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Why you should ignore all Gold Gurus including me

Bob Moriarty
Aug 1, 2015

99% of "Gurus" are trend followers. They find success when they feed the fantasies of their targeted readers. When a commodity is at a top they are bullish, when a commodity is at a low, they are bearish.

These comments from the Wall Street Journal say it all.

Is Gold Cheap? Who Knows? But Gold-Mining Stocks Are

That piece was written by Jason Zweig and published in the Wall Street Journal after a major turn in gold. September of 2011.

Actually Jason Zweig has learned a lot in the past four years and now understands the real value of gold that he didn't understand in 2011 at the very top.

Let's Be Honest About Gold: It's a Pet Rock

He did that piece for the WSJ on July 17th this year.

If you can find another market timer more accurate than this guy, you should sign up at once. He can pick tops and bottoms better than anyone I ever heard of.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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