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Black Tusk Gets to Work in BC

Bob Moriarty

Jun 6, 2018

If you want to be a hero with the PermaBulls, all you have to do is predict an imminent and high price for gold, no matter how absurd. But PermaBulls either forgot or never knew that prices for everything go both up and down. And if you want to profit the most, you want to be buying on the way down because, who knows, maybe prices will go up one day.

We seem to be on track for the seasonal low due in June/July. It seems reasonable to me to believe that since gold shares are the lowest relative to gold in many years that we are due a tradable low soon followed by much higher share prices. The DSI for gold has hit 10 and 12 for silver that suggests a valid low soon.

I have been tracking a young and very early stage gold exploration company named Black Tusk Resources. (TUSK-C) The company only went public at a dime in November of 2017 so it’s not loaded up with irate investors. Their only asset is the Goldsmith property in southeast BC about 65 km north of Kaslo.

Their option on the property calls for cash payments of $100,000 and the issuance of 400,000 shares. There is a 2% NSR on the project that can be bought down to 1% for $500,000.

Goldsmith has a history of prior production so it’s not entirely greenfields. The area has power, water and good roads and is part of the Slocan Mining District with a mining history going back to 1891.

Black Tusk is at the put up or shut up stage with enough capital on hand to run a small aggressive exploration program this summer. Obviously they will need to raise more money and to do that they have to show results.

On May 16th they released a series of assays from grab samples taken on the property showing high-grade nuggety potential. Samples showed 29.89 g/t Au, 27.5 g/t Au, 13.34 g/t Au, 12.53 g/t, 9.61 g/t and 8.06 g/t Au so certainly the potential is there.

The company is busy doing the groundwork of sampling and data compilation as well as LIDAR for target definition for a trenching program later this summer. Look for steady news flow all this summer.

In this market having no history may well be a good thing. The company isn’t carrying around any spare baggage. With a tiny 14 million shares outstanding and a market cap of $2.8 million it won’t take much in the way of results to get this puppy moving

At the very least the company is interesting. They are in a gold district, they did a very cheap deal on the project and have a tiny number of shares. I’d really like them to succeed but for sure the management team knows they have a gun held to their heads. Personally I think that’s a great way to run a company.

Black Tusk is an advertiser and you should do your own due diligence. I do not own shares but would be a lot more interested with some compelling results.

Black Tusk Resources
TUSK-C $.195 (Jun 05, 2018)

10.8 million shares

Black Tusk Resources website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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