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How to Die of the Corona Virus

Bob Moriarty

Aug 5, 2020

    1. Wear a mask 24/7.
    2. Wear a face shield.
    3. Stay at least two meters and better yet 20 meters from anyone.
    4. Self isolate at home. Do not go out for any reason.

The government pays hospitals if you die with the Corona Virus for those who lack insurance. Therefore, if you are shot or born 15 weeks premature, or are in an automobile accident or drink yourself to death or have a stroke or heart attack or suicide you have just died of the Corona Virus.

It’s like magic.

If you really insist on taking a test for the Corona Virus, to pass, all you have to do is to have ever had a cold or flu or even the Corona Virus at some point in the past. Everyone passes.

It’s like magic.

Eventually the mass hallucination of the Wuhan/Corona/CCP virus fiasco will fade into a bad nightmare. When we count the numbers with some accuracy we will realize that fifty times as many people died from the ill effects of the Greatest Depression initiated over a virus not very much worse than the ordinary winter flu.

And twenty times as many people will have died from murder, suicide, stress, heart attacks, strokes, and alcoholism due to being confined for no real reason. Luckily for them, if they don’t have insurance, they can go to the hospital and die of the Corona Virus officially.

If there was any world event in history to show just how useless governments are, it would be this latest stupidity for exposing the limits of humans given unlimited power to wield.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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