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The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Bottom

Bob Moriarty

Apr 28, 2016

We do our very best to present all possible reasonable alternatives in the resource space. I don’t have to agree with someone to post a piece by them. No one gets it 100% and I’m wrong on a regular basis like most people.

This piece may be the most valuable piece we have ever written so you need to read it all the way to the finish.

2016 is proving to be the opportunity of a lifetime to invest in all commodities. While the manipulation and flat earth crowd doesn’t ever mention it, platinum went down more than gold and no one is screeching about how platinum is suppressed. All commodities went down including gold and silver. Most commodities went down more than silver and gold but that is never mentioned.

Actually, early this year gold was higher in relative terms against oil, platinum and commodities in general than ever in history. But that doesn’t fit the manipulation mantra so none of the PermaBulls will ever mention that any more than they will discuss perfectly normal corrections.

We had a major bottom. In everything. Gold and silver hit their lowest prices in December. Commodities hit rock bottom in January. The XAU and HUI bottomed about the 19th of January. Oil sunk to $26 on the 11th of February.

Two guys got it exactly right on gold and silver. One, Adam Hamilton, we post every Friday so our readers got a free ride on some valuable advice back in December. I like him a lot because he was one of only about five guys who correctly called a top in silver in 2011. In a piece posted on our site in March of 2011 he described an upcoming crash perfectly. I nailed the actual top almost to the day in late April of 2011.

Another guy I have followed for years, without ever being able to post links to because he has a subscription-only site, is James Flanagan of Gann Global. Fifteen years ago the GURU with the loudest mouth in silver was claiming that the world was going to run out of silver by December of 2001.

James Flanagan of Gann Global predicted that instead, silver would bottom in the last week of November of the year. He made that prediction almost six months in advance. I ignored it but by all my measures, silver was going to bottom. I made an excellent call of the low in early December of 2001. If you know anyone else who got it, feel free to let me know but being a bull from 1999 to 2001 was pretty lonely. Nobody else I know called the bottom in silver, certainly not the GURU.

On February 1st of this year I posted a piece I called We’ve Seen the Bottom in Gold and I gave a link to a Gann Global Financial promotional video. If you watched it and believed he was correct and bought options on the HUI or XAU, you could have made 1000% over the next 3 months as the HUI climbed 122% and the XAU rocketed higher by 114% in 91 days from the low.

That’s the kind of investment prediction that you can retire on. I have talked to James Flanagan at some length lately and asked him to provide my readers with what he sees coming next. And you are going to like this a lot. While the first leg of a bull market higher is the barnburner, it’s actually the 2nd leg higher that is the safest to invest in.

James sees a correction for gold, silver and the metals indexes. You could see the XAU and HUI down 25% in the next month to six weeks. If you do, you are going to have one of the safest and best opportunities in your lifetime.

Most investors want to invest with the herd. They are buyers at the top and they are sellers at the bottom. It’s the nature of mankind to want to belong and do what the herd does. There are thirty or forty me-too gold sites out there that survive by feeding you noise so all your fantasies can be filled. We would far rather our readers make money and this is about the most valuable advice I have seen in 15 years.

If you go to this link you will see a video that I think has the potential to be the most valuable in real terms of any piece I have ever posted. He nailed it in 2001, he nailed it in 2011, he nailed it in January and February and my belief is that he will nail it again. I do not have a dog in the fight. I haven’t asked and wouldn’t take a portion of his subscriptions as an affiliate. It’s his advice, if you like it you pay for it and we are thrilled that you make money.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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