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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
08/27/2014 Big Picture: Most Important  Aden Sisters  321gold 
08/26/2014 Road Sign Says: Pot Of Gold Ahead  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/26/2014 Managing Expectations Part II: The Importance of Oscillators, Standard Deviation and Mean Reversion  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/26/2014 Dollar Soars to New Highs  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
08/25/2014 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/25/2014 August 25, 2014 - GDX climbs “Wall of Worry”  Denaliguide  321gold 
08/24/2014 A World at War, What Does it Mean Today?  David Chapman  321gold 
08/23/2014 Gold Rising-Rate Fallacy  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/22/2014 Gold: Quick Trade Charts Analysis  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/20/2014 Russian Bear Rattles markets, but PPT Rides to the Rescue  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
08/20/2014 Stay on board  Puru Saxena  321gold 
08/19/2014 Gold 2014: The Year Of Transition  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/19/2014 August 18, 2014 – COILING  Denaliguide  321gold 
08/19/2014 Weekly Newsletter  PitchforkPlayground  321gold pdf
08/18/2014 What if you found a mine and no one cared?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/18/2014 Junior Gold Report: Special Report CMC Metals Ltd  Kal Kotecha  321gold pdf
08/18/2014 SKI #141 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
08/18/2014 BSBBS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/17/2014 Future “inflation” and the Fed’s madness  Steve Saville  321gold 
08/15/2014 Correction ended, True Gold finances  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/15/2014 Dow And Dollar: Lights Out?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/15/2014 Gold Stocks’ Major New Upleg  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/14/2014 Global Policy Divergence - Really?  Axel Merk  321gold 
08/14/2014 Miners Have Already Rallied – Will Metals Follow?  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
08/13/2014 Managing Expectations Part I: The Importance of Cycles in the Investment Management Process  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/12/2014 Bullion Banks: Unexpected Allies  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/12/2014 Gold Miner Oscillator - Aug 10, 2014 – Validation  Denaliguide  321gold 
08/12/2014 Diamond Exploration in Canada – opportunity knocking or fool’s errand?  Derek Hamill  321gold 
08/11/2014 BSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/08/2014 Gold: Charge For The Neckline  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 

External News

08/28/2014 Staring Into the Great Abyss   DI 
08/28/2014 U.S. Housing Bull Market Over? House Prices Trend Forecast Current State   Nadeem Walayat 
08/28/2014 The Old World Order   ETFD 
08/27/2014 Will the US succeed in breaking Russia to maintain dollar hegemony?...   CliveMaund 
08/27/2014 Juniors and Midtiers Poised for M&A-Fueled Breakout Once Gold Recovers   AUreport 
08/27/2014 Prohibition laws and agency regulations   BATR 
08/27/2014 Please, FedEx, Fight Back Against Federal Extortion   Forbes 
08/27/2014 Continued EU Weakness Gives Rise to Two Inflationary Trends   TDB 
08/27/2014 The Perils of Investing as an Exploration Geologist   CEO 
08/26/2014 Ukraine: A Perspective from Europe   PP 
08/26/2014 The Economy Will Be Better Off When the Fed Does Less   RCM 
08/26/2014 Top Central Bankers Gather in Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Why This Is Bad News   Forbes 
08/26/2014 Copper's warning, gold's scolding   MW 
08/25/2014 Broken Links: Fed Policy and the Growing Gap Between Wall Street and Main Street   HussmanFunds 
08/25/2014 Bank of America’s record settlement, by the numbers   MW 
08/25/2014 Deflationary Straw Man   BIIWII 
08/25/2014 Gold Dazed By Dogs of August   Demeadville 
08/25/2014 New definition of retirement = work until you die   MB360 
08/24/2014 The Best and Brightest CEOs in Mining   VisualCapitalist 
08/24/2014 What if China, Russia Succeed in Going off the Dollar?   SprottGlobal 
08/24/2014 Why The Middle Class In America Is Being Systematically Destroyed   ETFD 
08/24/2014 China’s housing correction is now in full swing   MB360 
08/23/2014 Mob boss calls a stock bubble   CNBC 
08/23/2014 I’m expecting the next crisis sooner rather than later  Jim Rickards  FUW 
08/23/2014 Warren Buffett And The Chinese Are Loading Up On Hard Assets   MS 
08/23/2014 36,000 Madoff Victims Have Not Received a Dime in Restitution; 1,129 Fully Reimbursed   WSOP 
08/22/2014 Breaking the Banks & Finding Gold   MA 
08/22/2014 Inflation, Interest Rates, and Why You Should Own Gold   TSI 
08/22/2014 A Penny Saved Was Never A Penny Earned   Forbes 
08/22/2014 14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy’s Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst   TECB 

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