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Thesis Gold is on Sale for Presidents' Day

Bob Moriarty

Feb 20, 2023

We are in a correction for gold, silver and the resource stocks. I pretty much peg the decline in gold and silver to a perfectly normal correction that is good for the metals and investors. But I think the ongoing crash in the overall stock market is clobbering resource stocks. I have done several interviews lately and my suggestion is to move into the very highest quality and safest shares for now.

Thesis Gold (TAU-V) would be one perfect example. I covered the company fourteen months ago when the shares were selling at a bargain basement price of $1.45. Last Friday you could have bought the same shares for $.82 in spite of the company completing over 35,000 meters of drilling on their 180 square KM gold property in the Golden Triangle of BC in Canada.

A year ago Thesis hit a high of $3.09 and is now down in spite of generating excellent drill results. Three weeks ago the company announced 95.7 meters of 1.6 g/t Au. That’s $126 in CAD.

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Ten days ago the company announced more excellent results including 50.3 meters of 1.86 g/t Au. That’s $147 rock in CAD. And it began near surface.

The majors have begun a series of Mergers and Acquisitions that can only continue. Since 1997 and Bre-X the majors got rid of their exploration arms while they were consuming their young at the same time. The industry is in for some interesting times in M&A if the highly predicted sharp rise in gold takes place soon.

The 100% owned Ranch project of Thesis is located just north of the 3.6 million ounce Lawyers gold project of Benchmark Metals in the Golden Triangle. The drill program for 2023 calls for an additional 40,000 meters of drilling funded in total with the $15 million in cash the company holds after exercise of warrants by existing shareholders in November. Speaking of shareholders, the company is exceptionally tightly held with 65% of the shares in the hands of institutions and insiders. The company has a tiny public float.

I’ve made the comment in the past that juniors offer exceptional opportunity to those wise enough to buy low and sell high. I worked out once that the average stock I owned had a 290% range in twelve months. Thesis is a perfect example, the stock is down right at 75% in 13 months but nothing at all has changed with the project or the management or the price of gold. Buying in here and holding until it just regains where it was 13 months ago would reflect a threefold increase in price.

Thesis is an advertiser and I own shares. Do your own due diligence.

Thesis Gold Inc
TAU-V $.82 (Feb 17, 2023)
THSGF-OTCBB 65 million shares
Thesis Gold website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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