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The Ukraine War is Over Except for Some More Dying

Bob Moriarty

Jan 20, 2023

Ukraine lost the war in March. Zelensky knew it.

The very real Nazis who think they are running the country but have accomplished nothing but the destruction of the country threatened him. They told Zelensky that if he surrendered to Russia they would kill him. But Ukrainian officials sat down with the Russians in Turkey in March of 2022 and basically came to an agreement that the forces would return to the borders on February 23, 2022 and would return to the agreement of Minsk II. Of course that would have been a non-agreement agreement since Ukraine, France and Germany only pretended to intend to adhere to the original Minsk II agreement.

In any case, Boris Johnson the then PM of the UK showed up by surprise on April 9th and reportedly told Zelensky to keep fighting to the last Ukrainian soldier. Nato would continue to pour weapons into the most corrupt country in Europe. It was nice of Boris to volunteer the services of Nato seeing as how the UK doesn’t really have an army. In comparison the USMC has 182,000 personnel in uniform. A well-attended Girl Scout Jamboree is bigger than the UK Army. It was very brave of Boris to suggest the UK would supply weapons to Ukraine so Zelensky get more Ukrainian soldiers killed.

Russia attacked Ukraine in late February after months of trying to get Zelensky to understand that Ukraine joining Nato was a red line he didn’t want to cross. In exactly the same way as John F. Kennedy felt in 1962, having a nuclear-armed enemy state on your front porch was unacceptable.

Russia attacked with a tiny force estimated at about 80,000 fighting a Ukrainian army of between 500,000 and 750,000. But the Ukrainian army was trained and equipped to Nato standards, which frankly aren’t very high.

Russian military tactics call for heavy artillery and rocket barrages against enemy positions. When this war concludes military academies everywhere will be studying the Russian actions. I’ve been under fire from rockets and artillery in Vietnam. Frankly what the Russians unleashed on the Ukrainian solders across the lines from them was hundreds of times more devastating. The Russians are the masters of the use of artillery now controlled with pinpoint accuracy by the use of thousands of low cost drones. Russian drones are dropping $15 grenades on the Ukrainians lying in bunkers protected against everything except things being dropped directly from above.

The kill ratio between the Ukrainian forces and the Russians is probably between 6-1 and 10-1. A good way to estimate it would be to compare the rate of fire of artillery. Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainians have admitted being out gunned by 8-10 to one. For every round Ukraine fires at the Russians, the Russians fired 8 or 10 right back. Since artillery kills somewhere between 80 and 85% of those who die in battle, simply comparing the rate of relative fire will give you a reasonable estimate ratio of people killed and wounded between each side.

While NATO is clearly the enemy of Russia it is not true that Russia is necessarily the enemy of Nato. If Nato was the enemy of Russia, Russia could launch half a dozen hypersonic missiles at the Ramstein Air Base where a Nato conference is being held on January 20th and wipe out the entire leadership team of Nato and fifty other countries. If a satellite guided pair of rockets could take out Russia’s largest war ship, having spies determining the location of the meeting in Germany would be no problem at all.

But Russia has already won the war. They convinced Zelensky to agree to terms as far back as March but Johnson queered that deal. Since then there was a minor Ukrainian counteroffensive to reclaim some ground the Russians lacked the ability to defend so they removed all of their forces from the battlefield to safer positions.

After the US bombing of the Nord Stream Pipelines and the attack on the Crimean Bridge in early October Putin finally took off his kid gloves and started to fight a real war. The world has been told since March that the Russians were running out of rockets and missiles.

Nobody told the Russians.

Putin’s forces unleashed thousands of attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. In my view, he should have done that in the first two weeks of the war but it’s always easy to be critical when you are sitting in the cheap seats. In any case, Ukraine has been destroyed economically. They have a barely functioning electrical system, their electric trains don’t work any longer and few cities have a functional water supply system.

But that’s not the bad part. The bad part if that it will take hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild what was a dysfunctional state already. Inflation is out of control in the EU due to their stupidity in listening to the US and putting sanctions on Russia that hurt the EU far more than they hurt Russia and not being adult to admit they screwed the pooch by doing so. Is the EU nothing but a sock puppet for the US?

Who is going to pay for rebuilding Ukraine? The total military and cash contributions to Ukraine since February don’t even come close to what it is going to cost to rebuild what is now a broken country.

Nato is not a defense force; it’s a force of destruction and murder that passed its sell-by date thirty years ago. If you don’t believe me look at Libya. Does anyone even remember what bullshit excuses Nato used to destroy the most prosperous and well-run country in Africa because Israel didn’t like them? Take a two-week vacation to Tripoli. If you go into the market you can now buy a slave. You can thank Nato.

The idiots in Ramstein today are talking about how they are going to defeat Russia and break it into pieces.

Are they kidding?

If you send a bunch of tanks to a country whose army has been destroyed, who is going to operate them? How is it that a hundred tanks will make some difference? Or five hundred? Or one thousand? Russia has killed thousands of Ukrainian tanks. They don’t need more targets but no doubt they are always welcome.

Ukraine is no longer a country. Poland is seizing land on the west side and Russia already controls most of the country with any economic value in the east. What is left is a third world shithole run by the remaining Nazis that Putin hasn’t gotten around to whacking yet. Ukraine is now drafting 16-year-old kids, both male and female. Tell me that doesn’t sound like the last days of the 3rd Reich.

In the mid-1960s it cost US taxpayers over a million dollars to put me in the front seat of an F-4B and took about 21 months. Training people to operate complex weapons systems takes a lot of time and a lot of money.

Who is going to operate tanks in a broken country with no electric power? Who is going to spend six months in training to learn how to fire a Patriot missile when one battery wouldn’t be large enough to protect a girl-scout campfire and they barely work anyway? How does getting equipment to Ukraine a year from now or longer going to have any impact? They are losing 1,000 dead a day now. How much longer before the survivors wake up and realize where their real enemies are?

The war is over and all that is left is the dying of hundreds of thousands more Ukrainians of starvation or freezing or medical issues when the entire system has been destroyed.

Nato has shot its wad unless of course they are brilliant enough to keep fighting a lost battle until it goes nuclear and the world ends. Nato is finished. The EU is finished and soon the US will realize it committed suicide fighting a war that they could never win.

What was Russia’s sin?

Was it selling inexpensive natural gas to Germany so they could be the driver of the EU economy producing chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electricity? Russia was never a threat to Europe before the war and is not now. They were a neighbor who wanted safe borders and their citizens to not be killed by psychopaths who hate them because they are Russian.

Russia has 100-megaton torpedoes that go faster than any weapon can stop. One torpedo that could wipe out Great Britain and leave it unlivable for decades or wipe out the entire East coast of the US. What kind of idiots want to attack a nuclear armed state?

And I forgot.

The brain dead idiots running the US want to go after China next. It’s a sort of twofer. Get two for the price of one. The US spent twenty years trying to convince goat herders to do things our way. And totally failed and got booted out of Kabul with their tail between their legs.

Are they fucking kidding or just fucking stupid?


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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