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Market Ignores More Great Results

Bob Moriarty

Posted Aug 9, 2012

Almost 48 years ago at the tender age of 18 and a week, I went through Marine Corps Boot Camp in San Diego, California. The Drill Instructors were very nice people who were most concerned with our health and well-being. I remember fondly them gently waking us in the morning by hurling a 55-gallon galvanized trashcan down the length of the squad bay at zero-dark-early.

As the trashcan stopped its infernal clanging the DI would say, “Get up. Get up. Get up. It’s another beautiful day in the Marine Corps. Drop your cocks and grab your socks. Get up. Get up. Get up.” Then he would start trodding down the length of the Quonset hut, overturning the recruits still in their bedding and throwing them to the floor. It was pretty effective. We had a full five minutes to shave, put on our uniforms and get into formation.

I feel I’d like to do the same to investors in the mining sector.

If you look at the pretty chart of the XAU over Gold, you will see some nice squiggles at the bottom where the low was in mid-May at 0.0906. Or you could have read about it here on May 16, the day of the bottom. Look a little more to the right of the chart and you will see the pretty chart going up to 0.1057 around the 20th or so of June. Or you could have read on the 18th of June, “I’d like to see a strong retest of the bottom and then we will be off to the races. My opinion is that it will be soon. This is probably the opportunity of a lifetime to be buying resources.”

Then on the 26th of July I posted an update to my forecast. You might notice that it was perfectly timed with the retest of the low of the XAU over Gold at 0.0895 on the chart. Now you might notice the lines going up indicating investors like the XAU more than Gold. That’s called a rally. Just like I’ve been saying for the last three months. What are you waiting for? Get up. Get up. Get up.

Antioquia Gold released more brilliant drill results today ranging from 4.7 meters of 13.92 g/t to 1.4 meters of 28.12 g/t. No doubt the results will be ignored but ignore them at your peril.

Comstock (LODE) is up 50% since the first of July. Evolving Gold (EVG-V) went from $.20 to $.36 in two weeks. Argentex (ATX-V) went from $.26 in early July to $.45 today. This is called a rally. Some people predicted it accurately. It will go far higher than you imagine. Don’t be caught out at the airport when your ship finally arrives.

Antioquia is an advertiser. Naturally we are biased. I love good drill results in mining friendly countries. I am a shareholder. Do your own due diligence.

Antioquia Gold
AGD-V $.11 (Aug 8, 2012)
ADGXF-PK 124.4 million shares
Antioquia Gold website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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