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David Collum’s 2009-2012 Years in Review Now in Hardback

Bob Moriarty

May 26, 2023

Every December I look forward to going to Peak Prosperity to read the latest Year in Review from David Collum where he covers all the interesting things going on in the world. Clearly the world is in a bit of a state because the YIR used to be a couple of dozen pages. Now it stands alone as a book.

His 2022 YIR was so long it took me hours to read and I hate reading long things on my computer. So I went to David and asked if I could format the book into a hardback. He gets the revenue. And I am in the process of taking all the years back to 2009 and putting them into print. I just finished the 2009-2012.

Dave Collum is easily the best single investor I have come across. He starts off the 2009 YIR by talking about his history of investing and how he picks trends to follow. One of the things I have found interesting is that some of the giants in the financial industry have made big mistakes in what they recommend and when they are proven to be wrong, they just bury their forecast.

Robert Prechter is an award-winning proponent and a leading author of the Elliott Wave Theory. But in 2000 with gold in the doldrums, he continued to predict gold would drop to $200. So did Martin Armstrong. But you won’t find any records of those predictions still around today. Martin Armstrong did come around and by December of 2011 he was calling for $5,000 gold. You won’t find that prediction either.

But David Collum posts his YIR and keeps it up for everyone to see. But you have to go back more than a dozen years to realize he should keep it on the web, he has only had one negative year in total net worth. He is a true contrarian and keeps his investing simple. Any serious investor should at least follow him for great ideas that are both simple and profitable.

David is a remarkable writer and thinker as well as being successful at investing. He comments on everything including the constant stupidity our government and society has gotten wrapped up in lately.

I was very pleased to have helped put 2009-2012 Years in Review into paper form and I think you will find it both timely and interesting.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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