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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
01/17/2020 Gold Stocks: Bull Candlesticks Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
01/17/2020 Gold Stocks Wavering  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
01/15/2020 VIX Is Not Confirming Higher Prices  Tom McClellan  321gold 
01/14/2020 Gold, Key Indexes, & Goldman  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
01/14/2020 2020 Outlook  Nell Sloane  321gold 
01/13/2020 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
01/10/2020 Gold Stocks: ETFs Or Individual Miners?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
01/10/2020 Gold Buying Precarious  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
01/09/2020 Fed Funds COT Leading Indication  Tom McClellan  321gold 
01/08/2020 Precious Metals: Key Weekly Charts  captainewave  321gold 
01/07/2020 Precipitate Gold Prepares to Drill Next to Pueblo Viejo  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/07/2020 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/07/2020 Gold, Debt, & The Human Heart  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
01/06/2020 SKI #230 Gold Stock Surge Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
01/06/2020 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
01/03/2020 TriStar Gold, Another Wits Lookalike in Brazil  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/03/2020 Gold Rally Intensifies: Key Tactics Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
01/03/2020 Gold-Stock Head Fake?  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
01/03/2020 Initial Target Achieved in Silver  Bob Hoye  321gold 
01/01/2020 Beware the Stock Market  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
12/31/2019 Debt: Sizzle Versus Steak  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
12/31/2019 Gold COT Data Call for More of a Drop  Tom McClellan  321gold 
12/30/2019 A Short Update on Irving, Lion One and Novo  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
12/30/2019 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
12/27/2019 Gold: Massive Bull Flag Breakout  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
12/27/2019 Fed's Fake Stock Markets  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
12/26/2019 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
12/24/2019 Santa's Stockings Have Silver  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
12/23/2019 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
12/20/2019 Fresh Trades For Gold & Stock Market  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 

External News

01/18/2020 Copper juniors gravitating towards new area play   AOTH 
01/18/2020 Bad News For Oil: Refinery Profits Are Sliding   OilPrice 
01/18/2020 New York Fed Considering Becoming Sugar Daddy to Hedge Funds as their Distress Grows   WSOP 
01/18/2020 Platinum Breaks $1000 on Big Rally and What is Next   TTT 
01/18/2020 The “Trade Deal” is Hilarious   TRB 
01/17/2020 32 Misinformation Schemes & Other Tactics Used by Wall Street, Corporate America & the Media   WS 
01/17/2020 Revisiting the Fed’s potential game-changer   TSI-Blog 
01/17/2020 John McAfee just withdrew his famous 2020 prediction about Bitcoin   NaturalNews I told you so in Dec
01/16/2020 The Crazy Train to Bull Eternity   NFTRH 
01/16/2020 Technically Speaking: This Is Nuts – Part Deux   RIA 
01/16/2020 Could the Fed Ever Exit the Repo Market?   AE 
01/16/2020 2020 –Year of Living Dangerously   TBP 
01/16/2020 Gold Eagle Coin Sales at Record Low, Investors Sleeping   Gold-Eagle 
01/15/2020 Group Ten Delivers World-Class Drill Results for PGM  Bob Moriarty  SR 
01/15/2020 Gold at a Discount?   WSJ 
01/15/2020 Nearly 40% of U.S.-listed stocks are loss-making   IWB 
01/15/2020 What is private equity, and why is it killing everything you love?   VOX 
01/14/2020 Implications of Reversal in Gold   TDG 
01/14/2020 My Big Trend Analysis for Silver Investor-Part 1   TTT 
01/14/2020 Surf’s Up!   PP 
01/14/2020 Weekly Commentary: Issues 2020   CBB 
01/13/2020 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
01/13/2020 Just a Friendly Heads-Up, Bulls: The Fed Just Slashed its Balance Sheet   OTM 
01/13/2020 Robots out of work as automated businesses close in Bay Area   AP 
01/13/2020 It's a Tidal Wave of Liquidity. And Waves Crash   TFR 
01/13/2020 This Is Nuts & Why We Reduced Risk On Friday   RIA 
01/12/2020 Geopolitical Shocks and Financial Markets   EP 
01/12/2020 Gold reacting to global flash points   AOTH 
01/12/2020 Jim Rogers: What 2020 has in Store for Global Markets   MS 
01/12/2020 The Fed Is Trapped And Repo May Very Well Be The First Symptom Of The Massive Financial Asset Bubble Imploding   IWB 

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