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Prophecy Roars 115% Higher

Bob Moriarty
Jul 15, 2011

Prophecy Platinum announced the release of a new 43-101 resource on Thursday July 14th and the shares rocketed 115% higher on the day from a close of $.74 on Wednesday to $1.59.

The resource showed 289 million tonnes inferred of $177 rock including .53-g/t platinum, .42g/t palladium, .23 g/t gold, .38% nickel and .35% copper.

Stillwater Mining announced a buyout of Peregrine Metals for $487 million on July 11, 2011. Prophecy Platinum is better and even with the rocket shot higher is 15% of the market cap of the implied value of Peregrine.

The stock is going higher.

Prophecy Platinum is going to be an advertiser on 321gold and we own shares. I am biased. You can do the math.

Prophecy Platinum Corp.
NKL-V $1.59 (Jul 14, 2011)
50.6 million shares
Prophecy Platinum website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

321gold Ltd