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Eloro, Eskay, Aurania, New Found Gold All Ready to Double

Bob Moriarty

Apr 14, 2021

You certainly aren’t hearing about it from the Ministry of Truth but Ukraine pretty much declared war with Russia on the 24th of March and promptly moved their forces to the borders of Donbass. Russia mobilized their forces and stands ready to defend the Russian citizens in Donbass from Ukraine.

This is a giant game on the part of the Neocons in the US and Nato who have desired war with Russia and China for years. Russia and China are not the aggressors, the US is.

And if you think that is just wonderful, we need to teach those Commie rats a big lesson, let me remind you that the US doesn’t have a single general who ever won a battle much less a war. We were not fighting groups in Afghanistan any larger than a fair size Girl Scout Troop. We still got our asses kicked. We don’t have a single flag officer even honest enough to admit that if you have been fighting a war for 20 years, you lost.

I flew 1150 hours in combat in twenty months in Vietnam. I was bad. I wasn’t a Remington Raider, I wasn’t some REMF, I wasn’t a supply clerk, I was the cutting edge of the sword.

I flew some seven hundred missions in the O-1 Birddog in Northern I-Corp right on the DMZ. There were more Birddogs shot down in combat relative to the total number of planes than any other aircraft in Vietnam. I was shot at hundreds of times. We had the most number of planes shot down and pilots killed but we also got the most medals for bravery.

I would not dream of fucking with Putin or even the Chinese for that matter. Putin is a bad ass. If you really insist on finding out just how bad, you are about to learn.

The Mossad agents running Urban Moving Systems at 911, remember the guys who later admitted they were sent to record the events, bragged that Israel would take control of the media in the US and in twenty years destroy the country. It’s in the FBI report. (Gee, how did they know about the attack in advance?)

It’s been twenty years.

If Biden and the Neocons start World War III it will be a short war. And the US will lose. On the other hand, gold will go up a lot. And you may want to rethink just how much you really want to see $50,000 gold.

If the brain dead idiots in Washington manage to avoid stepping in the pile of pig shit they have littered the halls with, gold will go up because of their financial stupidity in seeing what they will run out of first, ink or paper. We are about to get hit with inflation easing into hyperinflation.

Gold had a great run last year up until early August and then settled in for a long boring correction. Based on the number of weak handed longs who finally dumped their long positions, selling right at the low, I think we have seen at least a tradeable low. Obviously gold shares have corrected across the board but have been in a stealth rally for the last two weeks.

There are hundreds of well run companies that are OK for cash and who have good projects they are moving forward. This market isn’t the house of ill repute that Vancouver and Toronto turned into by the time of the top in 2011. Lots of companies are going to go up hundreds of percent. These are some of my favorites most of which are pretty much being ignored by the market.

My biggest holding right now in Eloro. Mostly because it has climbed from $.23 a year ago to a high of $5.89 the last time drill results came out. Alas a lot of investors were primed to buy the rumor and sell the news and the stock dropped 4.5% on the day of the release. The assays they came out with were nothing short of brilliant. They took channel samples in the Santa Barbara adit that were simply awesome.

(Click on images to enlarge)

For those not happy with 166 meters of $360 rock, within that length they also had 1,092 Ag eq/t over 56.2 meters.

The Iska Iska project in Bolivia is not an easy property for most investors to understand because it is so large. It is a massive polymetallic deposit with silver, lead, zinc, tin, copper, gold, bismuth and indium. I think when they start showing the indium numbers; investors are going to be really surprised. It costs a lot of money to assay for indium but at $305 per kilo makes each gram of In worth over $0.30.

Investors should go back and reread what I wrote at the end of January. Look at the pictures at the bottom. That whole caldera is probably mineralized which means billions of tons of ore potentially. And past assays have demonstrated long lengths of over $100 rock. This is not a marginal project. It is a high-grade bulk tonnage deposit. Iska Iska is going to be one of the largest and most valuable mines in South America one day soon with majors fighting to pick up a piece.

Eloro has a market cap of $230 million with $25 million in cash right now. They are an easy double soon.

Eskay Mining was a $.14 stock less than a year ago. It’s been as high as 2,000% higher this year. Mac Balkam brought Quinton Hennigh on board last year to help him get his dream moving forward. For a dozen years Mac dragged the company along kicking and screaming as he pitched his Eskay look-alike property right in the center of the Golden Triangle of Northern BC to everyone and anyone who would listen. Few did.

That’s stupid. The ultra high-grade Eskay Creek gold and silver mine was a VMS. Those VMS projects were originally black-smokers on the ocean floor. They always occur in clusters. Quinton knew that and brought in the best VMS experts he knew to look over the data. ESK had an exceptionally successful initial drill program that completed in the late fall.

Investors hate Golden Triangle stories during the winter. The final drill results have eventually been released. It will be another six to nine months before anything else happens. But Santa’s Elves work all year round, not just at Christmas.

On April 13th Eskay announced their technical team has gone through all the data from last year’s drill program and realized there are six prospective units for VMS deposits. That’s big news. Eskay has a 30,000-meter drill program starting in June of 2021.

In news released in late March of 2021 Eskay announced they now control 100% of their SIB project after Kirkland Lake walked away from their 20% interest in the property leaving them with a 2% NSR.

Eskay Mining has a market cap of about $345 million with about 4.5 million warrants solidly in the money at $1.30 that will bring in about $6 million. It's entirely possible ESK will want to top up before starting the drill program. Even at $345 million, if they have the multiple Eskay Creek deposits that the data suggests, they are an easy double and more.

There has been good news out of Ecuador lately on the permitting and operations front. The country just held a presidential election, Guillermo Lasso won. Pretty much all exploration stopped due to a lack of drill permits and water usage permits pending the policies of the new administration. Since fees double after four years of exploration, many of the mining companies were upset because of the lack of progress on permitting. Aurania expects permits to be extended by one to three years as a result.

Aurania came out with some fairly significant results from an unexpected direction. As my regular readers are well aware, the company was founded by Keith Barron to explore for two gold mines from the Spanish occupation time that have simply disappeared. The Spanish were hated by the Indians and literally run out of town. The bad news is that Keith has not found either of the cities as yet but the good news is that it appears that he has found something much better.

Months ago the company geos discovered signs of sedimentary silver/copper structures. They have traced the system all the way into Peru and have staked over 400,000 square ha there. Hannan has a similar deposit and a $35 million dollar exploration program with Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation.

In the press release dated April 12, Aurania goes into detail as to what they have discovered already. The sedimentary silver/copper they are sampling now has been followed and tested for 15 km. Mineralization has been found in seven different layers of limestone and dolomite. One of the structures shows a true thickness of 50 meters. A channel sample returned a grade of 2 meters of 12 g/t Ag and 3.9% Zn.

This style of deposit produces most of the lead and zinc in the world. The structures can continue for hundreds of kilometers. If investors will go to the very well written press release they will see many more samples of similar high grade. Finding a lot of $118 rock in Ecuador would be a world-class deposit and lift the economics of the country greatly.

Aurania has a market cap of about $110 million with about $7 million in cash. Due to the lack of news caused by Covid and the political climate because of the pending election, the stock price for Aurania has tumbled from $5.75 to the current $2.40. It was expensive. It is now cheap.

New Found Gold puts out the most boring press releases in all of Canada and has done for many months. “We drilled a hole and found a lot of gold over a long distance. More holes to follow.” Their latest drill results from the Keats Zone showed 106.5 g/t gold over 9.15 meters.

It may sound a little nuts to suggest that a $5977 drill intercept is boring but when it’s one after another after another, it is boring. Can’t these guys even drill a duster once in a while? Is that too much to ask for? Everyone else does it all the time but NFG? Nope.


If the assay results remind you of the Swan Zone at Fosterville, currently the highest-grade gold mine in the world, they should. They are similar. But there are a lot more of them. As I said, boring.

By pure chance I happen to own shares in all these companies. And they are advertisers. Naturally I am biased so you must do your own due diligence.

And while the title of the piece suggests these four are ready to double, they are. But there are dozens of other juniors that will do as well or better.

Eloro Resources Ltd
ELO-V $3.81 (Apr 13, 2021)
ELRRF-OTCQX 60.6 million shares
Eloro website

Eskay Mining Corp
ESK-V $2.15 (Apr 13, 2021)
ESKYF OTCQB 160 million shares
Eskay Mining website

Aurania Resources Ltd
ARU-V $2.40 (Apr 13, 2021)

AUIAF-OTCQB 46.4 million shares

Aurania Resources website

New Found Gold Corp
NFG-V $4.86 (Apr 13, 2021)
NFGFF-OTCBB 148.7 million shares
New Found Gold website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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