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Oct 17 The Coming Inventory Liquidation  TM   
Oct 17 News Articles on the Fed’s Secret Trillions in Loans to Wall Street During the Last Crisis Have Been Purged from Bloomberg News  WSOP   
Oct 17 Today’s Fed Temporary Open Market Operations (TOMO) Repos, October 15, 2019, Signal a Crisis  WSE   
Oct 16 Monetary Inflation and the Next Crisis  TSI-Blog   
Oct 16 Market Action Suggests Downside in Precious Metals  TDG   
Oct 16 Underestimating Them & Overestimating Us  TBP   
Oct 15 Gold Looks Good & Silver Looks Great  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Oct 15 The Many Aligning Signals in Gold  Przemyslaw Radomski SP   
Oct 15 We're in a permanent coup  Taibbi   Must Read
Oct 14 Nevada Copper Prepares to Produce  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Oct 14 What Was it All For? Veterans Have Finally Turned On America’s Endless Wars  TFTP   Must Read
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Oct 10 Bob Moriarty Talks Gold, Irving, Novo, Maple Gold and More  Bob Moriarty YouTube   
Oct 10 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Oct 02 Maple Gold for $3.02 an Ounce US  Bob Moriarty SR   
Sep 30 Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War Says the CMIC  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
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Oct 07 SKI #226 More Gold Stock SKI-Bingos Jeff Kern 321gold
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$$$ Fed Temp Bank Reserves added today 321gold   
$$$ The US National Debt  ...to the Penny PublicDebt   
Oct 11 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
Japan TOCOM Prices & Trading Volume tocom.or.jp
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Oct 17 Aurania [web] Receives Approval on Warrant Term Extension  ARU   
Oct 17 Metallic Minerals [web] Closes $2.75 Million Private Placement Financing  MMG   
Oct 16 Novo [web] More Details on the Recent Gold Sorting Results  Kereport   
Oct 16 Aurania [web] Reports that Ecuadorian Government has Replaced the Head of SENAGUA...  ARU   
Oct 16 Blackrock Gold [web] Receives $278,500 from Warrant Exercises  BRC   
Oct 16 Labrador Gold [web] Borden Lake Extension Summary  LAB   
Oct 15 Generation Mining [web] Initiates PEA on Marathon Palladium-Copper Project  GENM   
Oct 15 21c Metals [web] Commences Drilling on East Bull Palladium Project  BULL   
Oct 15 Providence Gold Mines [web] Remedial Road Work and Stockpile Update  PHD   
Oct 15 Liberty Gold [web] Extends High-Grade Carlin-Style Gold Mineralization at the Black Pine  LGD   
Oct 13 Generation Mining [web] Confirms strong Palladium-Platinum grades during infill drill program  CaesarsReport   
Oct 10 Amazing Energy [web] To Present at The MicroCap Rodeo Investor Conference  AMAZ   
Oct 09 Maple Gold Mines [web] Outlines Follow-up Plans for Defining More High-grade Mineralisation at the 531 Zone  MGM   
Oct 09 Novo [web] Positive Coarse Gold Recoveries From Recent Bulk Samples at Novo's Egina Project  NVO   
Oct 08 Generation Mining [web] Completes 21 Drill Holes, Intersects 8.97 g/t Palladium + 3.08 g/t Platinum  GENM   
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Oct 17 Global Air Freight Sinks into Longest Recession since 2008  WS   
Oct 16 Here Comes The Deluge Of Meaningless “Good News”  DC   
Oct 16 Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros To Students That Failed To Hand In Their Work  ATII   
Oct 15 Inflation in the Offing?  NFTRH   
Oct 15 10-Year Yield Jumps, Yield Curve Steepens, on Fed’s Plan to Buy $60 Billion a Month, But Only Short-Term Treasury Bills  WS   
Oct 14 America 2019: Even the Wealthy Are Poorer in Everything That Matters  OTM   
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BEARS: The Daily Reckoning TDR
The Forever WarCost of War      

   Oct 17 American Exceptionalism And The Myth Of Abandoned Victory  LL   
   Oct 16 Palestinians Face Torture in Israeli Administrative Detention  Antiwar   
   Oct 15 Smoking gun docs uncovered by Judicial Watch show Obama/Clinton were aware arms going to Syria through Benghazi and were warned about rise of ISIS, and they were supporting terrorists in Syria  IWB   
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Oct 17 This Gel Could Prevent Wildfires  SmithsonianMag   
Oct 15 Egyptian archeologists uncover ancient 'industrial area' filled with royal artifacts  CNN   
Oct 14 Top 10 Most Horrifyingly Painful Venoms  Listverse   
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