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Read me. I need a little help from my friends

Bob Moriarty

Mar 15, 2019

In 1956 I was ten. We lived in a tiny house in Phoenix, Arizona. Grammar school was just down the road perhaps a mile away. The management of the school system in Phoenix didn’t have much imagination. The name of the school was Madison #2. At the time I think there were six elementary schools in Phoenix all named Madison.

I was in the 4th grade. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Arter. We were assigned all the same stuff all 4th graders learn. We had to memorize the multiplication table up to 12 times 12. We needed to know all of the states and their capitals. Knowing the presidents in order was a lot easier then than now, there weren’t as many presidents.

One day my dad told me that the teacher had asked that I be allowed to join her and her husband for lunch on a Saturday. There was nothing untoward, she was just being friendly. I had no idea that teachers actually tried to be friends to students. I had never heard of any such thing. Today I understand how unusual her request was. But she saw something in me and wanted to expand my horizon.

I visited on a number of Saturdays. We had lunch and chatted about a lot of thing, the three of us. They had just come back from two years as missionaries in Pago Pago. I learned a lot. But more importantly, I gained a sense of value. No adult had ever shown interest in me, including my parents. They had six children; I was one of the ignored middle.

Eventually as an adult I realized that our most important job as parents is to encourage our young in order that one day they exit the nest safely and securely. Encouraging other young who possess a touch of talent combined with energy and the willingness to fail in the hope of accomplishing something of merit is a good thing.

I went on a site visit to Ireland late last year. Bart Jaworski, the president of the company, commented that his daughter was in the process of writing a book. Since I had gone through the whole process of both writing and posting books on Amazon, I pushed Bart to help his daughter get her book into print.

At the end of February the big day arrived and Zara Jaworski had her first book in print. It’s called Scarlet. I ordered a few copies so I could read and hand out to friends who have young children and grand children. When I say her first book, it is clear to me that there will be more. She is too talented as a writer and painter to stop with just one. That’s like eating one peanut. It may be possible in theory but never in real life.

The book is cute. I could be critical but I have decades more experience. She will find her voice and her tenth book will be better than the ninth. Scarlet is readable and enjoyable. If you have children of the right age or grand children or just feel like helping a chick prepare to fly, you should buy a copy. It is well worth the money.

In the US go here.
In Canada, go here.
In the UK, go here.

If you really wanted to help a talented young person you would order the book, read it and leave a review. I know it would be appreciated.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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