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The US, EU and Nato Just Committed Suicide

Bob Moriarty

Mar 1, 2022

Power is something that very few people understand. Certainly none of the ignorant and corrupt fools at the helm of the US government, the EU and Nato understand it.

I’m going to ask my readers to learn to think for themselves on a vital issue. I will ask a simple question and I want you to reflect on the answer. Don’t worry about being wrong; no one I have ever asked has gotten it dead right.

What is unlimited power?

If someone gave you an envelope with a slip of paper in it that reflected unlimited power, just what would that document say?

What is unlimited power?

Since I know and you don’t, I’ll clue you in. Unlimited power is the ability to pull a gun out of your holster, walk up to someone and shoot them in the head with no consequences. Of course there are lots of variations on the same concept but it is the ability to kill someone who has done nothing to you and not pay a price.

We actually have a small group of people that we can identify that have unlimited power and use it all the time. They are young; stupid enough to not have fear and believe killing people who are not your enemy is a great idea. We call them the military and train them to kill on command.

I was an F-4B pilot in Vietnam and could casually kill people from thousands of feet and basically feel nothing. I grew up watching John Wayne war movies. Being a Marine fighter pilot was the ultimate wet dream for a young man. Alas, the Marines had little in the way of fighter missions in Vietnam. The Air Force and Navy had all the air-to-air missions. Actually being a Marine F-4 pilot wasn’t very dangerous, my squadron, VMFA-542 lost a single aircraft in a tour of a year and the plane’s own ordinance shot the plane down.

So everyone wanted to be a fighter pilot and you couldn’t stay in the squadron for your full thirteen months. My CO wanted to transfer me to the grunts as a ground Forward Air Controller but the whole reason I became a pilot was to avoid walking around on the ground carrying a rifle and sleeping on dirt. So I got transferred into the O-1 Birddog in Quang Tri. The Marines had about ten airplanes and while I was there for seven months I was the maintenance test pilot, the training office and was flying 1-3 combat missions a day.

Readers need to understand this. In any war about 90% of the people fighting on our side are never in any risk. The grunts have the most killed and injured then the chopper pilots. I was not a Remington Raider fighting a war with a typewriter, I wasn’t a supply clerk, and I wasn’t even a cannon cocker. I was a warrior and the cutting edge of the sword.

The Marine Corps had the only Airborne FACs in the war that had all been fixed wing pilots in A-4s, F-4s and A-6s before going to Birddogs. When I flew my little single engine high wing Cessna aircraft into battle, I owned the entire battlefield. I talked to the grunts that only called us when they were in trouble. I talked to the chopper drivers who took them in and out, I controlled arty and air strikes. I made the decision as to who lived and who died on every mission I flew. There were over seven hundred total, that was a record. I had unlimited power and used it.

There is a basic problem with power, even unlimited power.

I learned that in Vietnam. As a FAC, I covered chopper inserts into LZs that we wanted to control. We might have a Marine company loaded into a dozen or so CH-46s. The Birddog pilots would carpet-bomb the LZ in advance, and then provide fixed wing and gunship support as the CH-46s landed. One or two would always get shot down. The Marines would take the hill and for the next month or so send out patrols to where the NVA were suspected of hiding.

Over that month ten or twenty Marines would die and a bunch more would be injured. Then we would bring the CH-46s in to pick up the Marine company and bring them back to the Dong Ha combat base. These were always considered to be great victories on our part. The Division would report to Westmoreland about how many NVA were killed and so many weapons captured. Of course as soon as the Marines left the NVA marched right back in and took over the Marine bunkers and fighting position.

Then a month later we would repeat the exercise in every detail. Same hill, same Marine company, same number of choppers shot down and Marines killed. Do that three or four times and you begin to realize how the whole war was fake and nothing but a series of lies.

Even unlimited power has limits. Trudeau and Freeland discovered that a week ago. Trudeau has been lying about the nature of the protests for weeks and between dumb and dumber they thought they could get away with invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time in history. And it is interesting that they believed that a protest from ordinary Canadian citizens wanting nothing more than a dozen or fifteen other countries have determined was perfectly reasonable.

So Freeland told the banks to start seizing the bank accounts of Canadians who had donated funds to what was a perfectly legal and peaceful protest. People who had donated as little as $50 had their entire bank accounts seized and no legal way to challenge the theft.

Remember when I said that even unlimited power has limits? When the banks started locking down accounts, everyone who had ever contributed a cent to the protestors went down to the bank and demanded their money back.

All banks have a simple business model. They borrow short and lend long.

If the best run and most financed bank in the world has a bank run, they close the doors. Well, the entire banking system in Canada froze and the real reason Trudeau and Freeland did a 180 degree turn overnight was because they were told by the banks that unless Trudeau wanted to kill the entire economy of Canada, they had to cut out the stupid shit.

While Putin has been made out to be the villain in the latest stupidity on the part of Nato and the US, if Russia is a swamp, Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption and bribes and operates as a sock puppet for the Big Guy who is happy as long as he gets his 10% cut.

Putin demanded two things. One was the US/Nato honor the written agreement they made thirty years ago. Putin doesn’t want nuclear weapons on his neighbor’s front porch. JFK wanted the same thing in 1962 and that certainly seems reasonable to me. And two, he wanted Ukraine to honor their written agreement that they would talk with the breakaway republics directly in accordance with the Minsk II agreement they signed in 2016.

If the US/Nato and Ukraine didn’t honor what they agreed to in writing and Ukraine continued to shell Donbass, he would attack Ukraine.

The reason the entire world has their panties in a wad is that a world leader said he was going to do something and then he did it. The US/Nato, the EU, Japan, even Finland couldn’t come to grips with the concept of a leader doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

The constant barrage of pure propaganda is trying to convince the world that Putin is evil because he wants a secure border. Given that Biden thinks that you don’t need borders any longer it is easy to see why Americans are so clueless. But will someone tell me how the Swiss think that having a secure border is a dangerous idea?

A dangerous idea that easily could start a nuclear war would be the act of war of invoking total sanctions on Russia.

For a simple practical reason.

When you fire a weapon, any weapon, there is blowback. Russia supplies 9% of the world’s oil and a massive amount of the natural gas for Europe. If Germany can’t get Russian gas or oil because of sanctions or tossing Russia out of the SWIFT banking system you might as well close most of your economy down. Can Europeans really afford $200 a barrel oil because if they can’t pay for Russian fuel, that’s what it is going to cost. Food prices will go through the roof because Russia also supplies much of the fertilizer to the world. American farmers are already feeling the pinch. Inflation is about to go into overdrive.

Putin wants secure borders. Personally I’d fucking give it to him.

The US/Nato started this war. And frankly the smartest national leader America has today is dumber than a box of rocks. When the war ends, I sincerely hope that those responsible face war crimes trials.

And by the way, Putin has said that if the SWIFT system is cutoff to Russia, it would be an act of war and he would respond. He has nuclear missiles and hypersonic missiles on the rails. You never know with that fucker, he might just do exactly what he said he would do.

This is the most important turning point in Western History. It would be a great time for some leaders to stand up and be counted.

Putin isn’t the enemy.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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