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Aug 01 Dow Danger & Tradable Metals Rally  Morris Hubbartt 321gold   
Aug 01 A Scary Valuation Indicator  Tom McClellan 321gold   
Aug 01 Currency devaluation: The most destructive policy of all  Steve Saville 321gold   
Aug 01 The Miners Lead a Rising Tide  MA   
Jul 31 Still Looking Good  Aden Sisters 321gold   
Jul 31 OT Our Totalitarian Future - Part 2  TBP   
Jul 31 Rick Rule: This Gold Sell-off is a Normal Event in this Market  SprottGlobal   
Jul 31 Fed Exit a Blue Pill?  MERK   
Jul 31 Death of the Dollar? Gold an Inflation Hedge? Really?  BIIWII   
Jul 30 FYI Happy Birthday 321gold : 13-yrs-old today  321gold   
Jul 30 Silver Prices – Megaphone Patterns  DI   
Jul 30 We are US Dollar Bulls  MoneyTalks   
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Jul 03 Monster Gold on a Shoestring  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jun 20 A Lovely Zinc Story  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jun 16 Interesting Juniors  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jun 14 I told you so  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
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Jul 28 SKI #140 No Bull (yet?); On the exact CUSP Jeff Kern 321gold
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Jul 31 TrueGold [web] Announces appointment of new Director  TGM   
Jul 31 Arianne [web] Announces closing of first tranche of $8M PP  Yahoo!   
Jul 31 Sanatana [web] Announces New Director Appointment  STA   
Jul 30 Quantum Energy [web] Plans Could Change the Bakken Game  Yahoo!   
Jul 30 Great Panther [web] To Release Q2 Financials on August 6, 2014  GPR   
Jul 30 Quantum Energy [web] SECFILINGS.COM Executive Interview  QEGY   
Jul 29 Cayden [web] Agreement for Shamba-la concession  StockWatch   
Jul 29 Asher [web] Confirms Gold Mineralization at Surface & Depth, Lavington  ACN   
Jul 29 Canada Zinc [web] Announces renewal of Normal Course Issuer Bid  CZX   
Jul 29 Star Gold [web] Financials  Yahoo!   
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Aug 01 Mounting Warning Signs  CEO   
Aug 01 The Shadow Banking System is a Great Big Ticking Time Bomb  AlterNet   
Jul 31 Imagine – A Great Deflation! It’s coming!  KingdomEcon   
Jul 31 Economy Will Crash, World War III Coming-Gerald Celente  ETFDN   
Jul 30 What Is Money?: Crash Course Chapter 6  PP   
Jul 30 Elliott Dislikes Argentina Litigation; Demands Derivatives Transparency  Valuewalk   
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The Forever WarCost of War      

   Aug 01 Israeli Professor: Rape Palestinian Sisters and Mothers to stop Terrorism  InfoWars   
   Jul 31 My Outline for a Solution for Gaza  JI   These are monsters and war criminals
   Jul 30 Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 7)  Vice   Monsters we created
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Aug 01 Revolutionary new blood test 'could detect ALL types of cancer'   DailyMail   
Jul 31 Claude Monet water lilies painting Nympheas sells for $57.3 million  ABC   Ding, Ding, Ding
Jul 30 When gin was full of sulphuric acid and turpentine  BBC   
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