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False Flag Operation Coming Now

Bob Moriarty

Jun 22, 2023

The most corrupt country in Europe run by a coke-snorting comedian who has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars has cost his country the lives of several hundred thousand soldiers in a meaningless war on his fellow citizens.

But you have to give Zelensky, the CIA and Nato credit. After spending five billion dollars for the most obvious coup d’état in history in 2014 and overthrowing the legally elected leader before attacking Russian heritage citizens in the eastern regions of the country the DOD paid the Rand Corporation millions of dollars to do a report in 2019 saying exactly how Ukraine could force Russia into what is no more than a civil war.

So under the legal concept of R2P Russia invaded Donbas in February of 2022. This was after Putin demanded international security guarantees in December of 2021 to force Nato and Ukraine into abiding by the Minsk II agreement that they had ignored for six years.

Putin’s demand fell on deaf ears.

The propaganda campaign run by the CIA and DOD proved remarkably successful. While the Pope remained neutral in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the Pope abandoned neutrality to publically support a country essentially run by hard core Nazis. These were the direct descendants of the Ukrainian Nazis guilty of the cold-blooded murder of hundreds of thousands of Poles, Jews and Russians during the 2nd world war. The very worst war crimes during the war in Europe were on the Eastern front committed by the Nazis.

But it wasn’t the German Nazis. It was the Ukrainian Nazis.

The Swiss adopted formal neutrality at least as far back as the Treaty of Paris in 1815. Like the Pope and the Catholic Church they took no position on World War I or II or Korea or Vietnam or Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan. But when Russia acted to protect the former Russian citizens living in a fake country that never existed prior to 1991, the Swiss spoke up to support the Nazis.

How remarkable of them. If you are going to throw away centuries of neutrality, at least do it for a cause worth supporting.

The war gets more absurd by the day.

Now Israel appears ready to supply two hundred of their most advanced Merkava tanks to Ukraine to show Israel has no hard feelings against Nazi war criminals.

Someone blew up three of the four pipelines called Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 in late September of 2022. If you are exceptionally stupid you listened to Zelensky when he claimed the Russians blew up their own $17 billion pipelines.

Someone attacked the bridge linking Crimea and the Russian mainland over the Kerch Strait in October of 2022. If you qualify as an idiot you will have believed Zelensky when he claimed the Russians blew up their own bridge.

Someone fired rockets into the Kakhovka Dam over the Dnieper River on June 6th of 2023 causing the dam to collapse resulting in widespread destruction with the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian citizens while the dam was under Russian control. If you were a fool you would believe Zelensky when he claimed the Russians destroyed the dam that stored up the cooling water for the largest Nuclear power plant in Europe while it was under their control.

The US and Nato prodded Zelensky into an offensive against the finer-armed and better-trained Russian forces. Under the concept of “let’s fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood” Zelensky hurled his few remaining units into a meat grinder before it became obvious to the entire world that the Nato trained and equipped forces of Ukraine were a spent force incapable of fighting their way out of a wet paper bag.

But Nato has tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine and Russia and is about to conclude the largest war games in Nato history on the 23rd of June supported by 250 warplanes.

Wouldn’t it be just spiffy and wonderful if Zelensky could attack the largest nuclear power plant in Europe causing widespread radiation over Europe? He could pretend the Russians attacked the nuclear power plant under their control. Under those circumstances Nato might claim to invoke Article Five of the NATO Treaty and demand all of the Nato countries fight for the Ukrainian Nazis to the last drop of Nato blood.

World War III could be a few days away. We are one small false flag operation on the part of Zelensky before Nato forces intervene directly in the Special Military Operation.

Alas, as with the SMO, Nato, the US, the EU and Ukraine have no idea of how fast they are going to get their asses kicked. It will go nuclear.

No one wins any war. All that happens is that one side loses a lot more than the other side.

It’s going to be a short and ugly war.

I am not religious but I will pray that when the dying is over the Neocon bastards that have brought this holocaust upon the world pay an appropriate price for their crimes.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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