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Clarity Gold Works the Abitibi

Bob Moriarty

Feb 11, 2021

Someone approached me a few weeks ago to talk about a new young gold company called Clarity Gold (CLAR). They are taking an interesting approach to exploration in the Abitibi gold camp, located within the world famous Abitibi greenstone belt, home of production of over 180 million ounces of gold since 1900.

There are a number of splays or faults in the Abitibi belt. Among the most famous are the Cadillac-Lardner fault, the Destor-Porcupine fault and the Sunday Lake-Detour splay. Each has several majors operating mines and dozens of tiny juniors all wanting to be the next Great Bear. Since the geology is so well known, after viewing dozens of prospects, Clarity chose to venture off into unknown territory on the almost unexplored Chicobi fault. It’s not totally virgin ground never touched by human hands before. The Destiny project comes with a 600,000 ounce historic gold resource based on drilling back in 2011.

Mineralization occurs in quartz veins often as near surface as 15 meters. Past results go as high as 167 g/t gold over a meter included in the 50,000 meters of diamond drilling.

I think it’s a cheap deal. Terms for Clarity to own 100% of the Destiny property include $3 million in cash and an additional $5.5 million in shares with a 1% NSR. Cash and shares are spread out over a four-year term so Clarity can put their money into the ground now and to the vendor later. Actually for investors who believe the Fed is determined to destroy the dollar, Clarity becomes a cheap call on gold.

I’m quite familiar with several of their advisors and have worked with them in the past. I have a lot of confidence in management, enough so that I put money into their latest pp.

I like the area, I like their thinking, I like the deal. Clarity is an advertiser and I own shares so naturally that makes me biased. As always do your own due diligence.

Clarity Gold Corp
CLAR-C $1.53 (Feb 10, 2021) 
CLGCF-OTCBB 25.7 million shares
Clarity Gold website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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