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Cantex Reports Bonanza Grade Germanium

Bob Moriarty

Feb 19, 2024

Over the past one hundred and twenty-five years the United States turned into the most dangerous and warlike country in world history. We know how it will end; we just don’t know when. Two of the best generals in US history warned us about the danger of allowing the Congressional, Military Industrial Complex to rule but we ignored both General MacArthur and President Eisenhower. There will be a price to pay and it will come from the pockets of our grandchildren.

In any conflict while you are busy thinking of evil ways to defeat your enemy, your enemy is doing the same thing. Since the US had such marvelous military success in Afghanistan before enticing NATO into a war with Russia some bright spark in DC realized that if you wanted to put the revenues of the MIC into overdrive all you need is more and more war so the US and NATO began another war in Gaza and preparations for a major war against China.

Part of the Neocon’s attack on China was to deny them the ability to purchase the most advanced chip-making machines. But while the brilliant Neocons, owned and operated by the Zionists, attacked on the chip-making front, the Chinese taking a more nuanced approach announced they were cutting shipments of the critical mineral germanium, necessary for the production of the latest chips.

The Neocons are not very bright people. They always think tactically while the Russians, Iranians and Chinese tend to think strategically. Neocons want to fight wars. Our enemies want to win wars. There is a difference.

So, for now the price of germanium is going to be based on the quantity of American stupidity. That could make germanium quite expensive. We have a President who can’t remember when he was Vice President or when his son died and we have a Vice President who used to be a hooker. The stupidity gauge is bouncing off the very upper limit. Worst of all the American public seems to think this if perfectly normal.

Cantex Mine Development (CD-V) seems well positioned to benefit. I wrote a piece back in August of 2023 that covered most of the important things investors need to know about Cantex.

In a press release put out just over a week ago the company showed assays of over 150 samples taken from existing intercepts for germanium revealed an average for the Main Zone of 654 grams per tonne with a value of $1.32 US per gram.

A similar test of intercepts from the GZ Zone showed 521 grams per tonne. If you convert the Main Zone results into Canadian dollars it gives a value of $1165 of germanium in the ground per tonne. That almost doubles the value of the rock in the ground.

Drilling going back to 2018 showed the deposit is the highest-grade silver-lead-zinc in North America averaging over 20% combined lead-zinc with 100 g/t silver. At today’s depressed prices for base metals, that is still almost $700 rock in CAD. Add in $1165 for germanium and the metal in the ground value is similar to that of 25 g/t gold.

The company reports a mineralized strike length of 2.3 km with drill intercepts as deep as 700 meters indicating the deposit is still open in strike length and depth. There is no 43-101 so investors can only guess at the total potential of the project. A 43-101 could double or triple the market cap of the company literally overnight but I know of no plans to issue one any time soon.

The Massive Sulfide project is years away from production. Depending on the quantity and quality of American stupidity, germanium could become an exceptionally important mineral which could spur more rapid development.

Cantex is near the lowest price of the last couple of years and in the past has shown a tendency to get more popular literally overnight. It is in a fairly remote area of the Yukon but the germanium kicker could turn out to be quite valuable in terms of strategic importance.

Cantex is an advertiser and I participated in the last private placement. As such that would make me biased so do your own due diligence.

Cantex Mine Development Corp
CD-V $0.235 (Feb 16, 2024)
CTXDF-OTCBB 114 million shares 
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Bob Moriarty
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