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Gold and Silver will Correct Unless the US/Israel Start World War Three

Bob Moriarty

Apr 9, 2024

While I like gold and silver going straight up just as much as anyone else, it is not normal behavior. After the rocket rise higher over the past two months gold shot up to over $2350 up some 15% while silver ventured from $22 an ounce to touch $28, up 27%. As is perfectly normal in a bull market, the indexes, XAU and HUI went up more than either gold or silver, up about 35% in six weeks.

It is vital for investors to remember while it is easy to determine the movements in gold and silver, it is harder to judge what resource stocks will do. We tend to think of resource stocks being in the same camp as gold and silver but it is not unusual for the prices to get out of synch.

While my account appreciates the moves higher, corrections are perfectly normal and in fact desirable to remove excess speculation. Regular readers of 321gold fully understand the importance I see in the DSI or Daily Sentiment Index. While I use a hundred different measures of sentiment the DSI is the most valuable. We had a $40 move in gold last Friday and almost a $1 move in silver. The DSI stayed steady for both at 88. That is not a top. Investors and funds are still very skeptical and as long as the metals and shares continue to climb the wall of worry, we will continue to move higher over time.

The Perth Mint reports sales of gold coins is down 80% from last year through March of 2024. The US mint reports a similar drop in sales. Typically, sales of shares and metals increase as prices climb. Investors have gone so negative that they are not interested in higher prices. Even the gold ETFs are still selling gold. The Chinese are buying with both hands as are central banks. If you want higher prices, you want to be a contrarian and watch as prices climb based on sentiment.

That is unless either Israel or its lapdog, the US, start World War III. All bets are off in that scenario.

The United States is being run by fools. We are going to pay a heavy price. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (Jewish) told reporters four days ago in Brussels that “Ukraine will become a member of NATO.”

Of course this is the same idiot that said in another press conference in Helsinki in December that the war in Ukraine is a “Win-win” for the United States because 90% of the money donated to Ukraine to fight the war actually ends up going to members of the MIC Cartel.

In other words, it is good for Americans that 700,000 Ukrainian soldiers reported as missing but who are really dead and buried in some forest clearings are creating high paid jobs for the US. The Ukraine government can avoid paying benefits to the families of the dead soldiers by listing them as missing instead of being dead. Zelensky (Jewish) needs the money for coke and to add to his stable of mansions all over the world. I can’t help but wonder how many dead Ukrainians are necessary to create one US job. There is a real reason Ukraine is ranked as the most corrupt nation in the world.

If there was a single source of all of the issues that could easily lead to WW III and the destruction of mankind, it would be Israel and the unquestioned support by the United States. If you want to know who really runs the US and controls the narrative here is a short tweet that will tell you everything you need to know.

Congress with its 7% approval rating has recently voted to confuse anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Of course, this was done at the direction of the Zionists who want the world to be confused. Zionism is extreme nationalism and actually doesn’t have that much to do with Judaism. Christian Zionism is eighty years older than Jewish Zionism and there are far more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists. In both cases Zionism has turned part of Christianity and part of Judaism into bloody cults.

There can be no question in the mind of any reasonably educated adult today. Israel and the US are now rogue states totally out of control who ignore all international law. The US ran a $5 billion coup d’├ętat in Ukraine in 2014 and started a civil war. In 2019 the DOD paid the Rand Corporation to come up with a plan to convince Russia to attack Ukraine. Since 2014 NATO supposedly brought Ukraine up to NATO standards. Which aren’t all that high. The DOD and NATO learned that all they had to do to convince Putin that war was his only alternative would be to put Ukraine into NATO. Putin and Russia realize that would be a most serious danger to Russia so they would have to fight.

So based on the actions of the US and NATO Putin responded. My biggest issue with that is the question of just what did Russia do that would justify most of NATO supporting the carnage taking place in Ukraine. Were they really so stupid that they didn’t realize the sanctions would backfire? Germany gave permission to the CIA and DOD to destroy the $30 billion Nord Stream pipeline. The most damage actually was to Germany. Is the leader of Germany brain dead?

Israel fell into a trap of its own making in October and now has demonstrated to the entire world the evil of their “leadership.” Like many other religions Judaism has its own dark side they do their best to hide. The true nature of Judaism and their plans to dominate the world have been known for many years. The WEF is nothing more than the latest iteration. If you and I will own nothing and will owe nothing, someone has to own everything. Guess who?

On October 7th a militia representing the democratically elected government of Gaza (and formed by Israel) broke out of the open-air prison they were trapped in. They were not terrorists nor was the attack on 1100 or so “innocent” Jews an act of terrorism. 450 of the Jews killed on 10/7 were perfectly legal targets for Hamas as they were police or IDF. Hamas had an internationally accepted right to resist their occupiers.

Most of those Jews killed on 10/7 were murdered by the IDF under the cover of the Hannibal Directive. Attack helicopters and tanks fired on Hamas fighters. In many cases the Hamas fighters were returning to Gaza with Jewish hostages. That was the entire reason for the attack. Hamas wanted the 9,000 Arab hostages held by Israel released in a trade. Israel didn’t want to release them so told their soldiers and airmen to kill everyone Jewish or not. They did and managed to kill more Jews than Hamas. By now the government of Israel knows exactly how many Jews the IDF murdered but don’t count on them telling the truth. They lie on a constant basis. Only cowards murder unarmed and defenseless people and that would be the mode of operation for the IDF on a daily basis.

Israel has had an eighty-year campaign to rid Palestine of the Muslim and Christian population. The October attack was used as an excuse for a “Final Solution.”

How many dead Arabs do you need to read about to recognize genocide? How many schools and hospitals do you need to watch videos of the Israeli Air Force lobbing 2,000-pound bombs into to understand those are war crimes? Do you need to see more IDF snipers murdering children just walking down the street or old women waving a white flag or an old man waving a white flag to understand the total evil you are seeing? The IDF even killed their own soldiers who had been taken captive but escaped. They still shot them in spite of officers telling them not to shoot.

The Muslim world, actually the entire world outside the beltway in DC, saw Israel’s actions in Gaza as a war crime and genocide. South Africa brought suit in front of the International Court of Justice to name Israel as a rogue state committing genocide. Even the Jewish judge on the panel agreed Israel appeared to be committing crimes. Recently the UN Security Council passed a mandatory order on Israel and Hamas to declare a ceasefire. The US didn’t vote and said later that a mandatory legal order was non-binding.

Then Israel got exceptionally stupid in their arrogance and determination to drag the US into another stupid war on behalf of Israel. They bombed and killed seven aid workers who were not Arab or Muslim and for once the world woke up to the crimes being committed. Then they ignored all international law, they bombed an Iranian embassy in Syria killing several high-ranking Iranian generals. Just as if Iran couldn’t replace them.

Iran is going to respond. The attack on their embassy was illegal according to international law. But Israel ignores all international law in their arrogance.

The US has been told to step aside or face the consequences. Israel and the US are about to start World War III. When they do mankind will end. Gold and silver have no value at all to dead people.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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