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Buying Real Gold and Silver from Sprott

Bob Moriarty
Sep 28, 2014

The world is awash in debt. All debt gets paid, either by the borrower or by the lender. For the past six years governments and central banks have been confusing liquidity with solvency. The banks are insolvent, even after trillions of dollars have been hurled at them. They have been insolvent since 2008. But they are awash in liquidity. Much of the debt has been transferred onto the backs of taxpayers but they, too, are insolvent. If central banks could create wealth by printing paper, we would have no poor.

This state can only end in tragedy. On April 25th of 2011 I posted a piece I called “Facts on Silver.” It was a top and I said so. I am of the opinion that we are near or at a bottom for silver and gold. I started buying physical silver a week ago and should it go any lower, I will be a bigger buyer. The general market looks as if it’s rolling over and I suspect the drop in gold and silver is little more than the canary in the coalmine. Should the general market crash now; the central banks are out of ammo.

I get a lot of requests from companies that sell physical metals to tout their companies. As much as I would like to, and many of them will pay me a piece of the action, I cannot recommend them because I don’t know how they stand financially and I’d hate it if someone placed a big order for gold or silver because of me and failed to get it and lost their money.

I just returned from a quick one-day trip to Toronto to visit with the crew from Sprott. They invited 15 newsletter writers to see them, all expenses paid so they could educate those they consider influential into all the aspects of Sprott. We met the Sprott crew and stayed at the Trump Hotel. Say what you want about his barber and serial bankruptcy, his hotels put on a great visit. The price was reasonable and the service extraordinary.

Ignorant me, I never knew Eric Sprott has his own company selling physical gold and silver. It’s called Sprott Money and he owns it. I may disagree with him on the manipulation of metals but I think everyone should own some physical gold and silver. I have no problem at all saying that if you are in the market and prices are cheap right now, you should be calling Sprott Money.

I was a big seller of silver in April and May of 2011 at the top and I’m a big buyer right now. If you buy cheap and sell dear, no matter what market you are in, you will do well. There is zero risk of Sprott Money defaulting or not delivering. They don’t advertise what they don’t have in stock.

I do not get anything for recommending them so I don’t have a dog in the fight but my next purchases will be from them. Their prices look lower than any others that I have seen and there is zero counterparty risk.

Mark this date on your calendar. On October 7th at 2:00PM Eastern there will be a gold roundtable hosted by Rick Rule, Eric Sprott and John Embry. It will last for one hour. To sign up, go here. These are some of the smartest guys in the industry so you want to listen.

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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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