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The Covid Shot Wins a Gold Star For Attendance

Bob Moriarty

Sep 13, 2021

Never before in our nation’s history have we been ruled by such a collection of so many massive fools and swindlers. In 2020 we had the most fraudulent election in the US yet the MSM and most observers just nodded their heads. I am not a pro-Trumper so this isn’t a Rah Rah Trump rant. But guys, unless you can neither see nor think, it was a stolen election. I am very much a fan of fair elections. For sure we did not have that in 2020.

Just recently we got to see the long-term effects of handing children gold stars for showing up for class in the debacle surrounding the fall of Kabul. For now we can safely ignore the wisdom or lack thereof in conducting a war in the “Graveyard of Empires” and focus on the utter lack of planning on how to escape the Briar Patch we insisted on jumping into.

When you fail to reward success, when every child receives a gold star just for showing up, you make everyone equal as a failure. But we have important positions where we need people comfortable with success and winning. War, certainly, is one unless you have a country that fights wars just to fight wars as the US has turned into.

The only reasonable reasons to ever go to war are to defend your country and to achieve peace. You fight for peace, not for more and continuous war.

So we have legions of pompous over decorated clowns in uniform who know what it is like for a man to walk in high heels because that is a new element in training so men can understand what it is to be a woman. Why would I want to know what it feels like to wear high heels? Women wear them under the theory that appearing taller makes them more sexually attractive and isn’t that what it is all about?

I don’t think anyone finds men wearing high heels attractive. Actually it makes them look like idiots. Women volunteer to suffer the physical effects of wearing high heels. Men do not. It is a required part of officer training today. What a wonderful idea.

General Mark Milley is the ultimate recipient of gold stars no doubt going back to when he was in 1st grade. He showed up for everything and was taught we are all equal. Which is stupid. We are not created equal, we may have equal rights but some are tall, some are short, some bright, some stupid but none equal.

So we have populated our entire “leadership” class with overeducated and over decorated fools who never won a third grade hop scotch game much less anything of significance. Why don’t we question why we haven’t won a war since WW II? We didn’t even win that, the Russians did. Yet we continue to pour gold and the blood of our children into fighting minor countries who are and never were a threat to the US. And we lose every time.

If you have a few minutes to spare look at the obscene hardware decorating our top military officer. Is it any question as to why we get our butts kicked by squads of goat herders actually willing to defend their country, unlike Americans today? Why bother planning on how to exit a stupid war?

Milley looks like a cross between a North Korean border guard and a Pomeranian bellhop. On his chest he has twenty-two medals for attendance and nine bits of silver washed tin showing that he turned up for class. But he’s never won a battle, much less a war.

So it is with the Covid “vaccine.”

We have known for over a year how to prevent the bad flu that we now call Covid. And we have known for over a year how to treat it without people dying of kidney failure because they were treated with a drug owned by Fauci and Gates called Remdesivir that even the WHO admits is ineffective.The panel made a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients with COVID-19, regardless of disease severity.”

Bill Gates and Fauci have a dog in the fight. They don’t want cheap and convenient, indeed long-term tested drugs to treat what is really nothing more than a bad flu that you don’t want to catch. Gates brags on video about making twenty times his investment in “vaccines.” So when Orange Man suggested that a magic potion to cure Covid would be available before the end of 2020, Fauci and the MSM immediately jumped on his case with a full court press. How absurd of the president to make such a silly prediction. So the election came and went and on December 11th the first “vaccine” was released.

There is a bit of a problem calling the jab a “vaccine”. Until 2015 to be called a vaccine, it required a killed or weakened infectious organism to ‘PREVENT” the disease. That morphed into “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce "IMMUNITY” to a specific disease. By September of 2021 after billions of doses of the Covid jab the powers that be realized that in fact the shot didn’t prevent the disease and didn’t provide immunity to the disease. Actually the shot made Covid a lot more contagious. The majority of new cases were from those “vaccinated” so now the definition of a “vaccine” effective September of 2021 says, “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce “PROTECTION” from a specific disease. We have gone from prevention to immunity to protection in short order. No doubt soon the definition will say “any drug designed to make more money for Fauci and Bill Gates because they are so concerned with our health.”

When you award medals for attendance you get generals like Milley who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. When you hand out high office to the most mediocre based on paper qualification without any sign of real leadership you get a totally useless Secretary of Defense appointed because of his color not any real talent. You get a giggling Vice President appointed because she is part black and female. You get a PINO who can’t remember his own name or what day it is.

The Covid “vaccine” got a gold star for attendance. It doesn’t actually prevent Covid; actually it makes those who have taken the jab super spreaders of a far more contagious variety of the virus. We are in the midst of an explosion of new cases of Covid crowding out hospitals. Fauci and the MSM want to blame those who have chosen to not take the shot. But if they haven’t changed anything, how can they cause new cases? No one seems to have thought that through. It's those who took the jab that made the difference.

Indeed, it is common and accurate knowledge that the flu, any flu, is worse in winter and least in summer. Here we are in the late summer and Covid cases are exploding. It hasn’t occurred to anyone that a chart of new cases and a chart of the number of people taking the shot are identical. Cases are skyrocketing because people take a shot that makes them more susceptible to the disease, not less. Now the definition of “vaccine” means the protection of Fauci and Gates from not having enough money yet.

Here is how the Covid shot has earned gold stars for attendance.

  1. The shots have killed tens of thousands of people and caused severe side effects in millions. That’s certainly worth a star.
  2. The shots have forced the virus into changing to protect itself in exactly the same manner as does over prescribing antibiotics makes germs mutate in a deadly way. Another gold star.
  3. It contains no weakened form of the virus so it doesn’t prevent the disease. One more star.
  4. It doesn’t bother providing immunity to the virus. Another star.
  5. It not only doesn’t provide protection to those who took it, it almost guarantees they will catch it again.
  6. It’s a free lottery ticket to ADE. You will love getting ADE. That’s another star.
  7. Those who actually got Covid prior to the “vaccine” picked up a natural immunity to the virus and many of the later variations after mutation. Take the jab and your natural immunity to the virus plummets. In Israel those who took the shot were thirteen times more likely to catch the virus again. Some protection. Such a deal. Another star.
  8. A Navy doctor with access to the military records of Covid deaths and adverse effects from the jab concluded that taking the series of shots increased the probability of mortality by fifty to sixty fold for those in the military. Young men and women in the military are at near zero risk from Covid but at substantial risk from the “vaccines.” That ought to be worth fifty to sixty gold stars for the “vaccine” showing up.
  9. The “vaccine” is the only medical treatment in history where its utter failure is blamed on those who didn’t take it.

Making everyone equal does not mean everyone is going to succeed in life. Actually it means everyone is going to fail together because they no longer understand what succeeding actually means.

Many governments around the world are trying to force people into taking the experimental gene therapy because they fully understand exactly what I am saying in this article. They need to have everyone to have the experimental medical treatment because when mass dying begins people are going to be very angry with those who caused it. Blame the non-jabbed means an attempt to deflect responsibility in exactly the same manner that Biden, Harris, Milley, Austin and the entire chain of command over the botched war and withdrawal in Afghanistan refuse to accept any responsibility.

But we will hold them responsible and many of the experts are going to find their heads stuck on pikes. People around the world are angry and demand someone be accountable for this disaster that is entirely man made.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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