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Amazing Energy Continues Amazing Plans

Bob Moriarty

Apr 19, 2018

The UK, France and US have committed another series of war crimes in Syria, attacking a sovereign nation without even the pretense of UN or Congressional or Parliamental approval. In short the entire fiasco was illegal according to all international law. They did it on the basis of what was obviously a false flag operation that the Russians warned was being set up by the terrorists in Syria over a month ago.

Last weekend the world came closer to WW III than it had since the Cuban crisis in 1962. All based on a false flag operation. Using the words, “unseemly haste” to describe the attack seems reasonable.

Word from unbiased reporters on the ground in Syria now report there was no chemical attack. The problem people had breathing came from dust and smoke from bombs, not a chemical attack. The US, UK, France and Israel are all quite comfortable murdering civilians with conventional weapons. Hell, Israel murdered over 30 peaceful protestors in Gaza and shot in cold blood another 1500 in just the last two weeks and no one is shedding any crocodile tears over their dead bodies. If that wasn’t a war crime, what was it?

Israel wants to dominate the Middle East and they figure the best way to do it is to Balkanize the entire area. The Yinon Plan has been in writing for thirty-six years. It’s not a secret except to the Fake Stream Media that seems to be dominated by some group of religious fanatics.

Israel continues to wage a war of aggression (The Supreme Crime) against Syria. They think they are getting two birds with one stone because their real target is Iran. And since Iran has an Army and an Air Force and can defend themselves having ten times the population of Israel, Israel plans to attack with great vigor and will fight to the last drop of American blood and last cent of American money.

There are continuing air attacks from Israel against Iranian targets in Syria. One day soon Iran will become tired of being a punching bag for the Zionists monsters and will fight back. They would be quite legal in shutting down the Strait of Hormuz until the UN gets Israel under control. When that happens the price of oil doubles in days and the world economy does the great reset we all know is coming.

It might be handy owning a good oil company then and I have been covering a great and amazing oil company for months called Amazing Energy (AMAZ-OTCBB). My last report on them was on the 7th of March. The numbers were quite amazing. The company spent about $300,000 to drill and rework a well that produces 50 BOEPD. Their piece of production is 35 BOEPD for $1750 a day in revenue. That’s $630,000 a year for over a 200% ROI. They have 22 wells to drill and rework and they should all do about the same production numbers.

Amazing plans on doing a well every two to three weeks and costs seem to be working out at about $250,000 per well. Lifting costs are under $10 a barrel and the company could make money at $20 oil. They could make a lot more money at $100 a barrel oil.

The company controls about 70,000 acres. They plan on drilling deep wells capable of 275-500 BOEPD starting this summer. They have done an excellent job in a paper about the Permian Basin. With each recompletion being worth almost $2 million to Amazing I expect the market to realize their real value soon. And when the $1.5 million deep wells begin to produce, everyone will be amazed. Today’s price gives Amazing a tiny $32 million market cap.

Amazing is an advertiser and I have participated in past private placements. Naturally I am biased and you should do your own due diligence.

Amazing Energy Oil and Gas
AMAZ OTCQX $.39 (April 18, 2018)
80.5 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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