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How to Profit at the Craps Table or with Resource Juniors

Bob Moriarty

Oct 7, 2022

Anyone paying attention to 321gold.com lately, and at the latest count there are about five visitors a day to the site, would notice I haven’t been writing very much lately about resource juniors. Every potential investor has written the sector off. That is the best time to buy anything. It didn’t seem to me to do a lot of writing about companies that everyone was going to hate anyway.

That just changed.

In my last semester of high school I was taking an advanced math course and the teacher thought he should at least cover probability and permutations. The very best way to understand the two is to use a pair of dice and consider the odds at a craps table in Lost Wages. For any reader interested, years ago I wrote a very funny book about flight training in the military, a young cadet and a lovely lady who was a whiz at gambling. It’s on Amazon called Crap Shoot. It’s a two hour read and humerous, a little sexy and will teach you everything you need to know about shooting craps and how to make money.

It’s dead easy for both shooting dice and owning resource stocks. You either take a profit while you can or you will take a loss.

The penny dreadfuls are wonderful. In periods such as today they can go up 10-15 fold in a few months but the odds of any one company making a discovery and taking it to production is perhaps 10 or 15 to 1 against you. You have to trade the stocks.

A couple of years ago I got a package in the mail that was the most thoughtful present I have ever received. It was a Baccarat Crystal Die as in one of a pair of dice. Collin Kettell sent it to me. I think he has finally forgiven me for getting him thrown out of a casino in Vegas nineteen years ago. That’s quite an accomplishment actually, getting tossed out of a casino when you are thirteen. But he was big for his age. It was an easy mistake for me to make.

You see, he had heard me talk about the real trick to making money shooting dice isn’t in understanding the odds but rather knowing when to walk away from the craps table. You either walk away when you are winning or you will lose the whole thing.

Just like with resource stocks.

So I took him over to a table and explained what was going on as people made bets and rolled the dice. The pit boss had a fit and tossed Collin out of the casino. No sense of humor I guess. I’ll bet they would love to have him back now.

Collin runs two exceptionally important gold companies. One, in Newfoundland is named New Found Gold. I’m not going to go into deep detail on it. They have a great website and presentation.

Crux did a slash and burn piece about them a couple of months ago. Crux took just enough geology that they remembered in the first lecture the professor telling them that 90% of projects will fail for one reason or another so you can almost always be safe bad mouthing any projects and the odds are you will be correct regardless of the merits of the property or management.

Somehow Crux failed to notice or mention that the Queensway project of New Found Gold is nearly identical to the highest grade gold project in the world, Fosterville. But it would be a mistake to judge Queensway of New Found Gold to Fosterville. While it has similar grade and intercepts to Fosterville, Queensway is a lot closer to the surface. You have to wonder why Crux couldn’t figure that out. Maybe they had some sort of agenda.

But Collin has another monster potential gold company named Nevada King Gold centered in Nevada. While it is still a junior it already has the third largest land position in the state. The Nevada King story has so many legs I can’t get it fully covered in a short piece but again, go to their presentation.

I did visit one of the important projects in the company, the Atlanta Gold mine almost a dozen years ago. At the time the project was owned by Meadow Bay Gold. Originally discovered in 1905 the mine had been in production until low prices for gold shut down the mine and mill in 1985.

Meadow Bay took over the Atlanta mine in 2011 just as gold hit a new high and started a long decline. The company never really got traction and gave the project away to Nevada King in 2020. Nevada King geologists took a regional point of view and have had really exceptional results since picking up the mine. Nevada King owns 100% of the property with a 43-101 of about 600,000 ounces of gold and four million ounces of silver. Currently there are four drill rigs on site.

The first six months after a major metals market bottom such as in 2001, 2008 and 2015 can be life style changing. Collin and his team have put together a pair of excellent companies perfectly positioned to ride the wave higher.

Nevada King was as high at $.85 a share fifteen months ago and dropped by about 65% in a recent low at $.28. The company is cashed up and has a brilliant geological team at work in Nevada.

New Found Gold reached a peak at $13.50 a share in the similar time frame fifteen months ago and like Nevada King has dropped by about 70% to a recent low of $4.03 before starting higher as gold ran higher in late September.

The first six months of a bull market that few investors recognize offer life style changing returns for those who understand the wisdom of buying when no one else is interested. That is how Collin Kettell and his team put these two companies together and how you can retire rich.

Like shooting craps all you have to do is take a profit when you can.

New Found Gold and Nevada King are both advertisers so naturally I am biased. I have participated in private placements in both companies. Do your own due diligence.

New Found Gold Corp
NFG-V $5.27 (Oct 06, 2022)
NFGFF-OTCBB 168.6 million shares
New Found Gold website

Nevada King Gold Corp
NKG-V $.315 (Oct 06, 2022)
NKGFF-OTCQX 278.5 million shares
Nevada King Gold website


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