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Banyan Gold, Yukon’s Finest

Bob Moriarty

Oct 19, 2020

Twenty years from now there are going to be more books that will have been written about the year 2020 than are in print about the Kennedy assassination. Just when you think it would not be possible to get any more nuts, it gets more nuts. The latest news from the monkey jungle we call Washington DC is that Joe Biden was getting payoffs from China. Not that the average American couch potato would know that because Twitter and Facebook have morphed into the Ministry of Truth who have taken it upon themselves to censor articles from the third most widely read newspaper in the country.

We now know that we are being told what to believe and more importantly what we are not allowed to read. First they silence you on a temporary basis, then the Ministry of Love takes over and silences you on a permanent basis.

I have made mention many times about the actions of the Clinton campaign to falsely accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians in the 2016 election to take attention away from her own crimes committed by putting classified emails on a private server. I have gone so far as calling it a coup d’état on the part of the CIA, FBI and DOJ and the Democratic Party. While it was indeed a coup and we have all the evidence in the world after four years of lies and cover-ups, it did not reach the level of treason.

Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution. Piracy and counterfeiting are listed as crimes but not defined. Good thing counterfeiting is not defined else the entire staff of the Fed would be wearing stripes. Treason is either making war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

Hunter Biden is a crack head. I don’t really give a damn about illegal drugs, every society in history has had them and their use was restricted to the upper class. In the Aztec Empire, chocolate was limited for use by the peasants. I don’t like drugs because they make you stupid. Hunter Biden is a perfect example. He takes some fried computers for service and forgets all about them and can’t be bothered picking them up but has left proof of all his misadventures as the son of the sitting Vice President on the computers. Now that’s dumb. The computer repairman realized he was sitting on some pretty dangerous material so he turns the computers over to the FBI in 2019. The FBI confused the computers with chicken eggs and sat on them for a year in the hopes they would hatch.

But the computer repairman wasn’t stupid, he made a copy of the hard drive and all its incriminating evidence and it ended in the hands of the New York Post who published some of the more interesting emails including one that appears to show VP Biden getting payoffs from the Chinese. That’s called treason.

But Facebook and Twitter have stern rules against exposing clear cases of treason against the FBI or DOJ or CIA or Biden. So they took it upon themselves to dictate what Americans can and can’t know about treason being committed by Democrats.

Now that’s chilling. It’s bad enough that the FBI and CIA and Adam Schiff think they should be in charge of picking the president. Those companies have monopoly power over the information available to Americans. When they get caught covering up a clear case of treason, perhaps it is time to break them up. At the very least it is proof positive that the Empire has ended.

Perhaps Trump and crew need to change their motto and it needs to be Make America 2.0 Great.

If you do not have substantial reserves in the form of gold, silver, platinum or palladium or shares of resource companies, you need to fill up soon. The shit is hitting the fan right now and it’s going to get a whole lot worse. We are going to have hyperinflation and the banking system is failing now.

Tara Christie is one of my favorite people in Canada. She is a third generation Yukon miner. The fourth generation is still a bit young but no doubt is in training as I write. I literally love Tara Christie. She is just wonderful.

She also happens to run one of the more interesting gold companies in Canada or for that part, the world. It’s called Banyan Gold (BYN-V) and is based in the Yukon.

As of May 2020 what they call the AurMac project has just over 900,000 ounces in a 43-101 resource. 2020 calls for about 10,000 meters of drilling. 7,500 meters have been completed and results have been coming in with a speed of a snail. However the results that have been released are excellent including 47.7 meters of 1.02 g/t Au. The resource is not especially high grade, averaging 0.535 g/t Au but investors are getting incredible leverage to the price of gold.

At today’s price, investors are getting gold for about $40 an ounce in Canadian pesos. But the company is defining ounces for $2 an ounce. A fully funded drill program for 2021 calls for 15,000 meters of drilling with two drills turning beginning in March.

Insiders own about 11% with Alexco, Victoria Gold, Osisko and Sprott chipping in for about 24% and a public float of about 65%. As of the beginning of September 2020 the company had about $5.7 million in the kitty.

Banyan Gold is an advertiser. I participated in the latest private placement so naturally that makes me biased. Do your own due diligence but if you see gold going a lot higher as I do, you want in the low priced leveraged plays on gold. Banyan is perfect for that and has brilliant management.

Banyan Gold
BYN-V $.31 (Oct 16, 2020)
BYAGF-OTCQB 162 million shares
Banyan Gold website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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