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Aztec Minerals Times the Winter Rally Perfectly

Bob Moriarty

Nov 27, 2023

I am a giant fan of tracking contrarian indicators such as the Daily Sentiment Indicator from Jake Bernstein. I have found the DSI to be the single most valuable indicator of an upcoming change in direction that I know of. However there are dozens of valuable indicators showing when sentiment is about to change or has changed. I certainly would include the $BPGDM chart that simply reflect how many stocks have gone up compared to how many are going down. The Weekly View has been flashing a buy signal since the beginning of October and clearly is in an uptrend now.

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The same thing is true of the XAU over Gold. The ratio between the XAU index began a signal that gold stocks were about to outperform gold at the start of October and continued to indicate clear sailing of gold stocks relative to gold well into November looking very similar to the same pattern a year ago that marked a rally from then into February of 2023.

Aztec Minerals (AZT-V) put out a perfectly timed press release on the 21st of November that should help the company ride the rising market for resource shares. The stock jumped to a high of $.395 in April when the company released assays of 1.63 grams of AuEq over a remarkable 125 meters. That report was from their second project with company making potential in Tombstone Arizona. Those results got stepped on within ten days when a major investor dumped almost a million dollars worth of Aztec shares on the market in an illiquid environment. That began a 62% decline to a low of $.15 recently. But nothing at all has changed with the company.

The November 21st press release talked about how the company has completed seven holes out of a planned eleven hole RC drill program at their 100% owned Cervantes project in Sonora Mexico. The company plans for 1650 meters and has finished 963 meters and sent out for assay. Given that no one wants to release anything in the way of news between the middle of December and the first week of January it would be reasonable to look for assays around the first week of January, just in time for the winter rally.

The 2022 results at Cervantes were excellent with hole CAL22-004 showed 165 meters of 1.00 grams per tonne gold while hole CAL22-005 reporting 137 meters of 1.49 grams per tonne of gold.

Aztec is an advertiser. I have participated in the latest private placement so I am biased. Do your own due diligence. Do read the short but very well written presentation just released this month.

Aztec Minerals
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