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Buying Dollars for Pennies with Westward Gold

Bob Moriarty

Oct 21, 2022

The lowest price for gold for many years was hit in late August of 1999. Silver didn’t bottom until late November of 2001 but the indexes began a stealth move higher in November of 2000. I wrote my first piece about gold, even before Barb and I began 321gold, in May of 2001. I could change the date on the article and write exactly the same article today using the same logic and facts and a year from now people would realize I nailed it in 2001 and I have nailed it now.

This is what bottoms look like. And while the XAU hit bottom in late 2000 the real move higher for the penny dreadfuls didn’t start until mid-summer of 2001. It took that long for investors to dip their toes back into the water. Buying stocks with 1000% potential was easy. The same is true today.

We had another wonderful opportunity to fund our retirements in 2008 when panic once again ruled. I said that was an opportunity and it was. And again in 2015. Anyone noticing the dates of major bottoms? I have never heard or read anything suggesting there is some strange seven year cycle but it looks to be true.

What should reach out and smack you between the running lights is that for each of those time frames ordinary, not exceptional, resource stocks went up hundreds of percent. Some overnight. We are there again.

Westward Gold put out a press release two days ago. Management told me to look at the release. I did. Then I went to CEO.CA to look at their market cap. The shares were trading at a yearly low at $.05. I picked some up at $.055. They promptly went up 40% and I was buying after the news came out.

Westward is in the Cortez Trend hiding in a group of elephants. The company picked up the rights to 100% of the project subject to a 3% NSR for cash payments of $500,000. The last $400,000 is due a year from now. There was a historic 43-101 done in 2009 showing 173k ounces of gold at 1.2 g/t.

In this year’s thirteen-hole drill program gold was intercepted in eight of the holes. The best hole, T2210 gave results of 50.3 meters of 0.34 g/t Au. In this neighborhood those are excellent holes. T2210 was a 250-meter stepout hole. Given the style of mineralization in the elephants surrounding Westward, this was a small program but highly significant.

When the metals stocks crater and go down month after month investors tend to start looking at the really high quality stocks and this bear is no different. But if you really want to make money, look for the most hated, most out of favor shares. Westward was $.05, a new yearly low two days ago and hit $.08 on both days after the press release.

Even at today’s close at $.07 the company only has a market cap of under $5 million. It was $3.5 million two days ago. Where do you expect it to go from there?

I have been snapping up really cheap stocks trading at the yearly low and having a market cap of under $5 million. Forget management, location and what the Fed intends to do with interest rates.

Buy when things are cheap and when they get expensive, sell them. It works every time. Westward is an advertiser. I have bought shares in the open market after the news release so I am biased. Do your own due diligence.

Westward Gold Inc
WG-V $.07 (Oct 20, 2022)
WGLIF-OTCQB 168.6 million shares
Westward Gold website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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