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Sep 29 Rally Time For Stocks & Gold?  Morris Hubbartt 321gold   
Sep 29 Is the Fed Screwing Us Over as Usual? John Rubino Exposes the Truth  Kerry Lutz FSN   
Sep 28 DSI Says Gold and Silver to Bottom Soon, Dollar to Top Soon  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Sep 28 ‘Trust the Experts’: 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Change Hoax  AP   
Sep 28 Was Washington's Bio-Weapon Attack on China a Success?  UNZ   
Sep 27 The Perfect Storm Hits Big Banks: Tumbling Deposits, Rising Unrealized Losses, and Higher-for-Longer Interest Rates  WSOP   
Sep 27 Chinese Gold Demand Improved in August  QTR   
Sep 27 Slouching Towards Beelzebub  Kunstler   MUST READ
Sep 26 GoldSeek Radio Nugget: It's the End of the Western Debt-Based System   Bob Moriarty GS   
Sep 26 A Blowoff For Rates & A Surge For Gold  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Sep 26 When the Wall Street Cabal Took Over America  TBP   
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Sep 24 Inflation To Explode; Hyperinflation Endgame   Bob Moriarty YT   
Sep 24 L@@K Amazon Kindle and Paperback Books by...  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Sep 18 Lithium South is a Real Deal Lithium Company  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Sep 14 How Will Gold Play a Role in a Divided World?  Bob Moriarty YT   
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Aug 21 SKI #291 Gold Stock Update Jeff Kern 321gold
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$$$ Fed Temp Bank Reserves added today 321gold   
$$$ The US National Debt  ...to the Penny PublicDebt   
Sep 22 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
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Sep 28 Lion One [web] New 360 Site Tour of Tuvatu Available Online  LIO   
Sep 27 Regency Silver [web] Closes First Tranche ($1,122,700) of Private Placement Upsizes Private Placement to $1.75M Due to Strong Investor Interest  RSMX   
Sep 27 Nevada King [web] Intercepts 4.01 g/t Au Over 21.3m & 3.69 g/t Au Over 13.7m, Expands Oxide Mineralization Within “North Extension Target”  NKG   
Sep 27 New Found Gold [web] Intercepts 3.29 g/t Au Over 42.4m, Further Defines 30m+ Thick Gold Zone at Keats West  NFG   
Sep 27 Defense Metals [web] Wicheeda Project: A Future Powerhouse in Rare Earth Production  IN   
Sep 27 New Found Gold [web] Doctors of the Planet (TSX-V: NFG)  YT   
Sep 26 Gladiator Metals [web] Recommences Drilling at the Whitehorse Copper Project & Strengthens Executive Team  GLAD   
Sep 26 Strikepoint Gold [web] Cuprite Gold Project Phase 1 Exploration Results: Large Scale Soil and Coincidental Geophysical Anomalies Identified  SKP   
Sep 26 Blackrock Silver [web] Announces Silver Cloud Results; Tonopah West Resource Update Timeline  BRC   
Sep 26 Regency Silver [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  Regency Silver   
Sep 26 Cantex [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  Cantex   
Sep 26 Evaluating Opportunities In Gold And The Junior Mining Sector  USfunds   
Sep 25 White Gold Corp [web] Golden Frontiers: Exploring the Untapped Potential of Yukon’s Klondike: Sep 26, 2023, 12 pm ET / 9 am PT   6ix   Register Now!
Sep 25 West Red Lake [web] Strengthens Management Team  WRLG   
Sep 25 Westhaven Ventures [web] Drills 17.61 g/t Gold Over 3.68 Metres, Including 27.6 g/t Gold Over 1.65 Metres; the Highest-Grade Gold Intercept Off Zone One Trend  WHN   
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Sep 29 Bill Gates Suddenly Abandons Climate Doom Narrative  EN   
Sep 29 S&P 500 Equal Weight Index Dips into Red Year-to-Date. Shows Entire Market Depends on 8 Giants, but They’re Swooning Too  WS   
Sep 28 Faster bonds sell off the greater collateral hit and impairment to Global liquidity. Hedge funds cut stock leverage at fastest pace since 2020 crash  CWR   
Sep 28 It’s the Smart Money that Took a 77% Loss on Instacart, Not Retail Investors  WS   
Sep 27 My “Wealth Disparity Monitor” of the Fed’s Money Printer Era, September 2023: Now There’s Inflation, QT, and Rate Hikes  WS   
Sep 27 Mark Jeftovic: Cash Isn't The Solution To CBDCs  rubino   
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BEARS: The Daily Reckoning TDR
The Forever WarCost of War      

   Sep 29 "A CIA Front Organization": Revisiting EcoHealth COVID-19 Claims After Fauci 'Influence' Campaign Bombshell  ZH   
   Sep 28 Who Owns the United States?  UNZ   
   Sep 27 Ukraine’s ‘biggest arms supplier’ orchestrated 2014 Maidan massacre, witnesses say  ICH   
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Sep 29 How a Smithsonian Curator Discovered the Hope Diamond’s Many Secrets  Smithsonian   
Sep 28 The real-life Atlantis? Archaeologists discover new treasures in a mysterious underwater city off the coast of Egypt dating back at least 1,000 years  DM   
Sep 27 10 Innovative Ways That Beavers Can Save the World  LV   
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