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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
11/25/2014 Can Gold Extend Its Rally?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
11/25/2014 The Clock is Ticking in Switzerland  Peter Schiff  321gold 
11/24/2014 The Stealth Bull Market in Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
11/24/2014 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
11/23/2014 Gold: Now What?  Aden Sisters  321gold 
11/21/2014 Gold Stocks Volume Surge Analysis  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
11/21/2014 GLD and Gold’s Selloff  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
11/21/2014 Parabolic Moves Do Not End Well  David Chapman  321gold 
11/20/2014 Swiss Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
11/20/2014 Explore and Discover the Winners When Gas Prices Fall  Frank Holmes  321gold 
11/20/2014 The Abenomics Death Spiral  Peter Schiff  321gold 
11/18/2014 Gold: Bull Flag In Play  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
11/18/2014 Gold and Miners Soar on Huge Volume  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
11/18/2014 Buy signal validation - Nov 17, 2014  Denaliguide  321gold 
11/17/2014 They Really do Ring a Bell  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
11/17/2014 SKI #145 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
11/17/2014 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
11/15/2014 Year-end Rally  Puru Saxena  321gold 
11/14/2014 Gold Bulls Have The Trend Line Edge  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
11/14/2014 Gold-Stock Apocalypse  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
11/14/2014 Gold – Maybe not so much into the Abyss or “Splat Back”  David Chapman  321gold 
11/12/2014 Switzerland: Vote Yes on Gold Initiative  Axel Merk  321gold 
11/11/2014 Sanatana Wins  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
11/11/2014 Indian Gold Demand Shifts To Overdrive  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
11/11/2014 FYI Markets are Open Veterans & Remembrance Day  Ron Nicklas  321gold 
11/11/2014 Gold and Miners Soar on Huge Volume  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
11/10/2014 Novo’s Latest News  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
11/10/2014 139 million shares of GDX all time high volume of GDX  Denaliguide  321gold 
11/09/2014 Gold, Inflation Expectations & Economic Confidence  Steve Saville  321gold 
11/08/2014 Could Gold Equities Bottom at 2008 Credit Crisis Lows?  Jeb Handwerger  321gold 

External News

11/25/2014 No One Told You When to Run, You Missed the Starting Gun   TBP 
11/25/2014 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or the New Dawn   DI 
11/25/2014 Have Central Banks Entered An Undeclared War?   ZeroHedge 
11/25/2014 Seismic Changes Occurring in the US Dollar   Triggers 
11/25/2014 Reminiscent of Pompeii   TFT 
11/24/2014 A Most Important Distinction   HussmanFunds 
11/24/2014 Setting the stage for the next recession   SMTP 
11/24/2014 21 Facts That Prove That Dependence On The US Gov't Is Out Of Control   AP 
11/24/2014 Everything You Need to Know About The Swiss Gold Referendum   VisualCapitalist 
11/24/2014 Gold Measures Set to Regain the Mid-1200s   Demeadville 
11/23/2014 Gold’s Volatility & Other Things to Watch   TDG 
11/23/2014 Swiss Gold Poll Likely Tighter Than Polls Suggest   GoldCore 
11/23/2014 Spectacular Fall From Grace For Former Brazilian Oil Tycoon   OilPrice 
11/23/2014 CEO Goldcorp: I see this market as an opportunity; we have balance sheet strength   Sprott 
11/23/2014 The mega inflation in college tuition   MB360 
11/22/2014 The Truth About G20 Banking Directive   AE 
11/22/2014 Gold Market Setting Up To Reward Investors   ETFDN 
11/22/2014 Obamacare = A Death Panel For The U.S. Economy   TECB 
11/22/2014 Did Tony Robbins Just Signal the Top in Bonds?   CEO 
11/22/2014 Where do the World’s Millionaires Live?   VisualCapitalist 
11/22/2014 China ‘triple bubble’ points to long slide for commodities   Marketwatch 
11/21/2014 The Secret Advantage You Have with Gold and Silver   MME 
11/21/2014 Deformations On The Dealer Lots: How The Fed’s ZIRP Is Fueling The Next Subprime Bust   DSCC 
11/21/2014 What the Fed has Wrought   TBP 
11/21/2014 From Island Of Calm, U.K.’s Cameron Notes “Red Warning Lights”   Valuewalk 
11/20/2014 Why Japan’s Money Printing Madness Matters   DSCC 
11/20/2014 Life Changing Opportunity In Gold Stocks   NBT 
11/20/2014 Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Like Japan's Inevitable Apocalypse   ZeroHedge 
11/20/2014 Obamacare Designed as a Scam   VT 
11/19/2014 Dare To Be Gold Aware   Demeadville 

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