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Pacific Empire Minerals Sits in Forest of Copper Elephants in BC

Bob Moriarty

Apr 4, 2024

Regular readers of 321gold are well aware that I think that sentiment provides the most accurate information for knowing when we will find a bottom or make a top. I have written half a dozen pieces in the last few months and made it clear that I saw a bottom being formed in gold stocks. Now with new record high prices for gold days in a row the question has come up, “Just who is driving the price of gold?”

Clearly, we are in a bull market for both gold and silver. Robert Sinn did an excellent job of summarizing the issue. As I write gold went up seven days in a row and silver just broke out above $26. I would be happier if gold and silver slowed down for a short correction. But the real issue has to be who is controlling the price? I’ll go back to my sentiment indicators to read the tea leaves.

First of all, investors need to understand that the metals are different investments than the shares of mining companies. Just because gold goes up and hits a new high above $2300 doesn’t mean that all gold stocks will also go up but most will. In a real bull market accepted by all investors, the shares will go up hundreds of percent more than the metals.

The ETFs are still selling gold and gold shares. Sentiment as measured by the DSI has not hit ball busting numbers. DSI for both gold and silver is 88 as of April 2nd. That will not mark an absolute top.

So, if the ETFs are selling and gold shares not responding in as positive way as they have in the past, someone is still driving prices higher.

I think you need to look to China and with perhaps some contribution from Russia. Be honest. The MIC of the US is at war with both China and Russia. Over 700,000 Ukrainian soldiers are “missing.” They are called “missing” because the Zelensky government would rather spend money on coke than benefits to bereaving families. They are dead.

And the US/Zionist Cartel is busy with the biggest genocide of the last eighty years in Gaza and the West Bank. What is happening in Gaza is part of a plan to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque so the Zionists can build the Third Temple on the remains. When that happens, the US will have World War III then Brandon needs to cancel the election that he is sure to lose.

What is happening in Ukraine and Palestine has far more to do with Brandon and Bibi doing anything in their power to stay out of jail rather than any conquest of territory.

Since NATO and the US have made it clear that Russia is a target, they have pushed Russia and China together by the use of sanctions and seizing 300 billion in assets. The same US military that got booted out of Afghanistan with their tail between their legs naturally felt that since goat herders were too good at war so the US needed to fight someone who wouldn’t fight back.

I was in a war. The “leadership” of the US now from Brandon on down to the toothless-loser generals on CNN and Fox are delusional. NATO has lost the war in Ukraine and Israel has lost the war in Palestine.

And I’ll point something out that no one else seems to have the guts to say. As an occupied power, the democratically elected and founded by Israel Hamas government has the right under the Geneva Convention to self-defense including the right to resist.

The attack by Hamas on October 7th was perfectly legal. Hamas has a right of self-defense. The ICJ ruled ten years ago that as the occupying power, Israel, does not have a legal right of self-defense. You can whine all you want if you are a supporter of mass murder as the US Congressman called for a few days ago.

Most of the 1100 Jews killed on Oct 7th were either police or military (450) or murdered by out-of-control IDF pilots and tank commanders who would rather kill innocent Jewish civilians than allow them to be captured and used as hostages. When you read about all the hostages being held by Hamas has your source even bothered to mention the 9,000 hostages held by Israel? Hamas was collecting hostages, not raping or chopping off the heads of babies. The IDF lied as they so often do.

China and Russia both realize the US Empire is totally out of control. Why would they want to keep their reserves in investments from a country that wants to destroy them? They are buying with both hands and dumping the USD. Why would they want to own the debt of their enemy?

Gold may well mark the end of the US peso as a reserve currency. If so, the price of gold and silver will be a lot higher than it is today.

I wanted to find a resource stock that had been absurdly cheap, has climbed a lot in this rally and seems to have a valid business plan. The best one I could come up with was Pacific Empire Minerals. (PEMC-V)

PEMC was as cheap as $.01 in late December. Since then, it has gone as high as $.08 a share and settled down to $.055 to $.06 a share. That’s still a 500% return in just over three months. There are a lot of similar shares that are going to do the same thing as PEMC.

Pacific Empire has a 15,400 Ha copper/gold project in central BC near the Mount Milligan copper-gold mine and the Northwest Copper’s Kwanika copper-gold property. The Trident and Pinnacle projects have had a number of owners over the fifty-five years since the first discovery. Drilling by prior operators have shown good copper values suggestive of a possible copper-gold porphyry deposit.

Previous drilling at Trident showed values of 0.84% copper for 45.7 meters and 100 meters of 0.59% Cu and 0.18 g/t Au. For a comparison Hercules Silver drilled 185 meters of 0.84% copper in Idaho and now sports a $200 million market cap.

One of the best technical tools to use when searching for a copper-gold porphyry is a Mobile Magnetotelluric Survey. PEMC just completed a 164 line-km study with results due in a few weeks. The company plans a summer/fall drill program at Trident. The Mobile MT survey should validate their technical teams drill program.

There are two issues that will affect the price of the shares in the short-term future. There was a $.01 placement done in December that comes free trading at the end of April. Naturally it is reasonable to expect that some shareholders will sell shares from the PP to book profits. And the company will need to raise the money for a drill program.

Their timing is excellent. Copper is over $4.21 and gold is at an all-time high in the USD at just short of $2300 an ounce.

Pacific Empire is an advertiser. I have participated in two private placements so naturally I am biased. Do your own due diligence.

Pacific Empire Minerals Corp
PEMC-V $.06 (Apr 03, 2024) 
PEMSF-OTCBB 125 million shares
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