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Brandon Euthanizes Europe

Bob Moriarty

Sep 27, 2022

On February 16th the comedian running Ukraine began a massive shelling attack on the Donbas after murdering over 14,000 innocent civilians since 2014 in the region because they did not support the illegal coup d’état sponsored by the US.

In a speech given at the Munich Security Conference on February 19th the clown made it clear Ukraine wanted to regain its nuclear arsenal. Also on February 19th Brandon announced he knew Putin was about to attack Ukraine. That may have had something to do with Ukraine’s planned invasion of the Donbas scheduled for early March.

Russia responded with a preemptive attack on Ukraine on February 24th. Brandon called for more sanctions on Russia in response in addition to those imposed before Russia had done anything.

The European allies and US seized billions of dollars of Russian reserves in the west and other assets without even a shred of legal justification. The Ruble went into free fall going from 85 to the dollar on February 15th to a high of 147 on March 7th. Clearly the sanctions had an effect and cut the value of the Ruble almost in half.

Russia was prepared for yet another round of sanctions. They raised internal interest rates and demanded payment for their gas and oil in Rubles. Since then the Ruble has been the strongest currency in the world currently trading at 55 to the dollar. The Euro has fallen to below par with the Dollar, the British Pound is down over 20% and almost at par with the dollar. The sanctions hurt.

But they hurt Europe, they didn’t hurt Russia.

On March 1st I posted an article I had written in response to the sanctions. I called it The US, EU and Nato Just Committed Suicide. I’m going to take credit for being the first person in the world to write about how stupid and self-destructive the sanctions were. Since then the word suicide has been recognized by hundreds or thousands of other commentators. Everyone now understands just how much damage the sanctions have done to the economy of Europe and the US.

You see, there is no energy shortage. There is lots of natural gas available and coal and oil to any willing buyer. But at the insistence of the US upon their European sock puppets, Europe refused to agree to perfectly reasonable terms offered by Russia. This wasn’t a case of Russia refusing to sell resources to the EU. It was a case of the EU first stealing from Russia and then demanding Russia agrees to their terms.

Putin understood something that none of the “leaders” of the EU understood and most of the world still doesn’t get.

Europe needs Russia.

Russia does not need Europe.

So the cost of energy and food across the world has skyrocketed. This winter thousands of businesses in Europe are going to be forced to close because they cannot afford to pay their energy bills. Millions of Europeans are going to starve or freeze or be forced into poverty as a result of their own stupidity or all three at the same time.

I’ve been amazed because the solution to the problem was so simple but the actions of the “leaders” of the EU so obtuse.

Regardless of how they feel about the war, right or wrong on anyone’s part, if the sanctions hurt Europe and didn’t hurt Russia, all the EU had to do was declare victory and announce the end of the sanctions. Agree to pay on the terms Russia has offered to everyone and the economy recovers from this latest stupidity in government in a few months.

If Germany needs natural gas as a feedstock for their chemical plants and to provide heat for businesses and homes, all they had to do was turn on the Nord Stream II pipeline.

That was until September 27th when the US blew up Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II. Which Brandon has promised was in the works long ago.

So we are in one of those good news, bad news places. The good news is that thousands and perhaps millions of Europeans led by the Germans are going to starve, freeze and go bankrupt this year.

Because of this act of war on the part of the US, the probability of a nuclear exchange just went through the roof. We are closer to nuclear annihilation than we have ever been in history.

The bad news of course is that no matter how grim this winter is in Europe, they are totally fucked next year. Turning on the tap is no longer an option even if the EU sobered up.

Welcome to World War III brought to you by Brandon and the idiot neo-cons surrounding him. Is anyone stupid enough to believe Russia will not respond in kind?


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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