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EurOmax Strikes Gold

Bob Moriarty
Dec 2, 2010

After taking the time to get organized and to get their feet on the ground, the new EurOmax (EOX-V) management team made a major announcement yesterday. Investors have been waiting patiently and some not so patiently to hear good news after a year of nothing but disasters from the prior “management” group.

EOX management has hired Dr Roger Moss and Dr Quinton Hennigh to their new Technical Advisors Board. I don’t know Roger Moss so I can’t really comment on him but Quinton Hennigh is as good as it gets. EurOmax is loading for bear with this team.

Yesterday Evolving Gold announced a blistering 405 meters of 1.3 g/t gold at Rattlesnake Hills. Quinton Hennigh is the president of EVG. I first wrote about them in late 2008. The stock was $.20 then. It’s $1.17; give all the credit to Quinton Hennigh. He did it.

But that isn’t all that he’s done. He works as an advisor for Akiko Levinson of Gold Canyon Resources. Quinton was begging me to buy it six months ago when it was $.25. Now it’s $2.55. You should be seeing a pattern. I’ve known Quinton for over two years now and everything he touches turns to gold. Literally. He’s got a 500% return on EVG and a 900% return on GCU.

I visited Eastern Europe over a year ago to look at the major projects of EOX. I liked the projects but wasn’t impressed by the management at the time. I bought a lot of shares starting at $.40 and was buying all the way down to $.10. My belief in the projects has cost me a lot of money, as I am sure it has anyone who listened to me.

But I’ve never sold a share and my advice to the naysayers who moaned at the low price of the stock was to either hang tight or buy more. A new team has taken over at EurOmax and they are making the right decisions. Quinton Hennigh is a pearl beyond measure and I’m thrilled they recognized his talent.

This is what he does best; tell well-managed companies how to maximize their world-class projects. I see a bright future for EOX for the first time in almost a year.

Stay tuned for more news and more progress. The stock isn’t going to be selling for pennies for long.

EOX is my largest share holding. EOX is an advertiser and as such I am double biased in what I say. Do your own due diligence and research. Nothing in life is guaranteed except death, taxes, and Sarah Palin.

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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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