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West Red Lake Gold Doubles in Eight Days

Bob Moriarty

Jul 8, 2020

In the past few weeks the resource markets have begun to show investors what they can expect when the market understands the meaning of the hyperinflation headed our way. While I believe the DSI and rampant speculation are giving a signal for a correction soon, I can’t predict if it will be a small burp or a serious drop.

I can predict the general market led by the Nasdaq. Think of a falling safe. The overall markets are more insane than I have ever seen or read of.

The US has painted itself into a corner by overstating the virus cases by hundreds of percent. Now Europe has put the EU off limits to incoming Americans. Welcome to the new world brought to you by the gang of fools.

It simply is not possible for a country with 5% of the world’s population to have 25% of the world’s virus cases. The CDC even admits the tests will show positive for any flu or prior cold. How wonderful. Now the government is lying about absolutely everything.

Investors are starting to understand the real meaning of pouring stacks of hundred dollars bills onto a bonfire. While the thought of free money certainly dances through our heads like that of the sugar plum fairy through the mind of a five year old, there is no free lunch. The money came from somewhere and has to be paid back either through taxes, default or good old fashioned hyperinflation.

I’m in the hyperinflation camp. That is more a function of citizens losing faith in their government than a purely monetary event. I don’t care if you are a die hard Red or a die hard Blue, it should be clear to anyone with eyes and at least half a brain that the US is led by a gang of fools. While I am deeply offended by the constant “ME, ME, ME, ME” coming from the president as he practices his opera notes, when I watch the presumed Democratic candidate, Joe Biden announce, “I am going to beat Joe Biden” I feel certain he is 100% correct.


Own some gold and silver and maybe a resource company or two. You can’t print gold and there is no counter-party risk.

Three weeks ago the IR guy for West Red Lake Gold contacted me and pitched me on the company. It was compelling. They are a 62% owner of a joint venture in the Red Lake District with significant drill results. My comment to the West Red Lake guy was that they needed to start telling their story. With intercepts last year of 14.18 g/t Au over 7.8 meters and 12.14 g/t Au over 13.5 meters and others almost as nice, their biggest problem was visibility.

I also was convinced enough that they had a good story that I went out and bought some shares at $.08 a month ago. The price of the shares went up and down as lots of companies do but volume increased. Then the shares doubled in the last eight days. I realized then that I was a genius. Actually a lot of other stocks have woken up in the last month and doubled so maybe I’m not that big a genius.

Investors should look at the presentation. At blocks greater than a 1-gram cutoff, the actual inferred resource is 1.352 million ounces at an average grade of 4.48 grams. RLG would own 62% of that or 838,000 ounces. The outstanding drill results from last year in the NT Zone are not figured into the 43-101 so West Red Lake is sitting on more gold than the numbers show.

West Red Lake recently completed a private placement and has just started a planned 3000-meter drill program for this year. The NT Zone is the primary focus. There will be a flow of news starting in about six weeks and continuing for months.

West Red Lake Gold has about 20 million warrants expiring over time exercisable at $.10. With the shares solidly in the money people selling shares to exercise warrants will both provide great liquidity and $2 million in cash for more follow up exploration.

RLG isn’t as good a deal as it was a couple of weeks ago but probably it’s a lot better deal than what prices will be when hyperinflation hits. This is a time to get prepared for the disaster we know is coming.

To the extent that everyone that owns shares is somewhat biased, I am biased so you should do your own due diligence. West Red Lake Gold is an advertiser. Do your own due diligence.

West Red Lake Gold Mines
RLG-C $.16 (Jul 07, 2020)
RLGMF OTCBB 163.8 million shares
West Red Lake website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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