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Big Red Mining Goes for High-Grade Copper in Ontario

Bob Moriarty

May 4, 2022

Big Red Mining (RED-C) is in the right commodity, copper. And Big Red is in the right jurisdiction, Ontario, Canada. And Big Red is really cheap at $3.5 million with about $750,000 in the bank.

The company did a short nine-hole drill program in 2021 with results released in early March. The best hole was DL-21-01 with 1.8% copper over 6.8 meters. That would be $175 USD rock and a 6.8-meter intercept is excellent. The remainder of the holes all showed some copper.

The company intends a follow up program this year with two newly discovered zones showing grab samples of 13% copper in the SE Trench area and 6.98% copper in the #1 Zone.

The Dobie Lake property consists of 169 claims with a total of 8,900 ha surrounding the past producing Jentina Copper Mine. The mineralized structure has a combined strike length of over 8 km. The option on the property to gain 100% ownership subject to a 2% NSR requires an initial $5,000 payment in cash, an $80 thousand work commitment and 50,000 shares. Years two, three and four require an additional $750,000 work commitment and the issue of 300 thousand shares.

With the world turning to Electric Vehicles we are going to need a lot more lithium, copper and nickel. Copper is literally down to a several day supply right now. We aren’t running short of copper, we are out of copper.

Big Red is very young and as rough as a corncob right now. But they are in the right commodity and jurisdiction. Big Red is an advertiser and that has to make me biased so you are responsible for your own due diligence as best as you can.

But they are really cheap and we are in a stock market crash. You are going to make the most money by investing in really low market cap shares.

Big Red Mining Corp
RED-C $.14 May 4, 2022
25 million shares
Big Red website


Bob Moriarty
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