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Keith Barron of Aurania Indicates Success With $100 Bills

Bob Moriarty

Apr 23, 2019

I wrote a book in January I called Basic Investing in Resource Stocks. So far it has the highest reviews I have ever seen on a book and I pretty much read a book a day. You can buy the Kindle version for $5.99. I priced it low so everyone can afford to buy it.

Someday I’m going to write the sequel to it. I’ll probably call it Advanced Investing in Resource Stocks. It’s going to be priced at $1000 for the Kindle version and a lot more for the print edition. It will be about five pages long.

I’ll do two pages listing the crooks; conmen and idiots in the business that mine investors and another two pages for the people you want to invest with. And a title page, of course. You have to have a title page.

If you went to the racetrack and wanted to make some money but didn’t know anything about horses or the odds, there is actually an easy way to make money. If you are standing in a line with the rest of the punters and suddenly a tiny man wearing racing silks (or woman or transgender or whatever) pushes into the line in front of you and empties his wallets, signs over his last paycheck and hocks his gold Rolex and puts it all on a bet for him to win his race, maybe you should bet with him. After all, he, she, it knows alot more about horseracing than you do. You don’t actually need to know anything to make a winning bet. You just need to know who does know something about the race and follow their lead. That’s why my next book is going to be both short and really expensive.

Aurania just came out with an interesting press release announcing among other things, Keith Barron is loaning the company $4 million CAD for two years at 2% interest and the loan is unsecured by anything.

At first glance you might conclude Dr. Barron has lost his ever-loving mind. There isn’t anyone in the mining business that would loan $4 million CAD to a junior at 2% and not demand either higher interest (like 55%) or a whack of shares. As much as I love Barbara, I wouldn’t loan her money at 2%. Even love has limits.

But think for a moment. Keith is drilling the Lost Cities Project. He’s finished six holes so far but hasn’t gotten the assays back or announced any holes. Clearly he wants to do a lot more drilling than he has money allocated for.

Aurania is worth $105 million right now. Keith wouldn’t have any problem doing a financing. But if he did, he would have to expand the number of shares. Maybe since he is the biggest shareholder already he realizes that they are on to something really really big. Since he’s going to end up spending tens of millions of dollars defining a resource, he may as well wait for good results to come out and do a financing at a much higher price.

If Keith Barron pushes his way into the betting queue in front of you wearing racing silks and puts his whole paycheck on his horse to win, maybe he knows something you need to know. He won’t be a tiny man, however, he’s sort of a chunky monkey.

Insiders will always know far more than you will. You don’t need to know anything more than how they are betting.

Aurania is an advertiser. I have bought shares in the open market and participated in two private placements. Do your own due diligence.

Aurania Resources
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AUIAF-OTCQB 32.9 million shares

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