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David Collum’s 2022 Year in Review is Now in Hardback

Bob Moriarty

Mar 9, 2023

For the last fourteen years that I am aware of, Cornell Professor David Collum has published his thoughts on the state of the world in late December. We posted his first Internet version of the Year in Review in 2008. David was just getting his feet wet and seeing how readers would respond. The Year in Review has turned out to be wildly popular with readers because David comments on aspects of life that affect us all.

Starting in 2009 David took the YIR to those masters at Peak Prosperity. Each year the YIR becomes more popular with his yearly work now getting hundreds of thousands of readers on the Internet.

Because we felt a special connection going back to our early days with David, I look forward with anticipation to the release on Peak Prosperity. They posted the original on December 22 of last year called 2022 Year in Review, All Roads Lead to Ukraine.

While I am a speed reader, frankly the length of what he wrote this year was hard for me to digest in an electronic form. I’m an old fashioned hold a wad of paper in my hands reader. So I contacted David a month ago and asked him if I could put his YIR in a hardback book so I could enjoy it at my leisure and go back to it in the future. He agreed. I got my formatting guy to put it in book format and I made some small editing changes to correct a few things. But the book belongs to David Collum and all revenue goes to him. I have no financial connection to the book.

I love the way he writes and how he thinks. And for a post of this length frankly I think a book works better than two electronic PDFs. I would be interested in hearing from my readers as to what they think.

The book has 271 pages and costs $19.99 for US purchasers. I think the advice on investing is more than worth that. I was very pleased to help get the book into print.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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