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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
08/04/2015 Gold: Accumulation With Prudence  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/04/2015 Is this the summit?  Puru Saxena  321gold 
08/03/2015 A Tradable Low in Commodities  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/03/2015 FYI Canadian stock market Monday schedule   321gold 
08/03/2015 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/03/2015 The Rosen Market Timing Letter: Report  Ron Rosen  321gold 
08/01/2015 Why you should ignore all Gold Gurus including me  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/31/2015 Gold & Silver: Volume Set To Surge?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/31/2015 Gold's Amazing Resiliency  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/30/2015 Gold and the Full Moon  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/30/2015 Capitulation Mode in the Precious Metals Sector  Bob Hoye  321gold 
07/30/2015 Has China Manipulated the Gold Market?  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
07/29/2015 Is the tide turning?  Puru Saxena  321gold 
07/28/2015 The King Of Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/28/2015 The Silent Bull Market  Mark Yaxley  321gold 
07/27/2015 Capitulation in Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/27/2015 RASI Shows Bull Market Waning  Tom McClellan  321gold 
07/27/2015 Seventh Cycle of Seven-Year Shemittah Cycle  Bob Hoye  321gold 
07/27/2015 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/25/2015 Timeless Tips from the Richest Man in Babylon  David Smith  321gold 
07/24/2015 Gold: Close But No Cigar  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/24/2015 Absurd Gold-Stock Levels  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/23/2015 Currencies Depend on Faith, Gold Doesn't  Peter Schiff  321gold 
07/22/2015 Bonds & Currencies Brace for BoE & Fed Rate Hikes  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
07/22/2015 Gold/Silver Report  Ron Rosen  321gold 
07/21/2015 Gold: Breakdown Or Simple Overshoot?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/20/2015 Gold in US$ week in review  DailyGoldChart  321gold 
07/20/2015 Gold Priced In Euros Has Gone Quiet  Tom McClellan  321gold 
07/20/2015 SKI #156 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/20/2015 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 

External News

08/04/2015 Preparing For The Crash - S&P500 Index Analysis - Inverse ETFS & Puts Timing...   CliveMaund 
08/04/2015 Here Comes The Next Trillion-Dollar Bailout   DC 
08/04/2015 An Intermediate Bottom in Gold is Near   SMTP 
08/04/2015 Gold Has NOT Bottomed Yet   AE 
08/04/2015 The Risk of Contagion is Permanently Higher   WolfStreet 
08/03/2015 The Troika Loan Shark Stock Rally  Doug Wakefield  BM 
08/03/2015 A Bad Equilibrium & How Speculative Distortion Ends   HussmanFunds 
08/03/2015 Gold Is Just A Metal”   Demeadville 
08/03/2015 Liar Loans Pop up in Canada’s Magnificent Housing Bubble   WolfStreet 
08/02/2015 The Euro Isn't Dead  Peter Schiff  EuroPac 
08/02/2015 The Gold/Housing Ratio As A Valuation Indicator   DanielAmerman 
08/02/2015 Silver – A Century of Prices   DI 
08/02/2015 The Greek Coup: Liquidity As A Weapon Of Coercion   TM 
08/02/2015 The Flight from Gold   AE 
08/02/2015 GRANTHAM: I can't stop thinking about these 10 threats that could ruin the world   BI 
08/02/2015 Handbags As An Asset Class——-The Money Printers Have Inflated Everything   DSCC 
08/01/2015 The cheapest entry point into cheap gold   Mining 
08/01/2015 Gold & Silver Money Has Devolved Into Debt and Plastic   DI 
08/01/2015 Chinese Corporatism Turns Sour   BATR 
08/01/2015 The Tax Hunt for Loose Change – Germany To Cause Mass Exit of Existing Assets   AE 
08/01/2015 Shanghai Containerized Freight Index Plunges to New Low   WolfStreet 
07/31/2015 Hussman Sees Repeat of Horrors He Predicted...   ECB 
07/31/2015 More Ritholtz on Gold, and Another Response   BIIWII 
07/31/2015 Credit card debt makes up for lack of income growth   MB360 
07/31/2015 China losing control as stocks crash despite emergency measures   Telegraph 
07/31/2015 The Stock Market Will Start To Fall In July?   TEC 
07/30/2015 Fear Rises As Financial Markets All Over The Planet Start To Crash   TECB 
07/30/2015 Here’s what the rout in gold prices means for the market   MW 
07/30/2015 Nine Reasons Why Low Oil Prices May “Morph” Into Something Much Worse   OFW 
07/30/2015 The Last Bubble Standing——Amazon’s Same Day Trip Through The Casino   DSCC 

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