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Reyna Gold Drilling Sonora for Gold in February Now Trading

Bob Moriarty

Jan 26, 2022

Some fifteen or eighteen years ago I was in Mexico visiting a silver project when Barb got a phone call and asked if I could extend my trip to meet with a geologist for a few days drive around Northern Mexico. I said, of course. I flew to Mexico City and met Dr. Peter Megaw. Peter started Mag Silver and vended some of the best silver projects in Northern Mexico into the company. In the many years since then Mag Silver has been a giant success story.

The three days Peter and I drove around were the most interesting in all the hundreds of trips I have made before or since. Peter is a polyglot speaking English, Spanish and Swedish. He is one of the top crystal experts in the world and a major player in the Tucson Gem Show that begins on January 26th.

He has written dozens of papers about mining projects in the South West and Mexico. He is the expert on Mexico having been reviewing data forty years ago when Mexico mining was still closed to foreign juniors.

While Mag Silver was charging ahead at full speed the company lacked the people and bandwidth to move all of their excellent projects forward. So they spun off a number of silver projects that I walked almost two decades ago into Reyna Silver.

Anytime the management team of a junior wants to advertise on 321gold.com, the ones where Peter is part always call or email me and want to set up a meeting with him. My response is always the same.

What the hell am I going to teach Peter Megaw about anything? He knows fifty times as much as I do and that doesn't bother me at all. So when Reyna Silver wanted to raise money I bellied up to the bar and threw my $20 gold pieces down. I am happy to participate in any project or company that Peter is part of without question.

So the same management team behind Reyna Silver listened to Peter when he pointed out that he had some worldclass gold projects in Northern Mexico. Why not throw them into a shell and call it Reyna Gold (REYG-V)? So they did. That company began public trading on January 11th of this year.

The company has been as high as $.46 and as low as $.32. A large part of the price movement is simply because investors don’t know the story yet. Reyna Gold announced great surface samples two weeks ago. They have a $22 million dollar market cap with $11.3 in cash. Drilling on the La Gloria begins in February.

Reyna Gold is a zero brainer. The greatest geologist in Mexico backs it. That’s all you need to know. With an enterprise value under $11 million what else is important.

Reyna Gold does need to get a US symbol so American investors can buy. That is important. They are cashed up, well-managed and drilling next month.

Reyna Gold is an advertiser, I participated in the past PP and naturally that makes me biased. They have a good presentation, watch it. And as always you are responsible for your own due diligence.

Reyna Gold
REYG-V $.34 (Jan 25, 2022)
67 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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