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How to Unscramble an Egg

Bob Moriarty

May 24, 2012

For those of our readers who don’t understand the mess with the Euro and the pending exit from the Euro of Greece, here’s what you need to know.

On May 6th, this month, France and Greece held national elections. They are, after all, both democracies and in the true spirit of mob voting, they voted against cutting spending and voted for more benefits. Democracy is at its heart the mob voting to steal from those who have, to give to themselves.

Basically the French and Greeks voted to continue to spend like drunken sailors and to allow Germany to bail them out once more. I may do a disservice to drunken sailors because even drunken sailors stop spending when they run out of money.

Germany, of course, was thrilled. Good luck with that, guys.

Creating the EU and the Euro was much like scrambling an egg. We are all familiar with the concept. You get an egg, a wire whisk and a bowl. Crack the egg into the bowl; a few swift whips of the whisk and you have your scrambled egg.

When Greece soon exits the Euro, all they have to do is reverse the process. Unscrambling the egg isn’t quite as difficult as putting it back into the eggshell.

I was in Vietnam for two years from July of 1968 until March of 1970. If you are interested, I can tell you all about stupid wars of aggression against people who did nothing to the United States.

I am not a believer in the unlimited power of big government. For we thought we had all the power in Vietnam but we really didn’t. I’ve seen waves of 27 B-52 bombers each carrying 117 500-pound bombs carpet-bombing the jungle. They killed a lot of trees but we lost the war.

Our enemy was a soldier defending his country with an AK-47 in one hand and a ball of rice in the other. They won, we lost. Don’t even try telling me about the power of government, it’s imaginary.

Greece is going to leave the Euro. Screw all the politicians who pretend they have something to do or say about it. They are lying through their teeth. Greece is going to leave the Euro because every Greek with the sense God gave a goose is down at their bank taking every Euro they have in their account and shoving it into a paper bag they can take home and shove under the mattress. Because they know that when the idiot politicians who think they have all the power in Greece realize the banks are imploding and the Germans are sick of bailing them out, the crooks running the country will make taking your own money out of the bank illegal.

We aren’t any better here. Greece has a 54% unemployment rate in the under 29-year-old population, Spain has a 52% unemployment rate. Those are the sort of folks who start revolutions. I wouldn’t shed a tear if they hang all the lying politicians from the short end of a long rope. They are having runs on banks in Europe. It will travel to our shores. The Greek people voted to destroy the banks before the banks could destroy them.

The solution to the problems of Greece and Spain and Portugal and Ireland and France and England and the US is simple. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Default on what you can’t possibly pay back. Reduce taxes and forget about government being the solution. It’s not the solution. It’s the problem. That’s too simple for the assholes running governments. They want to destroy every cent from everyone who actually works for a living to keep their clutches on power.

Our government is a cesspool run by liars and crooks. Our foreign policy is made in Israel and every congress critter has been bought and paid for by the big money interests. You can no more fix our government than you can unscramble an egg. We deserve exactly what we have coming; we let these bastards steal our country.

All you can do is protect you and your family and whatever assets the government has yet to steal. I’ve talked many times about using gold and silver as an insurance policy. If you don’t own any by now, you don’t get it and you will soon understand why you should have paid more attention. But beyond gold and silver as an insurance policy, where do you put your investment capital?

I think that resources are the only alternative. The last week has shown investors just how much Wall Street looks out for your interests. The Facebook IPO was typical lying and stealing from Wall Street. You may safely believe they made money. They always make money. Your money.

I meant to write this piece weeks ago and I was dilatory. Canada Zinc (CZX-V) was the subject of a piece I wrote in February. They were cheap then, they are cheaper now. In Mid-March they released a new 43-101 update showing an incredible 12.7 million tonnes of 8.38% zinc, 1.68% lead and 13.7 grams per tonne silver in the indicated category. That’s an in the ground metal value of over $2.5 billion dollars.

All of this indicated category has been upgraded since their last 43-101 and they show an additional 16.3 million tonnes of 7.38% zinc, 1.34% lead and 11.6 g/t silver in the inferred category. That’s worth over $2.8 billion in the ground.

Your alternatives are Euros, Greek bonds or US TBills. That’s like no choice at all. Our world is changing far faster than most people imagine. There isn’t very much time left before the bank runs start in the US. Invest in real assets while you still can.

Canada Zinc is an advertiser and we are biased. As always, you are solely responsible for your own investment decisions. We share neither in your profits nor your losses.

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Bob Moriarty
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