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Gladiator Fully Funded for 10,000 Meters Drilling in Whitehorse With $7.5 Million    

Bob Moriarty

Dec 11, 2023

I have been pounding the table for a month that we hit a bottom in gold stocks in early November. Gold hit an all time high in US dollars a week ago before embarking on a necessary and timely correction. Markets hate it when something climbs too far too fast and will correct. Tax loss silly season ends in the next ten days. As the forced sales of depressed shares slows and eventually stops we should see renewed interest in resource stocks. I do not see the price of gold going much lower but it could be a week or a couple before gold and silver renew their advance into March or so.

Gladiator Metals (GLAD-V) has a massive copper project near Whitehorse in the Yukon. With all the efforts to go green, copper will be the most critical metals necessary. In the last two weeks, Panama canceled the mining permit for First Quantum taking 1.5 percent of world copper production off the market overnight. That’s a warning for mining companies to pay attention to geographical risk. Gladiator is probably in the world’s safest jurisdiction.

The vendor of the project is the head of a locally based drilling company and an important figure in Yukon First Nation Politics. His company and family are deeply invested in Glad and provide highly experienced drilling services to the company. Glad has very strong support from not only the First Nations but also the Yukon Provincial government. Glad has 24% institutional ownership and also 34% ownership with insiders and company management leaving a scant 42% for the retail market. The company is targeting a 100 million tonne high-grade copper resource.

This year the company drilled an additional 4,200 meters at Cowley Park. That program completed a couple of weeks ago. Results will be released soon. And Glad has begun a 10,000-meter program at the Artic Chief project located nearby. Expect a constant flow of drill results until next summer.

I last wrote about Gladiator Metals (GLAD-V) in May of this year. The company has a massive and high grade copper project located near Whitehorse in the Yukon. They recently completed a financing with a series of institutions at $.55 and are well cashed up with $7.5 million in the bank. Of major interest to potential shareholders should be the 8,000 meters of completed historical drilling that has yet to be released. With a tiny market cap of only $19 million the company seems very cheap to me in spite of the climb from $.26 to $.47 in the past month. The market is waking up.

Gladiator Metals in an advertiser. I have participated in a couple of private placements and bought shares in the open market. I am biased, do your own due diligence.

Gladiator Metals
GLAD-V $.47 (Dec 08, 2023)
GDTRF-OTCBB 40.2 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
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