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More Great Results, No Respect

Bob Moriarty
Nov 5, 2010

I’ve written about Richfield Ventures (RVC-V) a couple of times. They keep drilling holes that would cause other companies to double overnight. RVC has doubled since I wrote about it in July but the giant holes keep coming and coming.

In their latest news, they reported 115 meters of 2.59 g/t gold. That grade is worth $115 a ton with gold at current prices. The market yawned. The good news is that RVC keeps going up at a nice steady pace. One day soon the market will wake up and Richfield will soar.

There is something about share prices that all investors should keep in mind. Stockbrokers in the United States cannot recommend penny stocks. Stocks have to be either above $3 or $5 for them to be allowed to mention them to their clients depending on where they are located.

If readers will go back and look at long-term charts for the stocks that soared in the past, once they hit $3 and stayed there, they tended to keep going. Look at Silver Standard, Novagold, Goldcorp - (at one point a few years back, their gold in the ground was valued higher than gold in the hand) [Editor's note: Goldcorp's gold in the ground was also valued higher than 2 birds in the bush ROTFL] - Silvercorp and any other the other high fliers.

Richfield is within spitting distance of $3 right now, gold is hot and soon RVC will be as well. CEO Peter Bernier keeps knocking out the holes and when they announce a new 43-101, I expect it to be a lot higher. RVC has two rigs turning and will continue to be announcing drill results during the winter.

We are biased, Richfield Ventures is an advertiser. Readers are reminded they alone are responsible for doing their own due diligence. We do not own any shares in Richfield at this time.

Richfield Ventures
RVC-V $2.77 (Nov 4, 2010)
RCVTF-PK 28.2 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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