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Short Updates on Benchmark, TriStar Gold, Precipitate Gold and Lion One

Bob Moriarty

Jul 24, 2020

My readers may be shocked to hear that I have been exceptionally busy lately, as the metals seem to be climbing to the moon. Naturally the stories I follow are trying to make hay while the sun shines so I am forced into ganging some of those stories together else I will never catch up. There are probably 1,500 juniors in Canada all clamoring for attention and I can only type so fast.

These are all companies I have written about in the past and if you want to reread what I have said, go to my archives page and do a search for their name.

Benchmark Metals (BNCH-V) is in the midst of a 50,000-meter drill program at their Lawyer’s gold/silver project in the Golden Horseshoe district in Northern BC. To date they have completed 10,500 meters of drilling this year. Results will start to come out in the next couple of weeks. They have added a third core rig to make a total of five drill rigs working. Expect a lot more gold and silver.

TriStar Gold (TSG-V) just closed a $9.2 million bought deal financing about two weeks ago. That will fund the exploration portion for their prefeasibility study scheduled for release early next year. Meanwhile they will begin a major drill program shortly.

Investors are going to have to read between the lines for the meaning of the latest press release from Precipitate Gold (PRG-V) but I will give you a big hint. This is exactly what you want to see if you want to find another Pueblo Viejo gold deposit. With a $25 million market cap, PRG is a giant sleeper. Naturally the truth detector will be the drill rig but the company is coming up with the ground survey results that you want to see in a big deposit. Pueblo Viejo is the largest gold mine in the Americas and the 8th largest in the world. All shares in juniors are lottery tickets but the Precipitate lotto has a giant potential payoff.

Like Benchmark and TriStar the market understands the potential and is willing to pay up for Lion One with a market cap of about $220 million today. But Lion One owns a whole alkaline gold system in a region where such deposits are measuring 10-20 million ounces. Their latest report on drilling from the company just out a couple of days ago suggests they have found the feeder structure they have been looking for. Drilling is continuing and assays are pending.

I own shares in all of these companies and have participated in prior private placements. All are advertisers so I am biased. Do your own due diligence.

Benchmark Metals Inc
BNCH-V $.76 (Jul 23, 2020)
CYRTF-OTCBB 118.5 million shares
Benchmark Metals website

TriStar Gold Corp
TSG-V $.38 (Jul 23, 2020)
TSGZF-OTCBB 182 million shares

TriStar Gold website

Precipitate Gold Corp
PRG-V $.255 (Jul 23, 2020)
PREIF-OTCBB 105.7 million shares

Precipitate Gold website

Lion One Metals
LIO-V $1.88 (Jul 23, 2020)
LOMLF OTCQX 117.5 million shares
Lion One website


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