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Too Lazy to Work and Too Nervous to Steal

Bob Moriarty
Nov 10, 2008

I'm on a trip to Indonesia for a few days to look at a Coal Bed Methane deal, I'll be writing it up in a week or so. But right now I'm sitting in a hotel in Singapore and I wanted to jot down some thoughts.

I flew Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles non-stop to Singapore. It's a back breaker of a flight, 16 hours. But it beats all the alternatives. The ones where you have to stop in Taiwan or Tokyo are worse and longer. Singapore Airlines is a great carrier. I've done the flight four times in the last 18 months visiting projects in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Every flight was packed. Today's wasn't. It had maybe 33% full. The crash has hit Asia and it's a lot worse than the US yet realizes.

When I checked into the hotel, everyone greeted me with a smile and wanted to congratulate me on the US having a new President-Elect. These people aren't political. They don't care about Obama. They just hope for a new direction for the United States. Our twin wars may be ignored in the US, after all, we aren't paying for them or risking our kids but the rest of the world seeks peace. The world wants change.

While it may be true that the early bird gets the worm, it's also true that the early worm gets the bird.

The last thing that happens when an empire collapses is that those in power loot the treasury. That's what the whole $3.2 trillion dollar government give away is about. Does anyone really believe Washington is any less corrupt or incompetent than Wall Street? The government is now in charge of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG and the entire banking system. That's a daunting thought.

I came across a chart that shows the growth rate in the monetary base. It's nothing short of remarkable. While the world is focused on the rise in the dollar, they really should be looking at the most massive inflation the US has ever known. It's coming. Better go buy some "things". Hyperinflation, here we come.

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A long time ago I was talking to someone about the kind of people who work for the government. He laughed and said, "Those folks are too lazy to work and too nervous to steal." What a great line.

But with the latest news, we learn that they are getting a lot less nervous about stealing. If you have an IRA or a 401K, you may want to pay attention. The headline reads, "Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts."

Argentina did that 10 years ago and it killed their economy. Argentina just did it again as if they haven't learned a thing in the last 10 years. Which is probably true.

I think the Democrats will do it. The last act of those in power in a collapsing empire is to loot the treasury. What better way than to steal the last savings of the middle class?

I see a total collapse of the US dollar on the horizon. If the government is dumb enough to try stealing the retirement accounts of the middle class, it may well create a revolution. Not all change is good.

My first trip to Singapore was in 1975. While there I took a boat tour of the harbor. Singapore boasted of having the biggest coastal defense guns in the world in the era just prior to WW II. When the Japanese attacked the British forces, not a single coastal gun fired even one shot.

You see, the guns were all aimed out to sea and the Japanese attacked down the Malay Peninsula. The guns were aimed in exactly the wrong direction to be of any use to the defenders.

The United States is in much the same situation today. The guns are aimed in exactly the wrong direction. It took the Bush Cartel eight years to destroy the Republican Party. If anyone was being honest about the latest election, McSame and his trusty sidekick, Palin (Did she really not know Africa was a continent?) couldn't have been elected dogcatcher in the tiniest of kennels. This election was truly a mandate for change. Anything but the policies of the Republican Party.

Obama may well have confused the concept of "change" for the concept of "more." The voters wanted change, the world wanted change. They may well get nothing less than "more." If so, it won't take eight years to destroy the Democratic Party.

The United States is engaged in two losing wars in the Middle East largely due to our total and unquestioning support of the racist policies of Israel. In 1947 we had no enemies in the Middle East, by 1948 we had no friends.

Obama's first appointment was that of Rahm Emanuel to become his Chief of Staff. The family name was changed to reflect the first name of an uncle who was a Jewish terrorist. Emanuel's father was a member of the Jewish terrorist gang, the Irgun. The Irgun was behind the attack on the King David Hotel [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing] in Jerusalem in 1946 where they were quite willing to murder 17 Jews to accomplish their act of terror.

It gets worse. Rahm Emanuel served as a director of Freddie Mac in 2000-2001. In a time of turmoil where the United States needs change in the Middle East and change in the most serious financial crisis of history, Barack Obama has confused "change" for "more."

Government too big for its pants and money flowing like water caused these problems. They cannot be solved by more of the same. Like Singapore, we have aimed the guns in the wrong direction to win these battles. For the first time in my lifetime, the Citizens of the United States stood up against a political act, the $850 billion dollar bailout bill.

The Gang of Fools may have jammed the bill down the throats of Congress but do not confuse yourself, Americans were and are against this robbery of the treasury. If Barack Obama is going to make government even bigger and money even looser, there are going to be bigger problems. These are the times that try men's souls.

We need fewer summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. We need change. True change. Not more.

Nov 10, 2008
President: 321gold

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