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Black Tusk Wants to Start Over

Bob Moriarty

Apr 18, 2022

Black Tusk is one of those Vancouver based lottery tickets in the resource sector. The company started with a bang in 2016 with the shares as high as $.285 before they lost traction and failed to move forward. The shares have dropped as much as 90% over three and a half years. It has dropped by 66% in the last fifteen months.

As of January 31st, 2022 the company still had $650,000 over their payables and is in the process of doing a private placement today at $.025.

At the current price of $.03 the company has a market cap of $5.4 million. There really isn’t much that could happen from here except they hit some good numbers and the stock goes higher.

Black Tusk has six gold, silver and PGE projects, mostly located in Quebec with some representation in BC. They now have the cash on hand to advance something. All of the projects are in elephant country and show sniffs of gold. It is time for Black Tusk to prove up something if they want to move higher. In my investment books I am constantly harping about the key to making a profit is to buy stocks when they are cheap and selling them when they get expensive. Black Tusk is cheap.

Black Tusk is an advertiser. I have participated in a private placement in the past and will be in this PP. I have bought shares in the open market at the recent low. Since I am biased, do your own due diligence.

Black Tusk Resources Inc
TUSK-C $.03 (Apr 14, 2022)
BTKRF OTCBB 180 million shares
Black Tusk website


Bob Moriarty
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