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Tectonic Metals Hits on 100% of Gold Holes Drilled in Alaska

Bob Moriarty

Jun 14, 2024

The President of Serbia has warned, “We will have World War within three to four months maybe sooner.” Serbia is a not a member of NATO but naturally he is involved in top level meetings with all the other European countries. He should know what he is talking about. I would think that this TV speech would have been front page news in the US and Europe. But we have gotten to the point where the MSM lies about everything from Covid to Gaza. It’s end of empire. The 59 nations standing in line to join BRICS all understand the debt-based system of the West is collapsing.

There is a non-zero chance he has it exactly right. Both Russia and China are trying to achieve peace while most of NATO and the US are pushing for more war. Jim Rickards is a charter member of the MIC and is on record as stating that when the DOD conducted War Games reflecting a potential conflict between Russia and NATO/US every scenario ended in a nuclear exchange. Russia is ready, the US is not. It would be an excellent time to be prepared for the worst.

If the idiots running the US government fail to blow up the world this summer there are hundreds of wonderful junior resource companies begging for new investors.

My readers know I am a contrarian. I follow dozens of sentiment indicators to see which way the wind is blowing. Right now, it seems to me that the daily trading volume is so low that shares are hated and no one wants to own them. That’s the same situation that existed in 2001, 2009 and 2016 just before massive rallies where the gold indexes went up hundreds of percent and some individual stocks when up ten-fold or more. That is a sentiment indicator anyone can follow; I have no special access. You can find the information on Stockwatch or Stockhouse or CEO.CA. CEO.CA also shows the number of people currently viewing any particular stock and frankly I look up a lot of companies where I am the only person reading about them.

A really interesting company that I have owned and followed for a couple of years is an Alaskan gold junior named Tectonic Metals (TECT-V). I have always thought the company was a slam dunk but it suffers from the curse of a lack of news from the late fall until summer time when drill results start to come in. In 2022 the company went from $.04 to $.20 in four months for a 500% gain. In 2023 the shares went from $.085 to $.17 in two months for a 100% gain.

The company controls a massive former placer project in Alaska. When it was in operation as a placer deposit it was the third largest gold producer in Alaska. It is one of Crescat’s biggest investment with Crescat holding 22% of the shares. As a measure of their support for the Tectonic management and technical team, the for-profit Native regional corporation named Doyon has invested $3.5 million.

The entire Tectonic property consists of just over four hundred square km with a twenty km strike length showing six confirmed intrusions. The project seems to be an analog of the Fort Knox gold mine where Kinross and other operators have produced 9 million ounces since 1996 and still show 3 million ounces in reserves. Various placer operators of the property have produced over 2.9 million ounces with gold being recovered from every drainage.

The gold came from somewhere. In 2023 Tectonic drilled 74 holes in their initial drill program. Every hole hit gold. 37 of the holes terminated in mineralization over a 1.8 km strike length and mineralization as deep as 300 meters. Tectonic discovered that the soil samples show a reliable indicator of gold in bedrock. The area was never glaciated so the soil has been undisturbed.

The footprint of the gold in soils at just Chicken Mountain is four times as large as that of the nearby Fort Knox gold mine that reports another 3 million ounces in a reserve at 0.83 g/t Au. Chicken Mountain also shows eight times larger footprint of gold in soils than the Eagle Gold Mine with an M&I resource of 4.3 million ounces at 0.65 g/t Au. The Tectonic Metals project has the potential for being one of the largest gold properties in the Intrusion-Related Tintina Gold Systems.

Currently Tectonic views the project for a potential open-pit heap leach mining program. Lately they have sent off samples to the lab to conduct a multi-phase metallurgical column test program to determine the suitability for low-cost heap leach processing. Their 2023 test program showed a remarkable 95% recovery with samples appearing to not be grind sensitive. The mineralization is mostly oxidized with very low sulphur. It’s early in the North American drill season so results should be released soon.

The 2024 drill program calls for targets to be tested at the Chicken Mountain, Alpha Bowl and Adit/Happy Creek. According to the company’s May 2024 presentation (excellent by the way, read it) the company has about $2 million in the bank, enough to get started with a drill program. Currently today the company has a $23 million CAD market cap. That is absurd given the incredible potential for a 5-20 million ounce deposit.

Tectonic Metals is an advertiser. I have participated in private placements and bought shares in the open market. Do your own due diligence but this is a great story.

Tectonic Metals
TECT-V $.07 (Jun 13, 2024)
TETOF-OTCQB 310 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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