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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
07/31/2014 Still Looking Good  Aden Sisters  321gold 
07/30/2014 FYI Happy Birthday 321gold : 13-yrs-old today   321gold 
07/29/2014 Gold: Let The Good Times Roll?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/29/2014 Gold and Dollar’s July Rally  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
07/29/2014 We are here (X). We go there (Y)  Denaliguide  321gold 
07/28/2014 Manipulation and Technical Analysis  Tim W. Wood  321gold 
07/28/2014 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/28/2014 No Bull (yet?); On the exact CUSP  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/27/2014 Yellen: Where No Man Has Gone Before  Peter Schiff  321gold 
07/25/2014 Gold's Strong Season Starts  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/25/2014 Precious Metal Moving Averages Update  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/24/2014 Instability the New Normal?  Axel Merk  321gold 
07/24/2014 Euro’s Breakdown and Its Implications  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
07/24/2014 Gold Miner Index Breadth Oscillator: Forward-Reckoning®  Denaliguide  321gold 
07/22/2014 Gold: If The Worst Is Over, What's Next?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/22/2014 Setting the stage for the next collapse  Steve Saville  321gold 
07/21/2014 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/18/2014 Precious Metals: The Big MACD Picture  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/18/2014 SPX Highs A Fed Illusion  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/18/2014 Fishing Around For a Gold Cycle Bottom  Tom McClellan  321gold 
07/17/2014 Which way is Inflation Blowing? Watch Commodities  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
07/16/2014 Mother Nature  Ron Rosen  321gold 
07/15/2014 Nuances Of The Gold Jewellery Era  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/14/2014 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/14/2014 Special SKI Report  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/12/2014 The most hated bull!  Puru Saxena  321gold 
07/11/2014 GDX Target Zone Acquired  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/11/2014 Massive PM-Futures Buying  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/11/2014 Rising Banking Problems!  David Chapman  321gold 
07/09/2014 Gold Miner Oscillator - Forward Reckoning  Denaliguide  321gold pdf

External News

08/01/2014 The Miners Lead a Rising Tide   MA 
08/01/2014 The Shadow Banking System is a Great Big Ticking Time Bomb   AlterNet 
08/01/2014 Mounting Warning Signs   CEO 
07/31/2014 Imagine – A Great Deflation! It’s coming!   KingdomEcon 
07/31/2014 Economy Will Crash, World War III Coming-Gerald Celente   ETFDN 
07/31/2014 Death of the Dollar? Gold an Inflation Hedge? Really?   BIIWII 
07/31/2014 Fed Exit a Blue Pill?   MERK 
07/31/2014 Rick Rule: This Gold Sell-off is a Normal Event in this Market   SprottGlobal 
07/31/2014 OT Our Totalitarian Future - Part 2   TBP 
07/30/2014 What Is Money?: Crash Course Chapter 6   PP 
07/30/2014 Faber: Stocks will peak within in next 60 days then drop 20-30 percent   MS 
07/30/2014 Elliott Dislikes Argentina Litigation; Demands Derivatives Transparency   Valuewalk 
07/30/2014 Our Totalitarian Future - Part One   TBP 
07/30/2014 Silver Prices – Megaphone Patterns   DI 
07/30/2014 We are US Dollar Bulls   MoneyTalks 
07/30/2014 Last Time This Happened, The Financial Crisis Broke Out   TTP 
07/29/2014 Yes, This Is An Equity Bubble   HussmanFunds 
07/29/2014 Congress brings socialism to America with this proposed law   SovereignMan 
07/29/2014 Gold Rebounds   CEO 
07/29/2014 Gold Elliott Wave Projection Since 1970   TMC 
07/28/2014 Gold's Near-Term Dip Before the 1400 Trip   Demeadville 
07/28/2014 First Investor Redeems OUNZ Shares For Gold   HAI 
07/28/2014 Gold & Silver   MidasTouch 
07/28/2014 C’mon Alan! Bubbles Are Caused By Central Bankers, Not “Human Nature”   DSCC 
07/28/2014 When does college become too expensive?   MB360 
07/27/2014 [Jul 24th] Credit Cycle RIP  Bill Bonner  Bonner&Partners 
07/27/2014 Escaping the Rat-Race   PP 
07/26/2014 Clear and Present Danger Zone   DI 
07/26/2014 Flee Rather Than Stand Your Ground   TDB 
07/26/2014 More Weakness Ahead for the Miners   TDG 

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