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The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Bob Moriarty

Mar 22, 2016

While the corruption at the national level has been obvious for years to anyone willing to open their eyes and their mind at the same time, this election cycle marks an important turning point.

I’m not a Trump fan. The idea that we can build a fence between Mexico and the US and somehow force Mexico to pay for it is on its face, absurd. In the most undiplomatic of terms, two former presidents of Mexico essentially told Trump where he could put his wall.

And the mechanics of identifying anyone who might be a Muslim and barring them from the United States smacks of Nazi Germany making Jews wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing. In what can only be described as a fit of flawed logic, Trump claimed that we had done the same thing to Iranians after the Revolution in 1980. But you can look at a passport and see if a person is from Iran. What does a Muslim look like?

The Neocons, those fifth columnists of Zionism, determined to destroy the Middle East on behalf of their real masters, have literally gone frothy at the mouth about Trump. They can’t stand the idea of someone actually acting like there might be two sides to the issue of peace in Palestine.

The extent to which our political process has been utterly overthrown all on behalf of making sure Trump doesn’t become president should terrify the average citizen. For the first time it’s obvious that the “protestors” at Trump rallies are paid agitators. They didn’t just show up to bitch. They got paid and there is big money behind them.

What is left unsaid is consideration of “if you don’t like Trump, what is the alternative?” There is an alternative, a very real alternative and the very thought of Hillary Clinton being the front-runner as the Democrat candidate for President is enough to chill the soul.

Clinton is both a liar and a criminal. According to her, she turned a $1,000 investment into a $100,000 profit in ten months. That’s impossible for a variety of reasons, first being you can’t open a futures account for $1,000. It was a bribe. The means was simple.

Two orders were placed; one buy order and one sell order on the same commodity. At the end of the day, the trades were allocated. She got the winning trades and the house took the losers. In ten months she was transferred $100,000. She didn’t bother paying taxes on the money either until caught in an audit over ten years later.

While Hillary contended that she had never seen an email on her homebrew server marked "Classified" there is no such marker on any state secret. They may be Secret or Top Secret or Confidential but they never say “Classified.”

According to the State Department Hillary and her cartel actually passed around over 2000 classified documents. Her privately served computer system was almost certainly hacked. Interestingly enough a hacker has been extradited from Eastern Europe who claimed to have hacked her and extracted every single email on the server. No doubt we will find out just how many of those emails she deleted were actually private.

One of two things happens. Either Hillary gets indicted or she does not. If she does not, it is an admission by the government that the entire government of the United States is no more than a criminal gang out for their own interests. It means there is no rule of law.

If she does get indicted, there is a real chance that Obama will grant her and her gang a mass pardon. If in fact that occurs, it will mean there is no rule of law and our government is run by a criminal gang. But both Hillary and Obama are going to be in for a rude surprise. For the first time in many years we actually have a head of the FBI who seems honest.

If Hillary is granted a pardon, look for a mass resignation of the top level of the FBI down to any agent who feels that the laws apply to everyone. And a few days later they will fill in the world with all of the crimes they uncovered.

If Hillary gets indicted we should throw in Bill and all the influence peddling that went on for the past 20 years. Maybe there is a rule of law in the United States.

But don’t bet on it. At end of empire those in power will do everything to retain it. Laws mean nothing to them.

Enjoy the election season. It may well be the last. Why do we need elections since our votes mean nothing at all?


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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