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Calling Tops and Bottoms

Bob Moriarty

Nov 7, 2017

You can go to any chat board or subscribe to any of a dozen subscription services offered to resource investors or watch any one of half a dozen video services and you will see a lot of people acting and talking like they are experts. Alas, for all the guys claiming to be experts, most of them seem to do little more than feed the fantasies of their readers.

If you like hearing about manipulation and the suppression of both gold and silver or want to hear the magic words, “commercial signal failure” there are those who will fill your ears. If once in a while you check to see how much money they have made you, you will find that it’s really near zero. I wrote a short book in eleven days pooh-poohing all the experts and gurus. There aren’t any. The book became a best seller on Amazon.

If a person really knows his business he should be able to predict something sometime and get it right. I remember calling the bottom in silver nearly to the day in 2001. One other guy got it and actually called it six months in advance.

I wrote about him in early February of 2016 when I was convinced we were at a major turning point. He and I called it dead right in 2016. We had the barn burning advance we both forecast.

He sees a major turning point coming shortly and is going to hold a seminar in a couple of days. I am going to watch it and you should too. Go here to sign up for the free seminar.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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