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Gladiator Starts New 4,000 Meter Program in Whitehorse

Bob Moriarty

Oct 2, 2023

While it is true that the locals cannot make a mining project succeed it is also true that they can make a mining project fail. Anytime a resource company operates near a local community they need to walk as if they are on egg shells. Last April Gladiator stumbled while conducting drilling at their Cowley Park Prospect near Whitehorse in the Yukon. The local fan club of Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) cheered as the government hauled the company into court six weeks ago. The six violations were minor but it was a massive blunder on the part of Gladiator to open the door to local protests.

Gladiator just announced recommencing a 4,000 meter drill program at Cowley Park but the press release also disclosed some important internal changes to avoid a repeat of the April issues. While Jason Bontempo is Australian, Gladiator is a Canadian company. Many of the locals who were up in arms six months ago were under the impression that because Jason is Australian that somehow Gladiator was also Australian. Management realized they needed to do a better job of communication and coordination with their neighbors in Whitehorse. The press release also talked about the appointment of Marcus Harden as President of Glad. Marcus comes with some twenty years of experience in exploration and management and was the head geologist with First Quantum Minerals.

At the same time GLAD announced hiring Leneath Yanson as a Community Liaison. Ms Yanson comes with five years community and public relations with Non-profit and First Nations development. Gladiator is already partnered with one of the most important First Nation companies in the Yukon as a large investor and provider of technical and drilling services. I don’t mean to ignore the real issues that Gladiator stepped into but I believe it is behind them and they have taken the necessary steps to sort the issues out.

I last wrote about Gladiator Metals (GLAD-V) in May of this year. The company has a massive and high grade copper project located near Whitehorse in the Yukon. They recently completed a financing with a series of institutions and are well cashed up with $9 million in the bank. Of major interest to potential shareholders should be the 8,000 meters of completed historical drilling that has yet to be released.

Gladiator Metals in an advertiser. I have participated in a couple of private placements and bought shares in the open market. I am biased, do your own due diligence.

Gladiator Metals
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