhorse Silver Produces Silver
02/15/2018 Allegiant Gold Begins Major Nevada Operations
02/12/2018 Canuc Delivers 10m of 210 g/t Ag & 5 g/t Au
02/08/2018 Anaconda Scores 34.7 g/t Gold over 3.5 Meters
02/06/2018 What Happens When Bitcon Goes Below the Cost of Production?
01/30/2018 GFG Resources and the Curse of Big Deposits
01/29/2018 Exercise Your Irving/Gold Canyon Warrants Right Now
01/26/2018 Sentiment Indicates Extremes of Emotion for Lots of Commodities
01/25/2018 Irving Resources Delivers
01/23/2018 Plato Drilling for Niobium At Good Hope
01/22/2018 Anaconda Sitting on a Gold Mine
01/18/2018 Altamira Begins Releasing Results
01/18/2018 Get Ready For A Cascading Default From The Crypto Crash
01/16/2018 Thoughts on Novo
01/14/2018 The Great Reset
12/27/2017 Jericho Oil For Better or Worse
12/25/2017 Stop, Look, Listen, and Then
12/23/2017 The Bitcoin Bubble Has Burst
12/19/2017 Tax Loss Silly Season Ending
12/15/2017 Metallic Minerals Catches the Silver Ring
12/14/2017 Bitcoin, The South Sea Bubble, Ponzi Schemes...
12/13/2017 The Psychology Behind a Bubble Explained by
12/12/2017 Keith Barron Wants to Mine U3O8 Cheep
12/06/2017 Will 2+2=8 For Columbus Gold?
12/04/2017 Silver and Gold Bottom Soon
11/27/2017 The Novopoor are Crying Boo Hoo
11/27/2017 Quinton Hennigh’s Other White Meat
11/24/2017 Interesting Information for the Novoriche
11/20/2017 Bonterra Soars on Drill Results 
11/13/2017 Canuc Drills High Grade Silver
11/10/2017 New Gold Project in Brazil for Cabral Gold
11/09/2017 Silver Bulls Should Be Bullish on Silver Bull
11/08/2017 LiCo Cobalt Drill Results Due
11/07/2017 The Novoriche Get More Data
11/07/2017 Calling Tops and Bottoms
11/04/2017 Bob Moriarty On The Bitcoin Bubble And Who Killed Kennedy
10/20/2017 Columbus Gold is Giving Free Shares Away
10/19/2017 The Novo Riche Get More Data
10/17/2017 Amazing Energy Produces from 70,000 Acres in the Permian
10/10/2017 What Happened to the Crow?
10/03/2017 Novo Starts Major Test Program
09/27/2017 Novo Wows at the Denver Gold Forum
09/25/2017 Molori Energy Will Release Results Shortly
09/22/2017 It's The Last Bear Market For The Dollar Before ZEROING out
09/18/2017 Auryn Delivers a New Gold Zone
09/18/2017 Bitcoin to Zero
09/12/2017 Aben Awaits Results in the Golden Triangle
08/30/2017 Strong Results Power Altamira Higher
08/23/2017 Artemis Resources, One Man Band and Flavor of the Week
08/22/2017 Prize Geo with a Head as Hard as a Rock, Maybe Harder
08/21/2017 Nexus Advances Two Gold Projects in Burkina Faso
08/16/2017 Bet on the Jockey, not the Horse
08/13/2017 Bob Moriarty isn’t Selling His Novo Shares
08/11/2017 Novo Resouces Samples 2 Ounces of Gold Per Ton! ! !
08/10/2017 Novo Releases Better Gold Results than the Wits
08/08/2017 Smartcool is Really Cool
07/27/2017 Don't Go Swimming with the Sharks
07/21/2017 Gold in Japan, a Nation Unexplored for Many Years
07/20/2017 Molori Energy Ready to Explode Higher
07/18/2017 Auryn Begins World-Class Exploration on Seven Properties
07/14/2017 Has Novo Discovered the Wits West?
07/11/2017 Commodities Cheapest in 50 Years, Resource Stocks Set For Big Move
07/07/2017 Who, What, Here’s Why
07/06/2017 Sentiment Says Gold and Silver are about to Turn
06/27/2017 US Gold Has US Assets, US Listing, US Management
06/26/2017 Xtra-Gold Financed, Major Drill Program Planned
06/24/2017 Prize Adds Another Prize
06/23/2017 Avrupa Regains Alvalade Property and Traction
06/16/2017 Red Eagle Closes PP Soon and Hits the Ground Running
06/12/2017 StrikePoint Starts Exploration
06/07/2017 The Next Major Move in the PM Sector Should Be a Lot Higher
05/24/2017 Castle Silver Should be Called Castle Cobalt
05/18/2017 Sentiment Says the Dollar Index is About to Turn
05/16/2017 LiCo Energy Metals Seeks Energy Metals
05/11/2017 Dataram Corp Moves into US Gold
05/10/2017 Full Moon and a Dead Cat Bounce
05/09/2017 Millennium Minerals, Searching for a Greater Fool
05/05/2017 Compared to Silver and Platinum, Gold Is Getting Really Expensive
05/04/2017 Red Eagle Exploration Expands
04/30/2017 Silver Bugs, Chemical Weapons, and Precious Metals Corrections
04/27/2017 War, Precious Metals, Mining Stocks
04/24/2017 Rokmaster Zips into Zinc
04/17/2017 Gold and Silver May Correct
04/14/2017 DNI Delivers Profitable Graphite
04/10/2017 Trump is Bibi’s Shabbos Goy
04/04/2017 Why Few Correctly Hear the Signal the COTs Send
04/03/2017 Enforcer Delivers Gold Results
03/23/2017 Columbus Discovered a Gold Mine
03/14/2017 We Have Confused Shuffling Pieces of Paper With the Creation of Wealth
03/13/2017 Jericho Oil Loves the Idea of Lower Oil Prices
03/10/2017 Gold is Tapping Around Looking for a Tradable Bottom
03/07/2017 The Barron is Back
03/02/2017 Irving Resources, Tightest Shares in Canada
03/02/2017 Europe Changing Indefinitely - Political Chaos Coming
02/28/2017 Canada Zinc, Right Time, Right Metal
02/27/2017 The DSI says the S&P & Nasdaq are Toppy
02/11/2017 MGX Shareholders Ride a Rollercoaster
02/10/2017 RJK and Winston Hit Big Gold
02/08/2017 More Gold in Metals Creek
02/07/2017 The Media, Divide and Conquer
02/07/2017 Luminor Drives the Scout DS Forward
02/06/2017 Novo Increases Grade by 55%?
02/06/2017 There Are Some Extraordinary Opportunities Out There Right Now
02/02/2017 BonTerra Hits Big Gold Numbers
01/30/2017 Natan Grabs a Sample of 438 g/t Gold
01/26/2017 Rise Buys $40 Million Mine for $2 Million
01/25/2017 Good Results from Redstar, Gold Standard, Novo and Aton
01/24/2017 Columbus Gold Comes to a Fork in the Road
01/23/2017 Star Gold Aims At Production
01/18/2017 RJK Climbs out of the Ashes
01/13/2017 Nexus Scores on Gold, Misses on Press Release
01/12/2017 Explor Hits in New Brunswick
01/09/2017 MX Gold Adds Another Gold Project
01/03/2017 How Savvy Investors Use Sentiment to Make Fortunes
12/26/2016 Bigger Buying Opportunity in PMs Now Than 11 Months Ago
12/21/2016 Election Fraud, Global Revolution, and Precious Metals
12/13/2016 Aton wants the Pharaohs Gold
12/11/2016 Did Anyone Actually Read Don Quixote?
12/06/2016 Bottom in Gold? Gann Update
12/05/2016 Nexus Scores a Coup or Two
11/30/2016 Osisko Gold Royalties Tracks Gold
11/23/2016 BCGold in a Sweet Spot in Peru
11/22/2016 Torchlight in the Middle of 20 Billion Barrel Oil Field
11/18/2016 Shadow Government, The Election, and Peace
11/15/2016 Torchlight Delivers Again and Again
11/15/2016 There is More Opportunity Today Than There Has Ever Been in History
11/10/2016 Explor Explores the Abitibi
11/09/2016 Redstar Waits for Drill Results
11/08/2016 California Gold Resource Released
11/07/2016 We lost Jimmy. . .
11/02/2016 The Lithium Boom has a New Player in Argentina
10/25/2016 Bravura Ventures Adds Yukon Gold Project
10/14/2016 Gold Standard Drills another Monster Hole, Market Yawns
10/11/2016 The Wolves Get the Golden Fleece as the Sheep Get Shorn One More Time
10/06/2016 I Am Ready To Buy Silver At $16
10/03/2016 Gold in Japan, the Last Frontier
09/30/2016 RT Minerals is Cheap and the Empire Just Ended
09/28/2016 TriStar Gold, Another Wits Lookalike in Brazil
09/26/2016 Vendetta has Zinc in Australia
09/22/2016 Neah Power has a Better Mousetrap Battery
09/21/2016 Imagin, a Better Way to Detect Bladder Cancer
09/20/2016 Stakeholder Gold, New Technology for a Yukon Deposit
09/19/2016 A New Beginning for Genesis
09/16/2016 Did the CME read my book?
09/13/2016 BonTerra Resources Swings for a Double
09/12/2016 Avrupa Minerals Is On Sale for a Month
09/07/2016 Golden Dawn Production Plans
09/06/2016 Drilling Hartless Joe Complete
09/06/2016 A Monumental Buying Opportunity in PM Shares is a Few Weeks Away
09/02/2016 Redstar: High-Grade Gold in Alaska
08/24/2016 A Zombie Financial System, Black Swans & a Gold Share Correction
08/23/2016 Novo Aims For High-Grade Gold Trifecta
08/22/2016 Nailing the Bottom of Oil
08/16/2016 Eguana Skunks Tesla
08/15/2016 MX Gold’s Bulk Sample Starts
08/10/2016 Gold Standard Ventures' Monster Hole
08/02/2016 Money Always Moves from Weak Hands into Strong Hands
07/31/2016 Strategic Metals' Hartless Joe not so Heartless
07/13/2016 Keegan, Cayden and Auryn
07/06/2016 Shining a Light on Torchlight
06/29/2016 Picking Gold Stocks To Prosper
06/27/2016 The World is Going to Pay for Brexit
06/24/2016 The Swiss Need to Call for an International Peace Conference
06/21/2016 It May Well be Time to Dump Gold
06/07/2016 Defiance Silver Goes up 350%
06/06/2016 Eagle Plains: Out of Hibernation
05/19/2016 The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Correction
05/18/2016 Gold Standard Scores Big
05/16/2016 The Best Gold Production Guy in the Business
05/15/2016 Falco Can Produce Gold for $660
05/14/2016 A Walk Through a Cemetery in France
05/14/2016 A Walk Through a Cemetery in France
05/12/2016 Taking Money off the Table
05/06/2016 Give me Facts or at least Logical Opinions
05/04/2016 If A = B and B = C, does A = C?
05/02/2016 America’s Best and Brightest
04/28/2016 The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Bottom
04/28/2016 What Steve Jobs Knew About the Internet that Can Make You a Better Gold Investor
04/27/2016 Bill Holter Wants your $119
04/27/2016 Low Prices for Oil Cure Low Prices for Oil
04/22/2016 An Oil and Commodity Bottom
04/22/2016 Nobody Knows Anything: Investing Common Sense From
04/19/2016 The Chance of a Comex Default...
03/31/2016 SolGold Strikes Gold and Copper
03/25/2016 President Obama, Look in the Mirror
03/22/2016 The Decline and Fall of the American Empire
03/15/2016 Reviewing The New Case for Gold
03/07/2016 Sean Roosen Wins Gold for Falco
02/25/2016 Jack Ball Kills Another Company
02/23/2016 Sanatana Vote is Now
02/20/2016 What is the Point Spread on WW III?
02/19/2016 Everybody is Underestimating Putin and the Russians
02/19/2016 Trump Candidacy Is Sign of a Falling Empire and a Rising Resource Market
02/18/2016 This is a Turkish False Flag Event
02/15/2016 Turkey is about to launch a false flag operation so they can invade Syria
02/12/2016 Time for a Correction in Gold
02/03/2016 A Titan Opportunity in Oil
02/03/2016 Gann Update on the Bottom in Gold
02/01/2016 We’ve seen the Bottom in Gold
01/19/2016 Novo Scores Financing Coup
01/13/2016 IamGold finishes off Sanatana
12/31/2015 Copper King and Desert Star
12/23/2015 Tax Loss Silly Season
11/25/2015 Gold and the Full Moon
11/18/2015 Gold Standard On Track
10/15/2015 Barisan Stiffs Shareholders
10/14/2015 Reviewing Gold Production from Beginning to End
10/12/2015 California Gold Discovery
10/05/2015 Platinum Group Metals, Right Time, Right Place
09/24/2015 A Pretty Sure Bet on Platinum
09/23/2015 Avrupa Gold Results in Kosovo
09/21/2015 Book Review The Coming Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market
09/11/2015 Torchlight Finds Financial Partner
09/03/2015 Weak Hands in Gold Canyon
08/21/2015 Red Eagle Moves to Production
08/19/2015 Torchlight Discovers New Giant Oil District
08/03/2015 A Tradable Low in Commodities
08/01/2015 Why you should ignore all Gold Gurus including me
07/30/2015 Gold and the Full Moon
07/27/2015 Capitulation in Gold
07/08/2015 Defiance Silver Swings, Hits
06/24/2015 Arianne Phosphate Recovers
06/23/2015 Defiance Silver, a call on Silver
06/05/2015 Great Quest on a Great Quest
05/28/2015 Copperbank: a Perpetual Call on Copper
05/27/2015 Red Eagle Moves to Production
05/22/2015 BitGold Goes Big...
05/18/2015 Free Shares from Almaden
05/15/2015 BitGold Explained
05/15/2015 BitGold Lights Gold's Fire
05/14/2015 Carlin Trend’s Gold Standard
05/12/2015 Sprott Silver ETF Signals XAU Upturn
05/11/2015 Finding Gold via Mercury Hot Springs Systems
05/08/2015 West Kirkland To Fast Track Gold Production
05/04/2015 A Swing Past West Kirkland Mining
05/01/2015 Hidden Treasure for Columbus Gold
04/30/2015 Gold in Goldfield
04/29/2015 A Visit to Nevada Copper
04/28/2015 Sanatana, Game, Set and Match
04/08/2015 A New Paradigm for Owning Gold Shares
04/07/2015 Gold Production in Colombia
03/10/2015 Improving Gold Recovery via HPGR
03/09/2015 Buying Dollars for Pennies
02/13/2015 POE: High Potential for Oil, Now Drilling
02/13/2015 Low Oil Prices Are an Act of Economic Warfare
02/12/2015 Cheap Oil Spells Opportunity to Some
02/11/2015 Gold Bottom in, New Bull Market Will Make 2008-2011 Look Tame
01/26/2015 No Blood, No Fasting, No Waiting
01/26/2015 When the Dollar Crashes
01/23/2015 Painting Yourself into a Corner
01/20/2015 A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste
01/09/2015 Taking a Run at Gold Canyon
01/08/2015 The Billion-Dollar Sure Thing
01/07/2015 Panic in the Oil Patch
01/02/2015 The Next Big Thing in Silver
12/24/2014 From Weak Hands into Strong Hands
12/19/2014 Gold Home Run in Kosovo
12/18/2014 Tax Loss Silly Season
12/12/2014 Novo’s Latest
12/09/2014 Revolution in Lighting Underway
12/08/2014 Momentary Sanity in the Legal System
11/24/2014 The Stealth Bull Market in Gold
11/20/2014 Swiss Gold
11/17/2014 They Really do Ring a Bell
11/11/2014 Sanatana Wins
11/10/2014 Novo’s Latest News
11/07/2014 David vs. Goliath III
11/06/2014 John C Fremont’s Gold Mine
11/05/2014 Getting It All Right
11/04/2014 654 Meters of 1.4 g/t Au Equivalent
11/03/2014 Sunrise in Nevada
11/02/2014 Burkina Faso Settles, True Gold Delivers
11/01/2014 Pilot continues to fly high
10/30/2014 Zinc is up
10/29/2014 Free Shares from Almaden
10/06/2014 Black Swans and Brown Snakes
09/28/2014 Buying Real Gold and Silver from Sprott
09/26/2014 Corrections happen. They also end
09/22/2014 Owning Real Estate in Ulaanbaatar
09/19/2014 At Surface Gold
09/11/2014 Lower POG=Lower Assumptions
09/10/2014 Cayden and Curis, on the block
09/09/2014 Blood in the Streets
09/04/2014 890 Meters of Ore and No One Cares?
09/03/2014 Novo’s Nervous Nellies
08/28/2014 With a gun held to his head
08/18/2014 What if you found a mine and no one cared?
08/15/2014 Correction ended, True Gold finances
07/03/2014 Monster Gold on a Shoestring
06/20/2014 A Lovely Zinc Story
06/16/2014 Interesting Juniors
06/14/2014 I told you so
06/02/2014 Correction ending soon, True Gold Digs
05/30/2014 Cancer Cure Remembers
05/16/2014 It's a Correction, Live with It
05/07/2014 Newport Exploration rapes own investors
05/06/2014 What is a $108 million project worth?
04/22/2014 Now Drilling for Oil in Texas
04/21/2014 Leverage to Gold in Mexico
04/17/2014 Coup in Nevada
04/16/2014 Umbral wants to Sell Grass
04/15/2014 Arizona Copper Alternatives
04/14/2014 Striking Gold in the Bakken
03/31/2014 Charlie Manson’s Gold Mine
03/27/2014 Novo Seeks Witwatersrand West
03/25/2014 Into the Price Acceleration Phase
03/10/2014 Cheap Silver
03/07/2014 Oil Triple Threat
03/06/2014 Rethinking David vs. Goliath
03/05/2014 Novo: Ten Times Good
03/04/2014 A Frank Discussion Re: The Ukraine with
03/03/2014 Cancer Cure at the Speed of Light
02/17/2014 Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa
02/14/2014 Food, Water & Fuel Are Necessary to Life & Investors
02/10/2014 Triple Header
02/10/2014 A Great Weekend Special (Editorial) with
02/05/2014 The Markets are all Connected and it is Fugly
01/31/2014 Deal of the Year
01/22/2014 10-Day Food Sale on Now
01/21/2014 Gold Production in Spain
01/06/2014 Getting it Exactly Right
01/05/2014 Weekend Show - Sat 4 Jan 2014
01/04/2014 The Art of Giving
12/29/2013 Ker Commentary - Fri Dec 27, 2013
12/23/2013 If You Believed. . .
12/23/2013 In Defense of Eric Sprott
12/16/2013 Revolver Now Drilling
12/09/2013 David vs. Goliath
12/05/2013 Is the Bottom in?
12/03/2013 Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
12/02/2013 Mexico’s Newest Old Silver Mine
11/30/2013 If you believe gold is going to go up...
11/25/2013 For Whom the Bell Tolls
11/20/2013 Pilot Hits Home Run
11/19/2013 Cuprum
11/18/2013 Deja Vu Again
11/11/2013 Crap Shoot
10/30/2013 A Target Rich Environment
10/29/2013 High Risk, High Potential
10/28/2013 Steal This Stock
10/23/2013 2+2=4
10/22/2013 Been There, Done That
10/21/2013 Silver Bull Ready to Charge
10/14/2013 Weekend Show Sat 12 Oct with
10/03/2013 Ignore the Noise and Profit from Gold's Volatility
10/02/2013 On the Road to Armageddon, Take Shelter in Resources
09/27/2013 When you come to a fork in the road
09/25/2013 Treasures of the Walker Lane
09/23/2013 Pilot Gold, Long Canyon and Kinsley Mountain
09/19/2013 Feeding the World
09/12/2013 Understanding the Novo/Newmont Deal
09/03/2013 Way Bigger than Bakken
08/26/2013 Syria, Are We Getting the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?
08/15/2013 Again we ask the Question, Why do you buy Gold and Silver?
08/10/2013 Morning Gold Commentary from
07/29/2013 Out of the Ashes
07/26/2013 Buying Dollars for Pennies
07/25/2013 SART and Silver Bull
07/24/2013 Leader of the Pack
07/03/2013 Been There, Done That
07/01/2013 Better than Gold
06/24/2013 Think Zinc
06/14/2013 Another Colorado Resources?
06/03/2013 Cashing in on the Carlin Trend
05/30/2013 The Acorn Falls Close to the Tall Oak Tree
05/28/2013 Coeur on the Prowl
05/22/2013 Inventing the Jalisco Gold Belt
05/17/2013 The Next Silver Takeout
05/13/2013 Sell in May and Go Away or Buy in May and Go Away?
05/06/2013 Out of the Ashes
05/02/2013 Novo on Sale
04/23/2013 Bigger than Bakken II
04/11/2013 ‘Angkor’s Away
04/10/2013 Free Copper, Free Gold
04/08/2013 Update on Novo
03/18/2013 When 2+2=5
03/05/2013 High Grade Argentina Silver
03/04/2013 Begging for Attention
03/01/2013 Shelter From The Storm
03/01/2013 When There Are No More Sellers Left, You Only have Buyers
02/23/2013 Comments from a Reader
02/22/2013 Calling Tops and Bottoms
02/21/2013 Capitulation
02/18/2013 Buy the Rumor, Smash the Stock
02/15/2013 Bigger than Bakken
02/11/2013 More Pretty Sure Bets
02/08/2013 Argentina's Abject Stupidity
02/07/2013 Other Valuations of CBM Asia
02/01/2013 Everything is Worth Something
01/25/2013 It's not Rocket Science
01/14/2013 Revolution in Pipeline Sensing
01/11/2013 Learning from Failure
12/28/2012 Nicaragua Gold
12/27/2012 A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread...
12/21/2012 The CBM Asia/Exxon Deal Signed
12/20/2012 Novo, Good News-Bad News
12/06/2012 Graphite into Production
12/05/2012 Absurd
12/03/2012 Deviation from the Mean
11/20/2012 The Piper Must Be Paid
11/19/2012 Gold Sale in Timmins, $9 an Ounce
11/17/2012 Liberty Silver, Clearly Canadian Scam
11/16/2012 Ho, Hum, another Major Bottom
11/14/2012 Buying Dollars for Pennies
11/13/2012 Graphite at Mach 3
11/12/2012 The CBM Asia/Exxon Deal Explained
11/06/2012 In the Shadow of a Headframe
11/05/2012 Lithium is Sexy
11/01/2012 Stock Tales from the Crypt
10/29/2012 Update on Novo
10/19/2012 An Investment for all Seasons
10/08/2012 Rebirth of the Comstock
09/26/2012 Gold Success 2.0
09/12/2012 Goldcorp-0, Oroco-1
09/11/2012 We know who did 911
09/10/2012 The Heroes of Mining
08/27/2012 Understanding Novo Drill Results
08/15/2012 698.3 Square Miles of the Wits
08/13/2012 Pretty Sure Bets
08/09/2012 Market Ignores More Great Results
08/01/2012 Terraco Scores $5 Million Goal
07/30/2012 Gold in the Mojave-Sonora Megashear
07/26/2012 Consensus Trumps TA, Trumps Fundamentals
07/13/2012 Urban Legends and Gold
07/12/2012 Buying Stupidity
07/02/2012 Red Eagle Swings, Hits
06/29/2012 Gold at $6 an ounce
06/20/2012 I’m getting really lazy
06/18/2012 A New Sonora Mineral District
05/24/2012 How to Unscramble an Egg
05/16/2012 Sprott Silver Bottom
05/15/2012 A Contrarian's Guide to Volatile Markets
05/10/2012 100 Reasons to Sell
04/23/2012 Silver at $.11 an ounce

04/19/2012 Cash Flow is King
04/17/2012 Sprott Will Signal Silver Bottom

04/05/2012 Potash, Cheap

03/26/2012 Extremes of Emotion
03/20/2012 Tembo Went on Sale
03/19/2012 Oracle Moves to Copper Production
03/05/2012 Tembo Roars Out of the Jungle
02/24/2012 Red Eagle Aims. Shoots. Hits.
02/23/2012 Gold Leverage
02/22/2012 Think Zinc
01/11/2012 2012:Year of the Bank Failures
12/23/2011 Next week is the Bottom
12/19/2011 Near Term Buy On Oil
12/10/2011 Corzine doesn't read 321gold
12/05/2011 Fumbling for a bottom
12/01/2011 Barbara is Retiring
11/08/2011 A Cheap Gold Lottery Ticket in Rwanda?
11/03/2011 Day Late, a Dollar Short
11/02/2011 Ain’t no Chairs
10/21/2011 Meadow Bay Hits
10/19/2011 The Creation of Wealth
10/17/2011 AWA Americans with an Attitude
10/11/2011 Shooting Craps
10/05/2011 Unlimited Power
10/03/2011 I love Cheap Commodities
09/26/2011 Cheap Energy, Buy Now
09/14/2011 Abandon Hope All Ye...
09/01/2011 As the Euro Turns
08/28/2011 Ringbolt Comes Alive
08/07/2011 Triple-Digit Returns Predicted for Mining Stocks
08/01/2011 We are all Speculators now
07/26/2011 Worth a 3rd Look
07/22/2011 100 Million Ounces of Gold
07/18/2011 400 Years of Mining Gold
07/15/2011 Prophecy Roars 115% Higher
07/12/2011 The Emperor has no Clothes
07/11/2011 A Golden Lottery Ticket
06/17/2011 Old Mines, New Opportunity
06/11/2011 Detecting Skin Cancer
06/10/2011 Teamwork
05/30/2011 The Ticking Time Bomb
05/13/2011 There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills
05/12/2011 The Sweet Spot of Investing
05/07/2011 Nat. Gas: Buy in May & Go Away
05/06/2011 Silver Rally
04/25/2011 Facts on Silver

03/25/2011 Is Silver Topping?
03/09/2011 Listening to Liars
02/28/2011 Buy Me, Buy Me
02/11/2011 Big Problems, Big Potential
02/10/2011 Making Progress
02/07/2011 Peak Oil = Peak Food = Peak People
02/05/2011 China Health
02/04/2011 Uranium is Both Hot and Real
02/02/2011 Gold Whale
02/01/2011 Sinking of the QE II
01/24/2011 Minco Strikes Gold
01/05/2011 Pigs Get Eaten
12/20/2010 Quantitative Easing = Counterfeiting
12/02/2010 EurOmax Strikes Gold
11/29/2010 Drilling for Dollars
11/11/2010 The Name of the Game
11/08/2010 The Fruits of their Labor
11/05/2010 More Great Results, No Respect

10/29/2010 Rebirth of the Comstock Lode
10/18/2010 Sitting on a Boatload of Coal?
10/15/2010 The Mother of All Shorts
10/01/2010 [oct25] Hold on to Gold
09/22/2010 Revolution is in the air
09/09/2010 China’s Next Silver Producer
09/08/2010 EurOscrew 3
09/08/2010 Mini-Madoff
09/03/2010 If it's Ghana, it must be Monday
09/02/2010 EurOscrew 2
08/25/2010 EurOscrew
08/02/2010 Going for the Gold in the Carlin
07/30/2010 Great Drill Results, No Respect
07/29/2010 Gold rich Goldrich
07/28/2010 Alaska Gold Revisited
07/27/2010 EOX’s War on Shareholders
07/13/2010 It’s called the Gold Coast for a reason
06/28/2010 Morocco Gold Revisited
06/08/2010 Getting it Exactly Right
05/31/2010 If it’s Mali, it must be Monday
05/26/2010 Team Work Works
05/08/2010 Rationalize the Silver Valley
05/06/2010 Collapse as Certain as Time & the Tides
05/04/2010 Sell in May and Go Away
04/26/2010 Opawica, Low Risk
04/23/2010 The Auction for The Sunshine
04/20/2010 Not too good to be true...
04/07/2010 High Grade in the Philippines
03/30/2010 Top in the Dollar?
03/01/2010 Extension to the Carlin Trend
02/15/2010 Getting in a Lucky Shot
02/09/2010 If it looks too good to be true…
01/27/2010 Update on the Sunshine Saga
01/26/2010 When you come to a fork in the road take it
01/04/2010 Think Voisey’s Bay; Double It
12/15/2009 Morocco Gold
11/30/2009 Last Week was a Top in Gold
11/18/2009 Gold is getting frothy
10/31/2009 Palladon, A Sad Tale but True
10/27/2009 Nice Drill Results
10/21/2009 Surfeit of Riches
10/03/2009 The Next Big Thing
10/01/2009 Another Pierina?
10/01/2009 Silver on Sale
09/15/2009 TCF It's Time to Buy More
09/11/2009 Take Some Money off the Table
09/10/2009 Now in Production
09/09/2009 Minco Shenanigans in the Silver Valley
09/02/2009 Even More Mexican Silver
08/19/2009 More Mexican Silver
08/06/2009 Mexican Silver
08/03/2009 Timmins Inches Away From Production
07/31/2009 Pundits with Pull
07/30/2009 The Second Time Around
07/30/2009 Propaganda, False Profits & Some “Surprises to the Upside"
07/06/2009 The Hobgoblin of Little Minds
06/30/2009 Peak Oil=Peak Food
06/29/2009 Another Home Run
05/26/2009 Where to Find Cover When Black Swans Swarm
05/26/2009 SNS Silver & the Dewey Decimal System
05/19/2009 When we run out of cash
05/08/2009 Mayday and Black Swans
05/06/2009 Minco Silver on Sale
04/23/2009 CBM Asia It's Time to Buy
04/20/2009 A Crash this way Cometh
03/19/2009 Pancho Villa rides again
03/19/2009 The Mother of All Depressions (MOAD)
03/13/2009 Steal Me
03/11/2009 LOL The Office Bitch
03/06/2009 In Production
02/24/2009 Minco Forecloses Sterling
02/11/2009 Make iron while the fire is hot
02/09/2009 Wine for Wheels
01/30/2009 Are we in a Depression?
01/29/2009 ITH They did it again
01/26/2009 I told you so
01/06/2009 I am ashamed
12/30/2008 Invest in Real Assets
12/29/2008 Hitting the Sweet Spot
12/05/2008 Minco Congratulations, for their Award...
12/04/2008 The Fatal Flaw
11/30/2008 CBM Asia Don’t buy this just yet
11/13/2008 Osama bin Laden is Dead
11/10/2008 Too Lazy to Work & Too Nervous to Steal
10/30/2008 I can't believe my lying eyes
10/27/2008 Even gold can't hedge a nuclear implosion
10/21/2008 The Panic of 2008
10/20/2008 It's time for a new Bretton Woods
10/03/2008 Buying Bucks for Cents
09/29/2008 Times are tough in America
09/23/2008 The Fat Lady isn't Yet Singing...
09/22/2008 IG The 7-year itch
09/12/2008 RES An Interesting Investment
09/07/2008 Manipulation? Or simply deleveraging?
09/02/2008 GIX & NOX In the Bull Pen
08/25/2008 The Good News and the Bad
08/11/2008 The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History
08/06/2008 WSCE Free Oil and Clean Water
08/04/2008 Are we at a bottom for gold shares?
08/04/2008 DLKM Bre-X II
07/28/2008 Failure is an option in mining
07/16/2008 Head for the bunkers
07/14/2008 [GOG] Naw, it's not a recession
07/02/2008 PROFIT Strike while the Iron's Hot
06/04/2008 A Slam-Dunk Trade in the Oil Patch
05/23/2008 Copper and Gold on Sale
05/19/2008 More Andean Adventures
05/12/2008 A Diamond is forever; So is an alluvial diamond mine
05/12/2008 On the cusp of victory in the oil patch
04/25/2008 China's Silver Company Update
04/23/2008 Yale New Kid on the Block
04/15/2008 HOT Snakes in the mining business
04/04/2008 ...Better than Gold
03/24/2008 Read Buy with both hands
03/18/2008 Argentex Playing the Indium Card
03/17/2008 A Time for Caution, Update 1
03/07/2008 A Time for Caution
03/06/2008 MMM Buying Gold to get Silver
03/03/2008 More Panamanian Adventures
02/18/2008 Think ZINC: Or the Next Big Thing
02/15/2008 TNR Lots of Copper & Gold in Argentina
02/14/2008 How to lose friends & piss off shareholders
02/11/2008 Hitting the G-Spot in Gold & Copper
01/23/2008 The Domino Depression or Crash of 2008
12/20/2007 Correction's Over - Back in the Pool
12/19/2007 The Perfect (Mexican Gold) Storm
12/03/2007 Opportunities in Tax-Loss Selling
11/30/2007 The Crunch is here
11/19/2007 Play your didgeridoo, Ron
10/30/2007 Girls & Peak Gold: Wheaton River Jr.
10/26/2007 PEZ Arriba 'riba
10/24/2007 Mexican Silver: I'm all a-GOG
10/18/2007 Head for the Hills
10/10/2007 Risk Free Gold, part 2
10/08/2007 LITS Risk Free Gold
09/06/2007 Giant Alaska Gold
09/03/2007 Opportunity in junior oil stocks. Right Now!
08/29/2007 Humpty Dumpty...
08/09/2007 Ted says, "Show me the Gold"
08/03/2007 Oops they did it again
07/16/2007 South East Asia's Gold Companies
07/10/2007 Rare opportunity in Rare Earths
06/25/2007 A little Gem... er, call that a BIG Gem
06/06/2007 Some Thoughts on Profits in the Oil Patch part 2
06/05/2007 Some Thoughts on Profits in the Oil Patch
05/25/2007 What's $12 billion worth of rock sell for?
05/23/2007 It's time to buy
05/11/2007 Southern Arc strikes gold & nobody noticed
05/04/2007 China's Golden Age revisited
04/25/2007 A Perfect Port for a Perfect Storm
04/23/2007 Location, Location, Location
04/17/2007 Better than Uranium
04/16/2007 Low Risk, High Potential, revisited
04/03/2007 Buy with both hands
03/12/2007 30-day Countdown to War
03/07/2007 Energy Update II
03/06/2007 Energy Update
02/09/2007 An Order of Magnitude Improvement in Mining...
02/07/2007 Quinto An Embarrassment of Wealth
01/29/2007 A Tale of Two Projects
01/21/2007 2007 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
01/15/2007 My favorite trip of 2006
12/31/2006 Everything is Worth Something
12/19/2006 Andean Adventures
12/06/2006 My 5 cents-worth
11/09/2006 Tossing the Dice for an Oil 10-Bagger Potential
10/23/2006 Buying Tickets on Big Lotteries
09/29/2006 Revisiting Miss Moly
09/27/2006 Fear the October Surprise
09/25/2006 Eight Bucket Gold Intercepts
09/24/2006 I'm gonna eat a worm
09/13/2006 Gold and how to buy lottery tickets
09/07/2006 Yukon Gold & the Klondike Big Inch Land Co.
08/29/2006 Cashing in on Cash
08/10/2006 Hard Creek Leverage to Nickel
08/07/2006 Is Barrick trying to turn a Silk Purse into a Sow's Ear?
08/07/2006 When Ounces Don't Count
07/07/2006 The next Goldcorp at Red Lake
06/22/2006 Like stealing candy from wee kiddies
06/21/2006 Running Fox, not Walking Fox
06/20/2006 The panic's over, everyone back in the pool
06/02/2006 Diamonds Galore in Brazil
05/15/2006 Silver of the Sierra Madres, revisited
05/09/2006 The Golden Hoard of Ghengis Khan
05/04/2006 There's silver in them, thar hills
04/24/2006 Vietnam's Gold Company
04/20/2006 Whatever happened to MolyMania?
02/24/2006 Have Giraffe, Will Travel
01/17/2006 I was wrong about a correction
01/16/2006 For our German Readers. . .
01/04/2006 Dead Cat Drop
12/22/2005 Gold and a Dead Cat Bounce
12/15/2005 The G-Spot of Investing
12/13/2005 Gold and Silver are Topping
12/12/2005 The Biggest Little Silver Company in the World
12/06/2005 Buying and Selling Irrational Behavior
12/05/2005 Low-Risk, High-Potential
12/01/2005 The Best Kept Secret in Mexico
11/11/2005 Cash Minerals & The Long Emergency
11/09/2005 Vangold Resources and Peak Oil
10/10/2005 More Iron in the Fire
09/09/2005 400 Years of Silver from Peru
09/09/2005 400 Years of Silver from Peru
09/06/2005 Romancing the [445 Carat] Stone
08/18/2005 Big
08/16/2005 Cashed Up and Dirt Cheap
07/05/2005 Cardero Ferrous Nonsnotus
06/04/2005 The bad news and the good news
04/18/2005 Is this what a bottom looks like?
04/11/2005 Palladon AdVentures
03/14/2005 Mollycoddling Moly
02/15/2005 A Steel of a Deal
01/10/2005 What goes down must go up
01/05/2005 $37 Moly, Moose-Poop, and a 2-line phone
12/13/2004 Message from Bob MOLYarty
12/09/2004 Gold and the Golden Gate
11/25/2004 Armageddon on the Horizon
11/24/2004 Gold is where you find it
10/30/2004 Going for the Gold
10/25/2004 China's Golden Age
10/04/2004 China and Bankers Pete
09/17/2004 Irish Gold - Galantas
09/09/2004 Treasures of the Sierra Madre
08/30/2004 Silver of the Sierra Madres
08/09/2004 Good Golly, Miss Moly
08/02/2004 Emeralds, Sapphires & Rubies
07/08/2004 Battle of the Titans
07/08/2004 Back up the truck
05/28/2004 Unlearned lessons from the past
05/10/2004 Buy
04/17/2004 Dead Cat Bounce
04/02/2004 Gold and Silver topping?
03/03/2004 IOCG Olympic Dam II?
02/21/2004 Bulls hate being milked, too
02/02/2004 The End of the Beginning
12/29/2003 Hmmm Mabel÷ it seems kind of risky to me
12/22/2003 Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century
11/10/2003 The correction is over and it's time for a move up
10/20/2003 On the gold correction and Admiral Bay
10/02/2003 Canarc Resources and the fine art of stock promotion
10/01/2003 A tech stock actually worth owning
09/15/2003 Stocks worth owning in a gold correction
09/04/2003 Vangold old company, new opportunity
08/11/2003 My visit to Silverado Gold
08/09/2003 Pacific Ridge Drill Program
07/31/2003 Man your battle stations, this is no drill
07/29/2003 Hint, begins with an "S"
07/07/2003 ... a girl's best friend
06/19/2003 Cardero Drill Results Update
06/16/2003 Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead
06/02/2003 Bulls hate riders
05/19/2003 Caution, Caution, Caution
05/08/2003 Lost Wages: A report from the Las Vegas PM Show
04/14/2003 Pacific Ridge Exploration
03/24/2003 Buy, Buy, Buy
03/07/2003 Admiral Bay, an interesting energy play
03/05/2003 Welcome aboard the USS "Depression"
02/24/2003 Lateegra: Kinsley A-Go Go?
02/13/2003 The Beginning of the end?
02/11/2003 A report on Apollo ...the new kid on the block
01/20/2003 Desert Sun catches the gold ring
01/13/2003 Hand grenades and the price of sprouts
12/26/2002 The most wonderful feature of gold is that it's a bitch to print
12/23/2002 Going for the Gold in a new Endeavour
12/09/2002 We are in a Gold Bull Market
11/04/2002 Watch the Gold Stealth Bull
10/25/2002 Desert Sun Mining
10/18/2002 Gallery Resources: Katie ...not so many veils
10/14/2002 Buying "World" Gold stocks: Charters Towers...
10/09/2002 All Aboard! The S.S. Royal Standard
09/30/2002 The Apocalypse is not scheduled for Tuesday
09/28/2002 That Gold Show!
09/20/2002 Sheeple vs Slizzards
08/26/2002 Western Copper Holdings: fundamentals
07/29/2002 My Turn, after all, it's my web site
07/19/2002 Mad dogs and gold miners...
06/09/2002 Water, water everywhere...
04/12/2002 Alaska Gold Nugget Adventure
03/28/2002 Cash is Comfort
02/05/2002 How To Price a Gold Stock
01/29/2002 The End of the World ...as we know it
01/02/2002 Searching for Gold, finding the Motherlode
12/10/2001 Silver Standard Resources; A Perpetual Call on Silver
12/07/2001 Small Golds 'R' Us
08/30/2001 One Man's Tailing Pile is Another Man's Treasure
08/13/2001 You Can't Squeeze Gold out of a Turnip
07/17/2001 Don't Cry For Me Las Cristinas
05/14/2001 Small is Beautiful