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Barbara is Retiring

Bob Moriarty

Dec 1, 2011

Not a lot of people fully understand the dynamics behind 321gold.com. Barbara and I started the website in the summer of 2001 convinced that gold and silver were at a bottom and the financial system was fixing to come unglued. Well, gold and silver were at a bottom. Saying the financial system is coming unglued is no longer a prediction; you can watch it in living color daily.

From the beginning ten and a half years ago, Barbara was the backbone of the site. She designed it. She built it and she maintained it. I may be the guy visible at gold shows and with the byline but don’t be confused, Barbara was the brains.

But living with doom and gloom daily gets tiring. We are not as young as we used to be and she wanted out. She has worked practically every day and given everything to the site. It’s time for her to focus more on her and her family.

The transition will be mostly seamless but her sense of humor and adding brightness to every day will be missed. Rarely in life will you come across anyone as kind or thoughtful. I’ve been married to her for 21 years and I only regret not having met her forty years ago. I’ve known a number of interesting people in my life but of all the people I have ever known, Barbara was the most intelligent and the bravest. And the most loving of all people.

She will be missed.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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