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Zinc is up

Bob Moriarty
Oct 30, 2014

While coal, iron, natural gas, gold, silver, oil, and copper are down for the year, one commodity, zinc, is actually up from $.85 a year ago to $1.02 now. I think everyone pretty much agrees that commodities reflect a slowdown in demand from China.

I’ve been writing about Canada Zinc for well over a year. Zinc is going into shortage. But it’s happening even faster than even I thought possible.

Barron’s did a piece recently on zinc and pointed out that demand for zinc is up 7.6% for the year even as major mines are being closed and on hand metal in storage is down to 20 days usage. Expect higher prices for zinc until supply begins to catch up with demand by 2018.

Canada Zinc with $12 million in the bank and JVs with Teck and Korea Zinc is perfectly positioned to take advantage of any increase in the price of zinc.

I don’t own shares. Please take some responsibility for your own due diligence.

Canada Zinc Metals
CZX-V $.38 (Oct 29, 2014)
CZXMF-OTCBB 152.6 million shares
Canada Zinc website


Bob Moriarty
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