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Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War Says the CMIC

Bob Moriarty

Sep 30, 2019

In Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation on January 17, 1961 he invented the concept of what most people refer to as the MIC for the Military Industrial Complex. Actually one author of a book on the President claimed that he added Congressional but his staff recommended he remove the term in order to avoid offending Congress.

It actually makes a lot more sense to refer to the Congressional, Military, Industrial Complex because all three groups play major parts in the endless wars fought for no reason that has been the hallmark of the last 70 years. Today we fight wars just to fight wars, not to win. Ending a war is never the objective. After all, former congress critters and retired military dead beats need to add to their booty and what better way than appointment as legal counsel to Lockheed or a directorship at Boeing or Raytheon.

There is one valid reason and only one reason to fight a war. That is to achieve peace. You fight only when you must to defend your family, your home and your country. All else is nonsense and wrong.

In the 2016 election the FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA determined that they alone should pick the president. As a charter member of the CMIC who had paid her dues, Hillary Rodham Clinton could literally get away with murder, lie under oath, hold a weekend tag sale while running the State Department where everything was on sale and the price was marked. She was allowed to violate all of the laws and regulations about the retention of documents and pass around classified papers as if they were a bowl of M&Ms. All without penalty.

Did candidates try to rig the election? Of course. But you don’t hear about it in the Lame Street Media because it was HRC doing the rigging. She stole the election from Sanders and would have stolen it from Trump but wise voters hated HRC a lot more than they hated DJT.

The world has been subjected to three years of utter stupidity over the Russian Collusion when it was obvious from the gitgo that it was made up of whole cloth. Israel played a far bigger role in collusion and buying votes than the Russians but mentioning the words Israel or Zionism are the third rail and simply not allowed. You can be critical of HRC or DJT or the Pope or Buddha and it’s all ok. You are not allowed under any circumstances to be critical of Zionism else you'll be stamped as an Anti-Semite even though there are far more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists and no one ever whines about someone being an Anti-Christian.

Bob Mueller conducted a long, biased and expensive “investigation” into the Russian Collusion and finally pronounced that there was “no big there there” just as Peter Strzok admitted at the very beginning of the “investigation.” There are those who simply will not let facts get in the way of their opinions and the “Russian Collusion” stupidity dribbles on and on like a ninety year old man taking a leak.

The CMIC has latched onto another major fiasco to embrace, that of Trump making a phone call to another head of state. The stench from this particular furball reeks to high heaven and it has just popped like a pimple on nose of a sixteen year old.

Lest the reader suspect I come to rescue the honor of DJT because I worship the ground he sits on and wear my MAGA hat not only in the shower but to bed, that would be wrong. I think DJT is a blithering idiot who is stuck permanently with the mind of a spoiled ten year old born with a silver spoon stuck up his butt. He’s a serial liar, cheat, tax deadbeat and believes if Twitter is good enough for twelve year old girls to share their thoughts on, it’s good enough for him to execute world diplomacy on.

But so what? We had a lying serial cheat who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and the country survived. Then we managed to hire the village idiot to run the place and since he understood his very real limits of intellectual curiosity and intelligence, he promptly handed the reins of the ship of state to his quite insane VP. Then we somehow selected as president a guy who spoke in front of a group of bemedaled military officers and called his “wife” Michael. We got weird a long long time ago so having a buffoon with bright orange hair as president fits perfectly in today’s episode of “End of Empire.”

But the CMIC is toying with a nuclear hand grenade lately with their latest act of stupidity. Anyone with even a room temperature IQ figured out a couple of years back that the CMIC hates DJT and would do anything to boot his ass out of office. I’m actually a little surprised they didn’t pull a JFK on him already. He threatens their rice bowl. Certainly the FBI has made a clear and convincing argument for dumping the entire staff and starting all over with a new group of fools. Now the CIA/DOJ/NSA and fifteen other various spook agencies are making a case for firing that entire bunch of idiots.

If anyone were threatening Ukraine with withholding money to affect a criminal investigation it would be Joe Biden. We knew that years ago and no one gave a shit.

The Lame Stream Media seems to have forgotten the useless as teats on a boar hog son Hunter Biden whose primary skill is forgetting to retrieve his crack pipe when he returns a rental car. That’s the guy that some Ukrainian company thought was worth $50,000 a month? For what?

The CMIC wants DJT out of office. But they risk the destruction of our entire political system. This effort is so obvious and so evil that even the densest of citizens will get it soon. Like King Pyrrhus, if the CMIC wins a victory over DJT the country suffers a Pyrrhic victory. If the Democrats continue their useless efforts, it will mark the turning point in End of Empire that will be clear to the entire world.

I am basically against the CMIC getting involved in regime change because in every case they ever tried, they fucked it up. That was true in Iran and Guatemala, Iraq and Vietnam. The merry band of thieves and liars who make up the CMIC can destroy but they cannot create.

I don’t care for Donald Trump. But an impeachment would be so wrong that it would lead to a dictatorship run by the CMIC. That’s a world no American wants to live in if they just think about it.

All potential and real enemies of America have purchased their popcorn and are sitting down for some cheap entertainment. Their gales of laughter should give Americans some idea of just how stupid this latest gaggle has become.

But when lying to the FBI will get you a gig on CNN as McCabe did, don’t count on any “truth” from the Lame Street Media. This whole mess is world class stupid and will end badly. One day quite soon the CMIC will realize the error of their ways. Let’s hope the country isn’t a smoldering wreck before that happens.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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