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Message from Bob MOLYarty

Bob Moriarty
December 13, 2004

I am in Vancouver today. It's warmer here this morning than in Miami.

I came up to visit the nice folks at Roca Mines to see their MAX Moly deposit in BC. The timing couldn't be better as moly hit $32 (yes, thirty two dollars) a pound late last week. I have made mention of Adanac several times regarding their 500 million pound Ruby Creek Moly deposit.

The increase in moly prices is going to last far longer than anyone now imagines. No one has opened a primary moly mine in the last 28 years. Moly production as a by-product of copper production is actually going down, so the future for the few primary moly deposits is bright.

I will be writing about my visit to the MAX property upon my return to Miami next weekend, but it would be a good idea for all junior mining investors to consider the few moly alternatives today.

The MAX property has a 1 million pound high grade (.94%) core containing $600 million dollars worth of metal at today's prices. Adanac's 500 million pound Atlin property has increased the metal value by $3 billion dollars in the last two weeks.

One day soon, someone who wants a moly deposit is going to pick up the phone and start talking turkey with either or both of these companies. Today's price will seem very cheap.

Roca Mines: website
Adanac Moly Corp: website

December 13, 2004
Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold Inc

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