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Dynasty Gold Gets Lucky

Bob Moriarty

Jun 21, 2023

It has been said that Napoleon valued luck in his generals more than skill. That makes a lot of sense because you can always beat skill but you can never beat luck.

Dynasty Gold (DYG-V) ran a 1,000-meter drill program in 2022 and announced results in January and February of this year. Those results from three drill holes showed both bonanza grade and impressive widths. Then Dynasty gold got lucky.

Some twenty years ago I made my first international trip to a mining project in Western China for Dynasty. They were focused on China at the time and actually put a 70% owned gold mine into production. Their Chinese partner screwed them and Dynasty spent years and millions of dollars fighting for their 70% interest. And lost.

In 2018 the company made a pivot to gold projects in North America with their lead property the 2,250 ha Thundercloud Gold project in Ontario. They picked up the property through an option with Teck Resources and earned their 100% interest subject to a 2% NSR in September of 2021. Geologically it is similar to the Abitibi Gold belt of eastern Ontario but with far less exploration. It came with an 182,000 ounce 43-101 gold resource.

In March of this year I got a call from Ivy Chong the president of Dynasty. I’ve known her for twenty years and she wanted to chat about the drill results they released in January and February. While it was a tiny 1,000-meter drill program, the results were outstanding. Initially the market exploded higher on the news but drifted lower. With some of the best results I have seen lately out of such a short program, the company only had a market cap of about $8 million and little money to follow up.

Investors don’t know this but I talk to a number of mining companies about a lot of things. I’m an unofficial advisor to various management teams who actually appreciate a direct response to their questions. I can be very direct at times on about any subject. And since I don’t get paid for my advice, I’m a cheap source of opinions.

Ivy wanted to know what she should do. Since Rob McEwen had already committed to a major piece of any upcoming private placement I put some people in touch with Dynasty and suggested she swing for the fences. She announced a $2.8 million non-brokered placement on March 30th and it was highly over-subscribed at $3.74 million in short order.

That’s when she got lucky. Since she was trying to get by with spending only pennies in 2022, her geos sampled the obvious mineralized zones and left the hanging wall and footwall portions to be tested when they had some spare cash.

I’m going to dumb things down a little so everyone gets it so ignore the fact it is not a highly technical discussion. Many deposits are made up with veins consisted of mineralizing fluids flowing up cracks in the earth’s surface. At times both sides of the newly formed veins may have absorbed some of the fluids. They are called the hanging wall for the top surface and the footwall for the lower rock. Sometimes they are mineralized and other times they are not.

With some spare cash in the bank, Dynasty sent out hanging wall and footwall samples from the successful drill holes from the 2022 program for assay. The assays just came back on June 20th and they rocketed the shares higher by 32% from $.25 to $.33.

Hole DP 22-02 was reported to have a 25.5-meter interval of 5.37 g/t Au on January 10th. The assays just released show an increase in the interval to 34.5 meters and an increase in grade to 5.98 g/t gold. Not only was the interval 24% greater, the recently assayed sections were slightly higher grade.

Hole DP 22-03 was reported as 51 meters of 7.35 g/t gold in the January press release. The additional assays now show a total interval of 73.5 meters of 8.42 g/t gold giving a 40% longer interval and again, higher grade. That was already a world-class hole including 6.5 meters of 72.23 g/t of gold.

Dynasty plans a 5,000-meter drill program at Thundercloud for 2023 and an additional 5,000-meter program depending on results from the first program. The company has management, geological expertise, money in the bank and some luck. That’s a winning combination. I suspect the price is going to go a lot higher.

Dynasty is an advertiser. I participated in the PP and have also bought shares in the open market. I am biased so do your own due diligence.

Dynasty Gold Corp
DYG-V  $.33 (Jun 20, 2023) 
DGDCF-OTCBB 61 million shares
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