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Are We Seeing Capitulation?

Bob Moriarty

Sep 26, 2022

Regular readers are well aware of how much respect I have for the Daily Sentiment Indicator from Jake Bernstein. It is simply the most valuable tool I have come across in investing. We are at an interesting point where a number of commodities and indexes are showing extremes of emotion normally found only at tops or bottoms. This time may be different but only time will tell.

For anyone who has been awake lately the stock/bond/currency crash many have foreseen is in action right now. There is this simple issue of there being far more debt in the world than can be paid so at some point we need to settle the books. Either the borrowers pay the debt or the lenders. And obviously now it is the lenders. It is probably the worst liquidity event in history.

This is the start of the biggest financial change in five hundred years as the debt based Western financial system collapses and like a dying scorpion stings everything in range as a result. Russia and China are working with the 65% of the rest of the world who do not support either the actions of Nato and the US in Ukraine or sanctions against Russia.

There will be a new financial system. As of now Russia is still saying it will be a basket of currencies but if they have any sense, they will shave off a lot of wasted effort and just go straight to a gold and silver based currency.

The conflict in Ukraine literally is a battle between good and evil with the WEF/NATO/the EU and US on one side and the rest of the world on the other. The EU and NATO are literally committing suicide. That will be as obvious as a pimple on the tip of your nose soon this fall as Europe finds itself in a state of revolution against the massive stupidity of the EU leaders.

In the midst of an energy crisis Belgium voluntarily shut down one of their remaining nuclear power plants on Friday at a time where 64% of Belgians believe they cannot afford to pay their energy bills. That’s not Putin, that’s just basic fucking stupidity. Is it no longer just a requirement for world leaders to be sociopaths but also they must be mental midgets? With perhaps the sole exception of Oban, the rest of the flock are brain dead idiots who couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paper bag.

The dollar index has been flying lately. Readers should understand the dollar index does not have anything to do with measuring the value of the dollar except in terms of other currencies, mainly the Yen, the Euro and the British Pound. On Friday the DSI for the dollar index stood a value of 97. In the 33 years the index has been tracked by the DSI it has hit 98 only once and 97 only three times. In rational times the dollar index would be topping.

As of Friday the DSI for the British Pound was 5 along with the Canadian Dollar and the Australian Dollar. The S&P stood at 5 with the Nasdaq. I suspect the rocket higher in the DXY had more to do with the stupidity of the UK Prime Minister doing her best to destroy the value of the Pound in her rush to the bottom among currencies. There is an excellent chance we will see the continuation of the stock market crash this week, at least through Tuesday.

With the penny juniors in the mining area falling off a cliff on Friday with massive drops across the board, we are starting to see capitulation. While it is painful to watch your investments dropping by double digits daily, this is where wise investors make their fortunes. The market will rocket higher just as soon as those silly investors who used margin finish selling off the last of their investments just to meet a margin call.

These sorts of opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Prepare yourself to rake up the falling fruit. This is a quote from Basic Investing in Resource Stocks.

“Weak hands buy at tops and sell at bottoms. Strong hands buy at bottoms and sell at tops. It’s vital that investors remember that at every top there are 50 reasons to buy, and at every bottom there are 50 reasons to sell. That’s what makes them tops and bottoms.”

The DXY, S&P and Nasdaq are nearing a massive turn soon. Gold and silver will resume their climb and when the capitulation in resource stocks end, they will rocket higher.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

321gold Ltd

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